Class of 1991 - 20th Year Reunion

July 22-24 2011

July 22nd Fri -- Leo's All Stars Sports Bar in Montrose

July 23rd Sat -- Angeles National Golf Club

July 24th Sun -- Montrose Community Park


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Or email us your info @ .

Early Bird Special is $65.00 per person if mailed by April 1, 2011.

After April 1 - July 15, 2011 is $75.00 per person. $85.00 per person at the door.  Please make checks payable to F.Virgallito and send payment to Roxanne Ward c/o 5000 Acampo Ave, La Crescenta CA 91214. Be sure to include your address and email address with payment.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Reunion Committee

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Recent updates: Barr 8/25/10, Canfield6/14/11

Jennifer (Abrams) Mucic
Glendale, CA 91208
SpouseName: Bobby Mucic
Children: Mila Stephanie (9/25/04), Jake Nicholas (1/15/07)
Occupation: English Teacher at Crescenta Valley High School
Updated/Add: [10/06/2007]



Khachik (Pat) Akhkashian
6301 Honolulu Ave; Unit #45
Tujunga, CA, 91042
Spouse: Tina
Children: Elizabeth (10-30-00)
Occupation: Attorney at Collins, Collins, Muir & Traver
Reunion: I wish all of you success and good fortune. Hope to see everyone at the reunion.
Comments: If any of you have any legal questions and/or concerns please feel free to contact me at, I'm just kidding. You really didn't think I would solicit business on here did you?


Malena Aldas
1636 North Verdugo Road #310
Glendale, CA, 91208
Marital Status: Divorced/ Single
No children
Occupation: Order Entry Supervisor & I. S. Coordinator at First American Title Company, Los Angeles


Kirsten (Alford) Kneis
504 Nelson Avenue
Peekskill, NY
Spouse: Michael Kneis
Occupation: Attorney at Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham
Updated/Add: [01/16/2006]


Brent Appleton
San Francisco, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Postdoctoral Rearch Fellow at Genentech, Inc.
Updated/Add: [01/07/2005]


Jennifer (Arcaro) Cohan
Valencia, CA
Spouse: Jim Cohan
No Children
Occupation: Owner and operator of local family restaurant, Primo Pizza / lead medical assistant for an OB/GYN office



Mary (Arias) LeSante
1315 N. Columbus Ave. #26
Glendale, CA, 91214
Spouse: Daniel
Children: Twins!! Erica Danielle & Kayla Nicolle (12-20-00)
Occupation: Licensing Administrative Assistant at Pacific Regional Administrative Center
Updated/Add: [12/07/2003]

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Michelle Avril
2803 Laurel Ave.
Cheverly, MD, 20785
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Psychologist for the DC public school system and the DC Jail at Research Scientist for the MayaTech Corportation
Reunion: I greet you all in love and peace! These years have passed by so quickly, and we are all busy with our education, careers and families, but we must take the time to be grateful for all of our gifts--for the sun that brightens our days, for the babies that make us smile, for the friends that offer comfort, for the love that fills our hearts, for the songs that inspire our souls to dance. I miss you guys and I hope you all have realized your highest aspirations and filled our world with hope, beauty, and a lasting legacy of kindness and love. I'll see you at the reunion. Be blessed and live with the understanding that you are a divine expression of God's love!


Jacqueline Baker
Montrose, CA
Marital Status: Single
Children: Corinna Chaz Conroy born May 10, 1995
Occupation: Legal Assistant at Lisa Helfend Meyer & Associates, APC
Updated/Add: [09/26/2004]


[August 25,
Michael Barr
E-mail :
Los Alamitos, CA
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Tiffany
Children: Alexzander  7/06 and Izabella Raelyn 9/09
Occupation: HR Manager for Discount Tire Centers
Comments: I look forward to seeing as many of you as i can at the 20 yr reunion. I hope you all are living happy and successful lives.  My life has been great since High School - although I had a great time at CV.  My wife and kids are my world now, everything I do - is for them. - well mostly. lol 


Kimberly (Bartl) Edmondson
Glendora, CA
Spouse: Jeff Edmondson
Children: Kayla 10/19/01, Alison 11-10-05
Occupation: Registered Nurse still working at San Dimas Hospital.
Updated/Add: [05/21/2006]


Stacy Bates
MaritalStatus: Single
Comments: chris whaley, where you at?
Updated/Add: [01/08/2006]


Dena (Bayles) Blood 
La Crescenta, CA  91214  
Spouse: David Blood
Children:  John (1996), Annie (1999), Katelyn (2001), Kimberly (2002), Joseph (2005), Matthew (2007)
Occupation: Full-time mother and driver to soccer, gymnastics, dance, piano lessons, orchestra, spanish class, chorus, girl scouts, cub scouts, musical rehearsals, etc. Exhausting but exhilirating!
Reunion: I can't wait to see all of you again. I'm looking forward to
remembering wonderful times. I hope all of you are doing well.
Comments: I graduated from BYU in 1998 with a Master's degree in English.
Updated/Add: [09/27/2009]

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Julia Bazaldua
Los Angeles, CA soon to be in Concord, NH
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Copyright Administrator at Disney Music Publishing, Burbank, CA (Walt Disney Studios) for 1 more day (7/21/2000) then full time law student, Franklin Pierce Law Center, Concord, NH (as of 8/2000) - will study Intellectual Property law


Kerri (Beach) Kinney
177 e Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA, 91105
Spouse: Michael Kinney
Children: Bryan (4-13-95), Cameron (1-20-2000)
Occupation: Facilities administrator for Data lines for Pacific Bell
Comments: I'm glad a friend told me about this website, even though he doesn't have the guts to put himself on it. It's really been interesting to read about what everyone has been doing. Feel free to Email me, although with two boys under foot I can't promise a prompt response!
Updated/Add: [12/17/2004]

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Donald Beckermann
3239 Altura Ave. Apt. 9
La Crescenta, California 91214-3443
(818) 248-1892
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Bookkeeper at Ralphs Grocery Company



Karinae Beniasians
Marital Status: Engaged
Occupation: Teacher


Nancy (Bishop) Sarti
Sierra Madre, CA
Spouse: Dino Sarti, CV Class of '91
Children: Lauren Noelle (08/31/07)
Occupation: Mommy and Consultant
Comments: I hope you are all doing well!
Updated/Add: [05/18/2008]



Kenneth Bohn
2433 Pinetree Lane
Rocky Mount, NC, 27804
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Parts advisor at Cummins Engine Company
Reunion Message: Well guys all I can say is, Where as this time gone??? And of course let me know when it's gonna happen.
Comments: Hey Paul, Tom and Robert...Army life was a blast for the last seven years but now I've grow up and am ready to get on with a real life. Give me a call or drop me a line. Ray our track team that year was the highlight of the year going 10-1 and I'm sure no one has done that since!!!!!!!!!!


John Breckow
4920 Lauderdale Ave.
La Crescenta, CA, 91214
(818) 248-7020
Spouse: Monica (Smith), C.V. Class of 1988
Children: Jack Dennis (11-11-2000), Neil Kenneth Breckow (10-10-2003)
Occupation: Marketing Communications Consultant
Reunion Message: Despite the fact that all my so-called friends have moved to New York, life is still pretty good.
Updated/Add: [09/10/2004]


Mark Brewster
La Crescenta, CA
Marital Status: Married to Jessica
Occupation: Equipment and parts buyer for the LAFD at City of LA
Updated/Add: [11/21/2004]

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Susie (Brown) Norton
9160 Encino Ave.
Northridge, CA 91325
(818) 882-1995
Spouse: Troy Norton
Children: Allison Reagan (7/11/96) and Brittany Allyn (8/27/98)
Occupation: Owner-Center Stage Prod. Dance Studio at La Canada Community Center
Reunion Message: PLEASE - Let's do something casual! Like a BBQ at the park or something. I want to see families, not have another Prom.
Also, I have info on Hailey Seitz, Cindy Sosa, and Josh Elson.


Gary Buck
Bellingham, WA
Spouse: Fiona (Starr) buck
No children
Occupation: Nitrogen Technician for industrial service company at North America (anywhere they make gasoline)
Comments: I joined the U.S. Coast Guard after graduation, and got out in 1994. I stayed in the Seattle area where, I was stationed at the time and met my Spouse a year later. We were married in Largs, Scotland in 1999. No kids, and no plans for any. 


Matthew Buck
San Francisco, CA.
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Medicine Man at West Coast UCB



Phong Bui
Santa Monica, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: General Surgery Resident at Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Comments: "Trends come and go, but the Phonger is here to stay!!!!!!!!!!!"


Christian Burgess
9846 Cabanas Ave
Tujunga, Ca 91042
(818) 951-1305
No Children
Occupation: EMT-1 in Pasadena


Denise Burton
P.O. Box 1022
Montrose, California 91021
Marital Status: Single
Reunion: See you there!
Comments: Wow, a lot has changed since high school. It’s funny how little things that meant so much to us then seem so ridiculous now. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia. I’m still trying to decide if I want to go for my masters. I'm glad to see that everyone is doing so well. I'm sorry to see that we have lost so many fellow classmates. I wish everyone lots of happiness for the future. I would like to hear from any friends. I haven’t seen anyone in years. Please email me and keep in touch. Maybe, I'll see you all at the next reunion.
Updated/Add: [05/22/2005]


Jon Campagna
Winchester, UK
Spouse: Deirdre
Children: Maile - 9/17/01 & Malia - 11/23/04
Occupation: VP Controller at Tandberg Television
Comments: Hi all, After spending a few years in Boston and back to So Cal for a few more, we've been living in the UK since the summer of 2006. We've had a great chance to visit Europe, but looking forward to coming home. Send me a note if you're ever on this side of the pond. Hope you all are doing well!
Updated/Add: [01/27/2007]

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Brianna (Canfield) Bowen
3050 E. Mayfair Ave.
Orange, CA 92867
714 504-3771 (cell)
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Bryce Bowen1999 and Alec Bowen 2002
Occupation: Sales for Evangelical Christian Credit Union
[Update 6/14/11]d



Maristela (Cardoso de) Abreu
Rua Mario Assayag, 1032/804 - Compensa
Manaus, Brazil
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Marisa de Abreu Pinheiro - 02/08/91 and Daniela de Abreu Pinheiro - 10/21/97
Occupation: Events Producer at Ativa Eventos Comments: Hi, everybody! I studied at CV in 1989/1990 as an exchange student from Brazil. I remember some people, very good friends and lost contact with most of them. If you know someone from those years, please contact me to my email (


Rachel (Carpenter) Mojonnier
4050 Casey Ave. Unit B
Santa Ynez, CA, 93460
Spouse: Dustin Mojonnier
No children
Occupation: Equine Breeding Manager and Vet Tech at Magness Racing Ventures


Danny Carver
Southern, California
Spouse: Karen (Sullivan) Carver, C.V. Class of '91
Children: Three beautiful girls!
Occupation: Detective at Glendale Police Department
Reunion Message: Lovin' life with me and my girls


Antonela Ceabuca
13366 Yager Dr.
Strongsville, OH, 44212
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Consultant at Western Reserve Orofacial & Cosmetic Surgery
Updated/Add: [12/28/2003]


Kevin Cleland
Sunland, California
Marital Status: Engaged to Melissa Jester, Class of 1995.
Occupation: Owner of “Mai Tai Studios” Burbank, California. Your complete multi-media “Recording Paradise”
Check me out at:
Updated/Add: [11/29/2003]

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Wendy Cohen
Portland, OR, 97202
Marital Status: Single 
Occupation: Performer/Teacher (Physical Theater, Dance, and Aerial Dance;ie Trapeze) at Do Jump! Extremely Physical Theater
Comments: We're performing at the New Victory Theatre on Broadway and 42nd in NYC April,2000! It's complete insanity! Contact me or the theater for info if you'll be in the area...ahhhh...


Leanne (Colvin) Dias
e-mail Address:
Las Vegas, NV
Spouse: Mark Dias
Children: Kaitlynn Marie -1994
Occupation: Security, Fraud, and Life Safety Management at Guardsmark LLC.
Reunion Message:  It's been a long time, hope everyone is doing well. I moved to Vegas in 1997 and have been here ever since. I do get a chance once in a while to go back to La Crescenta my family till resides there. I was not able to attend the 10th reunion but I hope to be there for the 20th.
Updated/Add: [08/20/2009]

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Kevin Comorre
Spouse: Single
Children: Hunter and Kylie
Occupation: Movie Industry
Updated/Add: [05/25/2003]


Vicki (Conaway) Grodt
Montrose, CA
Marital Status: Divorced/ Single
No Children
Occupation: Registered Dental Assistant for Dr. Skip Hudson in Glendale.
Reunion: Made the 10 year had fun, not too many showed (Way to support the big blue).  Amazing how some clicks never chage.  Hope to see more of you at the 20.
Comments: After graduation I got married and (since divorced).  I attented PCC's Dental Assisting Progaram and have been a dental assistant ever since.  I currently work for an orthodontist in Glendale.  I moved to Arizona after my divorce and purchased a house.  Unfortunalty The Fishbowl's calls were too loud and I had to move back.  So here I am back in Montrose currently awaiting the largest annual highschool reunion held on Honolulu on Oct 2nd.  Meet you in front of the Bowling alley.  'Sup Chelle
Updated/Add: [09/26/2004]


Berlyn Cosman

”The best girl’s basketball player CV ever had”…You will remain in our hearts forever.



Bryan Craddock
336 Timber Ridge Dr
Kalamazoo, MI, 49006
Spouse: Shari (Jarka) Craddock
Children: Matthew Patrick (5-5-99)
Occupation: Pastor of College and Singles Ministries at Calvary Bible Church


No senior pic available

William Crum (Wil)
430 1/2 Guinther Ct.
Galion, OH
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Kristen Suzanne 6-20-94 Samantha Lynn 5-26-96
Occupation: Many years of hard labor at meijer corp
Updated/Add: [01/06/2003]


Cynthia Dhatchayangkul
Glendale, CA
Marital Status: Divorced/ Single
No Children
Occupation: Teacher at Burbank Unified School District, California
Comments: It was nice seeing all of you online!


Ernie Diaz
Montrose, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Senior Business Development Manager AVERATEC Inc.
Reunion Message: Now that we are beyond our learning years and into the everyday world I wish all the best to all my friends, classmates, and your families. How life has changed at an experienced age? Hope all of you are doing well, would love to hear from anybody that I haven't talked to in a long time. It was nice seeing everyone at the reunion. I guess we will look forward to the next one, crazy!
Comments: Fight On! USC Class '95
Updated/Add: [05/01/2005]

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Lainy (Dickson) Cullen
Spouse: Matt
Children: Sabrina Ann (born November 2006)
Occupation: Attorney
Message: Matt and I are enjoying the Big Apple. Now that we have a child, we are looking forward to moving back to California within the next few years because we miss our friends, family and the weather. I am glad that everyone is doing so well and hope that all of your dreams have come true. I would love to hear from you. Email me at
Updated/Add: [08/19/2007]

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Robert Dilts
Lewisville , TX
Spouse: Cinnamon
Children: Robbie (born in '00) and Ruby (born in '04)
Occupation: High School Assistant Principal at Lewisville Independent School District
Comments: Ten years as a classroom teacher, and now a new adventure as an assistant principal. It's amazing to look at everyone's entries and see the variety of professions and careers that are represented here. Way to go, CV!
Updated/Add: [07/28/2007]

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Joey Distefano
Seattle, WA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Security Officer at Tulalip Casino
Reunion: It's been so long since I have seen anyone from high school that this web site is a trip down memory lane. I hope I can make it to the reunion and see everyone.


Caressa (Douglas) Lupold
Santa Clarita, CA 91350
Spouse: Jim Lupold
Children: Kendylan Grace (11-7-02) & Garrett James Douglas (11-21-06)
Occupation: VP of Branded Integration at NMA Entertainment & Marketing
Updated/Add: [04/27/2007]


Kristin Eagle
Baltimore, MD
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Tour Planner
Comments: I recently moved to this crazy place from San Francisco and am living outside Baltimore with my boyfriend who is here with the Navy. Working at a tour company that lets me travel for free. It's a trade off though, no one told me it would be this cold...
Updated/Add: [11/15/2003]

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Josh Elson
1728 7th St. Apt G 
Berkeley, CA, 94710
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Director of Music and Youth Ministries at First Christian Church of Concord


Danae Fielder
7172 Betty Dr.
Huntington Beach, CA
(714) 375-7753
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Firefighter at Pasadena, Ca
Comments: I cant believe it has taken me almost 12 years to view this web site. I hope all of you are doing well and are having the times of your lives. I would love to hear from you, so please email me. Take Care!!!
Updated/Add: [03/27/2004]

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Stuart Foster
Peoria, AZ 85383
Spouse: Kimberly (Newland) Foster, C.V. Class of '93
Children: Allison 3/2000, Zachary 4/2002, Matthew 10/2003, Sarah 8/2005
Occupation: Business Analyst at IBM Global Services
Updated/Add: [05/24/2009]

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Matthew Fria (Deceased)

11/17/72- 07/16/00
Beloved son, Spouse, brother, and uncle
Thank you, Matthew, for touching all of our lives. For all who knew and
loved you... you will forever be missed.
Thank you,
Nicole (Fria) Wendell- (sister) class of 1988 


Jenni (Furginson) Duncan
Occupation: Domestic Goddess
Updated/Add: [11/04/2006]


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