45th Reunion Report

Report on the 45th Reunion


The 45th Reunion for the First and the Best class of Crescenta Valley High School was held on the 4th of October 2008. Theme music for the reunion turned out to be 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head'. While the rain dampened out bodies it did not dampen our spirits. This reunion was the result of the hard work of many people. The decoration committee consisted of Charlotte (Jones) Swiney, Sharon (Gillaspy) Sheahan, Donna (Crew) Hogstedt, Gail (Fick) Petrasek, with Denise (Muller) Follingstat bringing cookies. Joe Bell's son Joey catered the lunch. Bill Parrett brought the music and a 'Remember When..." 1963 edition for each class member. Judy Johnson brought the PA system. Richard Lewis was my right hand man for ideas and help and also brought music. I would also like to thank Lynda Lewis for her help. As most of you noticed I could not have done this without the help and support of my wife, Mary (MacArthur) LeBlanc, who found many lost classmates. I would like to thank those who filled out the survey to give some insight into what to do for a 50th reunion for class. Results seem to be that a variety of events would be best. A formal event such as a dinner/dance (even a short cruise) is appropriate for this occasion. A separate casual event (without rain) was also requested to allow time to exchange stories and get to know old friends. We will also be contacting Crescenta Valley High School to determine if they are planning a celebration of their 50 birthday. In the near future I will be making and sending out a CD/DVD containing photos, Video, and the latest edition of the 'Talon Tracks' memories of the reunion. Those who reserved and paid will be sent a copy as soon as I can remember how to make DVDs and can take remedial English again. For those who could not attend please Email me for details of how to obtain a copy.


We would also like to remember those from our class who have died. Our sympathy to the families and friends of:

 Daryl Arnston 1995, Myron Bayless 1992, Gerald Brawley 1994, John Berryman 2003, Nancy Butler 1994, Bill Behrend 2008, Tom Booth 1993, Bland Coleman 2005, Richie Croisdale 1996, Dean Christy, 2007, Sandy Cataloni, 2005, Stan Cholewinski, 1990, James Cabell 1998, Willard Discoe 1994, Danny DeMitro 2002, Mike Farrell 1966, James Gaynor 1980, Craig Gibbs 1981, Diane Gira 1978, James Henderson 2003, James Huffman 1980, Steve Hoagland 2008, Claudia Hingston 1998, Charlaine Hall 2008, Terry Heaton 1978, Paul Jackson 2008, Greg Kieselmann 1993, Serena Light 1993, George Michalski 1997, Pete Mitchell 1972, Mary Ann Myers 1964, Rick Machtolf 2005, Charlie Nickell 2004, Mike Pogue 2002, Jeff Quinn 2007, Pat Quinn 1969, Phillip Smith 1990, Greg Smith 1993, Larry Seitz 2007, Rick Smith 2004, Steven Thorndill 1985, Gordon VanderBoom 2006.


Also our sympathies to those in our class who have lost loved ones. We pray that no names are added to the list before we can meet again.


Dennis and Mary LeBlanc


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