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Tricia Carey Dalton 9-24-1978

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Comments: Attended Occidental College and graduated in 1967. Married Diana Nunn (1963) in my senior year. I worked for the City of Los Angeles as a pool manager at Griffith Park while attending Occidental. I then went to work for the Personnel Department of the City in February 1968. Got drafted in April 1968 and spent 2 years as a sergeant in charge of patient pay at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C. (when it was an excellent facility for people severely wounded in Vietnam - apparently now it has deteriorated). I returned to the City in 1970 and spent 34 years working for the City. I went to law school on the GI Bill and graduated from Southwestern Law School in June 1976 and passed the California Bar Exam in the summer of 1976. While with the City, I worked for the Personnel Department, the City Administrative Officer, the City Attorney, the Chief Legislative Analyst, and the City Clerk. Mayor Riordan appointed me City Clerk in 1997 and I retired in 2004. The City was a good employer, but I was too close to the full time elected officials and became quite the cynic. Diana and I had a baby girl in 1978 - Tricia. Although Diana and I got divorced in 1984, we always shared parenting duties and conspired against Tricia, remaining good friends to this day. Tricia graduated from UCSB in 2000 and now works for the City (the 4th generation to do that - my grandfather worked as an engineer after graduating from Occidental and my father worked for the Department of Water and Power after WW II). I am now a grandfather with the arrival of Paige Carey Dalton in May 2008. I have her 2 to 4 days a week, which is exhausting. When Tricia was born, Diana took a 2 year leave from teaching so I missed all the feeding, diaper changing, etc. because I was at work. It is now payback time with my grandaughter. It is hell getting old. I had a hip replaced in 2002. As I tell people, I can remember vivid details of junior high and high school, but cannot remember what I did last week. And of course,the older I get the better I was. Look forward to seeing all! of you at our next reunion.

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Retired - City Clerk, for the City of Los Angeles


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