Class of 1991 - 20th Year Reunion

WAS July 22-24 2011

July 22nd Fri -- Leo's All Stars Sports Bar in Montrose

July 23rd Sat -- Angeles National Golf Club

July 24th Sun -- Montrose Community Park


Find us on Facebook @ CV Falcons -- Class of 1991
Or email us your info @ .

Early Bird Special was $65.00 per person if mailed by April 1, 2011.

After April 1 - July 15, 2011 was $75.00 per person. $85.00 per person at the door.  Please make checks payable to F.Virgallito and send payment to Roxanne Ward c/o 5000 Acampo Ave, La Crescenta CA 91214. Be sure to include your address and email address with payment.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Reunion Committee

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Latest updates: Thuma 7/29/10,Villarreal 10/9/12

Erika Norro
P.O. Box 1023
Sugarloaf, CA  92386
Marital Status:  Married Again!
Spouse: Kyle J. Walker
Children:  Kurt Gampp (5/13/97)
Occupation:  Office Manager for the Solar Observatory up in Beautiful Big Bear!
Comments:  Got out of the heat and smog, loving and living up in Big Bear, California.  My son, Kurt, is totally turning into an little Outdoorsman.  We are loving all the snow this year.  Anyone up for some Snow Boarding! Peace. 
Updated/Add: [01/16/2005]  

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Alan Nunnelley
Richmond, KY 40475
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Factory worker ( busting my ass) at Toyota Motor Manufacturing
Comments:   It's been a long long time..I'd like to here from (some) of you..
Updated/Add: [08/07/2004]


Dan Obradovich
26025 Topper Court 
Stevenson Ranch, CA, 91381
Spouse: Catherine (Castleman) Obradovich
Children: 1 due March 2000
Occupation: Pre Press Scanner Operator and Programmer at Western Laser Graphics Reunion: Look forward to seeing everyone!


Jason Ohlwiler
Montrose, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Navy Damage Controlman
Reunion: How has everyone been. I have been busy building a career in firefighting and the military. I wasn't able to attend the reunion but I
will be at the next. I look foward to talking to the old gang.
Updated/Add: [05/11/2003]

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Rob Orr 
500 W. Jacaranda Pl.
Fullerton, CA, 92832
Spouse: Julie
Children: Abby (4-3-00)
Occupation: Teacher (Social Studies) at La Habra High School
Reunion: I'm still getting over bad memories of the "Bungee Chords" playing in the Quad.
Comments: The shin-dig should be really casual. We should all go to In-N-Out on Foothill!!!!
WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Viva CV!!!!!

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Isabel Ovsepyan-Fulgoni
Marital Status: Divorced/ Single
No children
Occupation: Teacher at GUSD


Melissa Pagliassotti
La Crescenta, CA, 91214
Spouse: Eric
Children: Kenlee Brooke Wilson (12-26-95)
Occupation: Associate/Investments at Oppenheimer Corp.
Updated/Add: [02/27/2005]


Sosi (Parsegian) Garabedian
Montrose, CA
Spouse: Armen Garabedian
Occupation: Owner/Manager at Mayson Construction, Inc.
Updated/Add: [11/02/2003]


Jim Parsons
La Crescenta, CA, 91214
Spouse: Allison (Montury) Parsons (La Canada Grad 1992)
Children: Madison 4/4/97, Kyle 11/30/99
Occupation: Self Employed Contractor / Remolding High End Homes
Reunion: So far but yet so close.
Updated/Add: [01/17/2004]

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Desiree (Peterson) Twigg
Spouse: Greg
Children: Furry children are better- Spike and Blue.
Occupation: Admin. at UM Drama/Dance Department
Reunion: Sorry I missed seeing ya'll.
Comments: I think I'm a grown-up now and I don't quite care for it.
Updated/Add: [12/07/2003]

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Matthew Petersen
Monrovia , CA
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Firefighter/ Paramedic at Los Angeles Fire Department

Updated/Add: [11/02/2003]


Vahe Petrossian
Homepage: Welcome to Repiv's Place
2948 Piedmont Avenue
La Crescenta, California 91214
(818) 957-7387
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Systems Engineer at Logicon Advance Technology
Reunion Message: Hi. :)
Comments: Do we have a web site?


Thomas Pfeiffer
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Spouse: Kelly
Children: Katelyn 7-31-06
Occupation: Divisional Marketing Director at AIG
Updated/Add: [07/06/2008]


Jonathan Potrykus
Still Stuck in La Crescenta
MaritalStatus: single
Occupation: Just Scraping By
Reunion: Sorry I missed the reunion. I went to the wrong place. Thought it was at Lady Jayne's (The Mix, it will always be Jayne's to me)
Comments: I'm glad I found out about this site. It's nice to see that all
of you are actually doing something with your lives. (As opposed to me) All I have to say now is, I really wish I would have known then what I know now, I would have had alot more sex.
Updated/Add: [03/23/2003]


Lucy (Quesada) Lietsch
Miami Beach, FL
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Operations Manager
Reunion: I had a blast at the first reunion. It would be nice if more people come to the next one.
Comments: I'm currently enjoying the benefits of being all "growed" know, like not having any one cook for you, or making sure you have toilet paper, or that does your laundry... yeah, being a grown up is grand!! ; ) I'm glad to see so many of you doing so well. Take care.
Updated/Add: [09/12/2003]


Kenneth Rhee
7959 Montara Ave.
San Diego, CA 92126
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Loan Agent a: Key Financial, Pasadena
Reunion: 'twas fun, but definitely missed some folks out there.
Comments: Just updating and checking this thing out. I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see all your familiar smiling faces. Funny how much we've changed, but really how little we change... take care and feel free to drop me a note.
Updated/Add: [11/15/2003]


Jason Rhoades
Paso Robles, CA
Spouse: Casey
Children: Cailtin 04-20-2001
Occupation: Real Estate Appraiser
Comments: Wishing you all the very best.
Updated/Add: [10/18/2003]


Paulette Rigdon
2584 San Joaquin Hills
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
Marital Status: Significant Other
Occupation: Assistant Manager, Promotions & Event Marketing at Nestle USA
Updated/Add: [03/21/2002]


Janel (Rogers) Schermerhorn
San Diego, CA 92108
Spouse: Vaughn Schermerhorn
Occupation: Manager, Strategic Outsourcing Encore Capital Group
Comments: I'm still living in San Diego with my amazing husband. We have a fat cat and no children. I hope everyone is happy and having a great life!
Updated/Add: [11/23/2007]

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Natalie (Mo) Rojano-Jenkins
Marital Status: Married
Children: Maya 2003
Reunion: Am I old enough for a twenty year reunion?
Comments: Wow! After a whirlwind softball tour playing catcher for the California Penal league (ha ha I said penal!) life has settled down. I swear I was on this before, damn homeland security. Hope all is well with you. I'd love to hear from some of you (some, not so much) just kidding. Drop me an email and we'll catch up!!
Updated/Add: [01/27/2007]


Jennifer Rosenauer
Pasadena, CA 
Marital Status: Single
No children
Updated/Add: [07/15/2002]


Michelle (Roy) Theeuwes
Milford, NJ
Spouse: Mark Theeuwes
Children: Brielle Theeuwes (11-10-03)
Occupation: Pharmaceutical Sales Rep/now mommy at Ortho-McNeil Pharm/J&J
Reunion: Sorry I missed the reunion.  We were married that day! Had the time of my life, until I got to the honeymoon part!
Comments: Hope you are all doing very well. Just moved to Central NJ and now moving to Tennessee!! Yeehaw.
Updated/Add: [03/18/2004]


David Rupe
Las Vegas, NV
Spouse: Silvia
No children
Occupation: Web Site Programmer at Station Casinos, Inc
Reunion Message: Happily married 10 years now, who would have thought it.
Updated/Add: [02/23/2003]

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Jennifer (Salce) Ojeda
Arroyo Grande , CA
Spouse: Mathew Ojeda
Children: Jaden Mathew Ojeda 10-16-02
Occupation: Hairdresser and Freelance Make-Up Artist at Jasis Salon in Shell Beach
Comments: It was so fun being at the Oct.Fest (04) and seeing alot of you guys. I really miss all of you soo much.I wish we could get together before our 20th,it seems so far away!!
Updated/Add: [05/14/2005]


Andy Saltsman
3740 Fifth Ave
La Crescenta, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Health Teacher at Gabrielino High School / Assistant baseball coach at Loa Angeles City College
Reunion: See you all in 2001, where has the time gone.


Elizabeth Sawyer
405 Ave. Granada #213
San Clemente, CA 92672
(949) 498-6460
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Program Naturalist at Orange County Dept of Ed
Comments: After years working in recreation I'm finally getting my teaching credential and masters from Chapman. Maybe I'll work at Mountain Avenue some day, or not.


Greg Schmidt
7701 E. Osborn Rd. #214
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Electrical Engineer at Motorola


Mark Schroeder
Redondo Beach, CA
Marital Status: Engaged, Shannon Whaley
Children: Kaylin Audrey Schroeder 12/29/03
Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic at Los Angeles City Fire Dept. Reunion: It was nice to see everyone at the reunion. How crazy is it that we've all grown up? Kids, careers, fat, bald, and new breast implants... Life is awesome, don't ever forget that. I've included a new photo of myself and my Task Force members. I'm the third from the right. I'm honored to be in a profession that is well respected. Never forget the ultimate sacrifice of my brothers and sisters of FDNY.
Updated/Add: [05/21/2004]

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Nicole (Schulz ) Fria
28666 Oak Valley Rd
Castaic,  CA, 91384
Marital Status: Widowed
Spouse: Matthew Fria, CV Class of '91
No children
Occupation: Film Restoration Technician at Cinetech Films-Valencia, Ca
Reunion: I enjoyed a wonderful 4 years of marriage with my Spouse Matthew Fria and miss him dearly.


Jason Schwaiger
La Crescenta , CA
Spouse: Brigetta (Ericsson) Schwaiger, CV Class of '90
Children: Luke (10-12-99), Jack (2-26-01), Ty (10-13-04)
Occupation: Electrical Contractor at Riverland Electric
Updated/Add: [04/17/2005]

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Cassie (Scroggins) Beasley
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Jim Beasley
Children: Chad Riley 01/31/05 (still my reason for breathing)!  Also, Jim has two children Kaylee Renee 08/07/91 & Corey James 02/12/94.  Occupation: Office Manager / Kitchen Admin for Patina Group Catering Kitchen.  To find out about Patina Group go to  With many fine dining restaurants and market cafe's, I get to work at the catering kitchen for LA.  We have OC units, San Francisco  & New York units.  I run the scheduling for off-site events.  If anyone has an interest in culinary, please email me or call me. I hope all are happy and doing well.  XOXO  Cassie
Updated/Add: [09/19/2007]

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Cheryl Seibel
Burbank, CA
Marital Status: Single
Children: Jesse Seibel
Occupation: Office Manager for Iwerks Entertainment
Updated/Add: [05/25/2003]


Hailey (Seitz) Paton
La Canada, CA 91011
Spouse: Paton, Frank
No Children
Occupation: Physical Therapist - Currently getting Master's at Chapman University. MPT


Brie Shaffer
Marital Status: Single
Children: pregnant with my first child.
Updated/Add: [03/08/2008]


Christina Shardlow
Scottsdale, AZ
Marital Status: Single
Updated/Add: [11/08/2009]


Eitye Sheklow
Arcata, California
Spouse: Hannah - Spring
Children: Elannah-Rose (6-23-92) and Abigail Renee (9-6-99)
Occupation: Chef at Tomo Japanese Restaurant and Martial Arts Instructor at Arcata Wing Tsun



Frank Spevak (Deceased)

2/4/1973 to 9/16/1989
A life so short, but a friendship so infinite
Tom Traeger (class of 1989)


Cynthia (Sosa) Lavanchy
(818) 242-4678
Spouse: Fernando
Children: Karina Noel 9-17-99
Occupation: Financial Consultant at Royal Alliance


Paul Steiner
Spouse: Heather
Children: daughter 1998, son 2000, son 2003
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Updated/Add: [02/26/2006]


Shane Stewart
Castaic, CA, 91042
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse: Lara Watts, CV Class of '92
Children: Aleea Rae Stewart 8-22-01, Dane Bradley Stewart 1-14-04
Occupation: Police Officer LAUSPD
Comments: Love is better the second time around!
Updated/Add: [12/26/2005]


Bryan Stover
44320 63rd. St. W.
Lancaster CA. 93536
Spouse: Christina Stover (Crawford) 
Children: Garrett Michael Stover 18 months (6-24-98), Nichole Jones (5-17-85)
Occupation: Honorably Discharged from United States Army
Comments: If anyone would like to talk feel free to Email me or call. See you all real soon

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Sheril Street
Palmdale, CA
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: paul mason - 11/19/92, jack eric - 10/29/02
Occupation: Student
Updated/Add: [12/27/2004]


Karen (Sullivan) Carver
Southern, California
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Danny Carver, C.V. Class of 1991
Children: We have two beautiful girls.
Occupation: Full time mom!


John Sunderland
13712 Hilldale Rd. 
Valley Center, CA, 92082 
Marital Status: Significant other 
Children: Ashleigh Danae due (1-30-00)
Occupation: Fabricator/Race Truck driver


Jennifer Thuma
San Diego, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Vice President of Membership Services at IBA West
[July 29, 2010]


Mireyda (Villarreal) Leal
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Roberto
Children: Maritza(13), Brianna (12), Roberto (10), Citlaly (5)
Occupation: Corporate Auditor for State of AZ at Department of Revenue
Updated/Add: [10/9/2012]


Roxanne (Virgallito) Ward
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Spouse: Steve
Children: Colin 2001, Danielle 2003
Occupation: Manic Mother
Reunion: Can't wait to rip it up at the next reunion. It will be a good one! Hopefully, we are all old enough to realize that old friendships are important to who you are and what makes you you. See you then. Find those lost people now so they can make it. Update your info!
Comments: Wow, time is flying faster and faster as we get older. I can't believe we have been out of school for 16 years. Does that make us all 16 years older??? I hope to run into some of you locals at Leo's when I am in town. The family still live in La Cres and I visit at least twice a year. I have been living in Canada for almost 8 years now. We have 4 actual seasons. Amazing!
Updated/Add: [09/19/2007]

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Scott von Lossberg
Tahoma, CA 94303
(408) 615-3523
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: World Traveler
Reunion: I won't be making the reunion. Sorry to miss it. I will be on a year long trip around the world starting in Jan. 2001. Email me if you want the website address.


Erin (Walsh) Salgado
Apple Valley, CA
Spouse: Frank Salgado
Occupation: P.E. teacher at Apple Valley Middle School
Updated/Add: [03/02/2004]



J. Michael Watts
12014 Swallow Dr.
Austin, TX 78750-2119
(512) 335-5110
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Unix/Web Programmer, Consultant
Message: Actually I didn't graduate from CV, only attended from 88-89. Then I moved to Texas and attended the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science. 10 year reunion let's PARTY!!!
Update/Add: [07/13/2003]

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Lara Watts
Tujunga, CA, 91042
Spouse: Shane Stewart, CV Class of '91
Children: Aleea Rae Stewart 8-22-2001
Occupation: Full Time Nanny in La Canada
Updated/Add: [10/02/2002]


Susan Welde
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Attorney at Law Firm in Downtown Los Angele


Heather Westerman
Marital Status: Significant Other
Children: Zackary Ryan Warner 2/19/02
Occupation: Legal Secretary at Wegman, Levin & Stanley
Updated/Add: [11/26/2005]

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Christopher Lee Whaley
Honolulu, Hawaii
Reunion: so whut, no 15 year??  not even cake and ice cream at farrells??
Comments: hello.  I am doing well.  the therapy was fantastic.  the nurses here are very kind.  please come visit and bring me a cake with a file in it.  word to officer bird.
Updated/Add: [08/07/2004]


Scott Wilson
Los Angeles, CA
Marital Status: Single
Children: Kenlee, Ella
Occupation: (Counter Terrorism Unit) at Homeland Security
Comments: I Hope everyone is doing well
Updated/Add: [08/21/2005]


Andrew Wulff
59 McAfee Ct
Thousand Oaks, CA, 91321
Spouse: Melissa
Children: Katrielle (8-8-99)
Occupation: Pastor at Evangelical Free Church of the Conejo Valley


Cathy Yakel
Santa Rosa, CA, 95409
Marital Status: Significant Other
Occupation: Human Resource Manager at True to Life Children's Services
Reunion: I can't wait for the 20 year reunion! The 10 year was a blast!
Comments: Hey all. I thought it was about time I updated my profile. I am still living in Northern California and love it. I have been here for all most 12 years now. I love life up is so beautiful, so much to do outside, and there is great WINE!!! I have been dating my boyfriend, Tom, for almost 2 years now. He is awesome. He is a fisherman. Not the typical profession, but he is a happy man (very important) and I get fresh crab, salmon, rock cod, and halibut. Can't beat that! I still get to LA every once and awhile as my family still lives in the area. Although, my mom and dad are selling the family house and taking off in there RV, so my LA home will be gone. Thank God for friends with a couch because I am not staying with my brothers on visits! :)
Updated/Add: [04/29/2007]

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James Yoder
San Gabriel, CA
Spouse: Michele Maduras, CV Class of '91
Children: Aidan James, 4.17.03, Lauren Michele, 8.10.06
Occupation: Project Manager at Colornet Press
Updated/Add: [02/13/2008]

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Julie (Yoon) Pugh
Spring, Texas
Spouse: Les Pugh
Comments: I'm so happy I found this site. It's amazing to see everyone and read all your comments about life and family. Email me even if  don't know you, it would be nice to connect with old classmates. Don't you miss the hair from the late 80's early 90's?
Updated/Add: [04/12/2009]



Melissa (Zakarian) Rhymes
Seattle, WA
Spouse: John Rhymes
Occupation:  Stay-at-home
Children: Daughter Maya born 5-17-06
Comments: I attended Roosevelt Jr. High and C.V., but moved prior to graduating with all of you. I hope you're all healthy and happy!
Updated/Add: [10/07/2006]

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Virna Lisa (Zalamea) Myers
Irvine, CA, 92602
Spouse: Jeff Myers
Children: Caleb Jeffrey Myers (born 9/14/98), Aubrey Elise Myers (born 10/02/02)
Occupation: Loan Processor and Full-time Mom!
Reunion: Blessed beyond belief! I've been married to the love of my life for over 9 years and I have two little angels. Thank you God!!
Updated/Add: [08/12/2003]

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Amy (Zurlinden) Hale
Sunland, CA
Spouse: Bryan Hale, CV Class of '91
Children: Alex (5/18/2000), Nicole (11/26/2002)
Occupation: Registered Nurse at Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Updated/Add: [03/18/2004]


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