Lost your yearbook? We may have one for sale.

Lost Your Yearbook?


The yearbook staff would like you all to know that they have yearbooks for sale from 1961 to the present. They are selling them at a reasonable price. Call the yearbook staff at (818) 249-5871.


But, from Bettina Sinclair, who actually tried it, here's her experience and advice:


I tried to call the number given to contact the yearbook staff, but when the phone answered, it was a recording that just runs in a loop. It asks for the first three letters of the name you want to be connected to -- but there is no name given on the website -- it just says contact the yearbook staff. Can you give me a name or extension number so I can get information on how to buy a yearbook?


I tried that number again (818-249-5871), and this time I got a real live person. She said no one from the yearbook staff was there because it's summer school now. She said I can contact that office in the Fall when school starts. She said the person to contact is Brian Landisi and he can be reached through email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Just for your information.

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