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one stepson, David (5/23/84)

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Comments: I am very fortunate to teamteach 6th grade, at New Vista Middle School, with my very best friend and husband, Mark. When we are not teaching or in Palmdale, with our 4 dogs and bird, we all pile into the truck and head up to our get-away along the Kern River in Kernville. If you ever find yourself in Kernville, go into the store Lah-de-dahs, by the post office, and I have 4 sections in there all with the very clever name of "Michele's Corner." If you can't make it to Kernville, please visit my on-line store by the same name Use discount coupon code 1968, and I'll be happy to give you a 15% discount. It saddens me so whenever I log-in again and see that another one of our class has gone home to be with the Lord. I agree with so many others regarding there's no way that we can be this old. Sometimes during lunch, at school, I'll check this site to see who has been added, and there never fails to be giggles and one or two students patting me on the shoulder or giving me a hug, and telling me that I couldn't possiblly be that old. I do love my 6th graders. I plan to teach for only 3 more years when I'll be sixty. My spirit is still very young, but approximately 35 students per year for 34 years has worn me out just a tad. Take care everyone.

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This year begins my 34th year as a teacher in Lancaster, CA


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