Jennifer Cook has informed me that there ARE plans underway for the Class of 1988


She will be sending me updates as she gets them, including some place for YOU to get in contact with the reunion committee.

the direct link for the Facebook reunion page is:

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N - Z

Latest updates: Boghosian 7/20/12, Aasen 6/2/15, Blakely 6/11/15

A - F

James Aasen

Updated/Add: [6/2/2015]

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Stephanie (Abrams) Hosford
La Canada , CA
Spouse: Grant Hosford
Children: Ethan (2001), Naomi (2006), Samantha (2008)
Occupation: Occupational Therapist
Updated/Add: [10/27/2008]

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Joseph Aguilar
2705 Montrose Avenue #9
Montrose, California 91020
Spouse: Kathryn
No Children
Occupation: Aerospace Engineer at The Aerospace Corporation


Kris Aguilar
Homepage: El Camino Resources
Simi Valley, CA
(818) 980-6338
Marital Status: Single
No children
Occupation: Regional Business Manager in Computer Industry at El Camino Resources
Reunion Message: Had a great time at the reunion...thans to Greg W., Heather Berkness (Colburn), April Robles (DaSalla) and everyone else who put together a great party! 10 years is too long to wait for another bash...
Comments: Getting married in March '2000! Would love to hear from you, send me an Email...


Elizabeth (Ahten)-Anderson
Durham, NC
Spouse: Michael
Children: Sterling (5/92), Deandra (1/94)
Occupation: Reading Recovery Teacher, Durham Public Schools
Updated/Add: [06/05/2007]

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Scott Akerley
Homepage: GlenOaksEscrow
Westlake Village, California
Spouse: Cari Akerley
Children: Amanda (7/00), Ryan & Tyler (7/01)
Occupation: Escrow at Glen Oaks Escrow
Updated/Add: [04/02/2006]


Dennise (Alden) Mccrary
Roseville, CA 95678
Spouse: Dan Mccrary
Children: Brooke Michelle 3/12/96, Madison Faith 9/24/04
Occupation: Mommy
Updated/Add: [02/05/2006]


Matthew Aldrich
9600 Lucerne Ave. apt. 21
Culver City, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Private Music Instructor - voice, piano, theory at All over West LA
Comments: I really enjoyed the 10 year reunion . . . a real pleasure to see old faces and catch up. Thanks to Greg and all who helped put it together. I am certainly looking forward to the 20 year reunion. I hope everyone is doing well - peace and happiness to all! And, as always, keep your nose to the grindstone and FAIL FORWARD!!!!
Updated/Add: [10/09/2005]


Karen (Alfson) Polley
Reno, NV
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Alexander (11/19/96), Catherine (11/14/00)
Occupation: Realtor/Broker at HomeGate Realty of Nevada
Comments: I can't believe I have been away from LC for so long (1992). If you are ever looking for a home in Reno, call me! Can't wait until the next reunion...I'm sorry I missed the ten year. Take care everyone.
Updated/Add: [06/26/2005]

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Erin (Alltizer) Eichhorst
1447 S. Riverview Dr.
Gardnerville, NV
Spouse: Wayne
Children: Wyatt 12-05-95 and Mariah 3-30-99
Occupation: Full time mom
Updated/Add: [07/05/2002]


Lee Anderson
New York, NY 10010
Marital Status: single
Children: no
Occupation: billionaire playboy - unemployed
Reunion: Haw haw, I don't remember you either!!! [July 18, 2000]

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Rachel (Anderson) Ryan
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Damian Ryan, CV Class of '82
Children: Dana Lee Ryan Dec. 1, 2002, Richie Ryan January 8, 2005
Occupation: Full time mommy! :)
Comments: Life just keeps getting better and better!
Updated/Add: [05/22/2005]


No Senior Pic

Elizabeth Arady
Edmonds, WA 98026
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: retail management
Comments: I left CV in 86 and went to La Canada but most of my memories are of those of you I wwent to freemont and Rosemont with. Oh wasnt Rosemont fun, we sure had fun with "Judy Baby" didnt we?!? Would love to hear from some of you!!
Updated/Add: [10/01/2001]


Robert Armitage
Los Angeles, CA
Marital Status: Engaged, Kathye Petters
Occupation: FF/PM at LAFD
Comments: Hope everyone is doing well.
Updated/Add: [01/28/2001]


LaRee Leilani (Artis) Soifua
Santa Ana, CA
Spouse: Lito
Children: LaRee(9), Larissa (8), Lianna(6), Lusi(3)
Occupation: Full-Time (multi-task) Mom
Updated/Add: [02/03/2007]

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Alex Azarian
Sunland, CA 91040
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Adapted Physical Education Teacher at Los Angeles Unified School District
Updated/Add: [03/10/2002]

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Tina (Baca) Lovato
Redondo Beach, CA
Spouse: Edward
Children: Edward (4/11/97)
Occupation: Sports Medicine
Reunion Message: Sorry cant make it to the reunion...
Comments: Oh geez...what an emberassing senior pic!! I'll have to send a recent pic soon... Hope everyone is good...I'm living happily ever after in Redondo Beach...


Lisa (Bartholomew) Dols
La Crescenta, CA
Spouse: Paul
Children: Steven 5/7/98, Kaitlyn 3/4/01
Occupation: 1st Grade Teacher at Plymouth Elementary, Monrovia
Updated/Add: [04/17/2005]

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Darren (Battaglia) Sanchez
18951 Avenue De Revolcion
Tijuana, Mexico
Marital Status: Widowed
8 Children: Can't remember all the names
Occupation: Street vender at Sushi Hut
Reunion Message: Come see me in Mexico, 'cause there is no way in hell I'm coming to see you.


Renee Bauer
maritalstatus: single
children: no
Occupation: Album Pre- Production Coordinator


Denise (Beggs) Neale
3654 Altura Ave
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Scott Neale, C.V. Class of 1986
Children: Hayley Neale 11/16/04
Occupation: Escrow Officer at Glenoaks Escrow
Updated/Add: [05/04/2008]


Stephanie Bente
Marital Status: Single
No children
Occupation: VP Sales at Alsol Gems, INC./Lily Rachel Designs
Reunion Message: See you at the reunion!
Comments: I am engaged finally! Plan to be happily married in October of 1998.


Jennifer (Berbaum) Ellis
Chandler, AZ 85224
Spouse: Michael
Children: Connor 7/27/01 and Sarah 3/1/04
Occupation: Advertising Sales at The Catholic Sun
Updated/Add: [03/25/2006]

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Dave C. Berg
P.O. Box 14
Redmond, WA 98073-0014
Marital Status: Single
Child: Sarah born May 21,1992
Updated/Add: [02/17/2001]

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Elizabeth (Bevan) Casas
3600 West Clark Avenue
Burbank, CA
Spouse: Otto
Occupation: IMSP Business & Systems Specialist at Nestle USA, Glendale, CA
Reunion: Hi Everyone!! Hope you are all doing well....I live in Burbank
with my husband of 6 years. Life has been great to me and I am very
blessed!! I would love to hear from any of you so please send me an
Email!!! Had a great time at the 10 year and am looking forward to the
20th!!! Take care!!
Updated/Add: [08/25/2002]

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David Blakely
Saint George, Utah
Spouse: Tammy Blakely
Children: Ryan (1993), Kylee (2008), and Kara (2009)
Occupation: Studio Transportation Driver in Hollywood, CA
Reunion Message: It was nice to see all of you!
Updated/Add: [06/11/15]

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Sonia Boghosian
Pasadena, CA 91104
Marital Status: divorced
Children: Gassia Grace 2/96, Mardik Shaunt 8/98
Occupation: Self-employed Esthetician at Sonia's WaxWorks, Montrose
Reunion: Hey everyone! Couldn't make the 10-year reunion 'cause I had just had my second baby!Hope to catch you all at a later one
Updated/Add: [07/20/2012]



Claudia Bojorquez
4619 La Crescenta Ave
La Crescenta, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Banker at Bank of America
Updated/Add: [02/16/2002]


Tim Boone
7938 Camden Hollow Road
Huntersville, NC 28078
Spouse: Marissa (Lemon) Boone
Children: No
Occupation: Race Car Fabricator / Student (mechanical engineering) at Wesco Race Cars, Concord, North Carolina
Reunion: Hope everyone has accomplished what they set out to do with themselves. I have lived in the south since 1993 and have been working in NASCAR with much success. I miss the California climate but enjoy the seasons in Charlotte, North Carolina. Best wishes to everybody.
Updated/Add: [12/07/2003]

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Denise (Bottomley) Omartian
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Blake 2/98
Occupation: 3rd Grade Teacher at Mountain Avenue Elementary
Reunion: The reunion was a lot of fun! When is the next? It was nice to
see everyone and get caught up.
Comments: I'd love to hear from.....whom ever!
Updated/Add: [08/11/2001]

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Amy (Bouman) Koeler
New York, NY
Spouse: Eric
Children: Morgen - 2005
Occupation: HR Professional
Updated/Add: [07/06/2008]


Karen Brehm
San Diego, CA
Marital Status: Single
Children: No kids, just a very important Basset Hound, Jasper, the love of my life.
Occupation: Archaeology Major
Comments: Hey everyone!!!  Feel free to email.
Updated/Add: [01/29/2005]


Michelle (Brennan) Garrihy
Spouse: Joe Garrihy
Children: Jack (2/14/95), Shane (1/5/97), Jamie (3/23/04)
Occupation: Pre-school Teacher/Mommy at I run my own pre-school.
Updated/Add: [07/22/2005]


Wendy (Brill) Dye
Chandler, AZ 85224
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Brittney 10/11/89 Taylor 7/20/91 Spencer 8/6/97
Occupation: Systems Analyst at ACS
Updated/Add: [03/02/2004]

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David M Brizzi
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 699-5390
Marital Status: Single
No Children
Occupation: casino management at The Orleans
Reunion Message: it was fun seeing you all again
Reunion Message: Who will still be around on our 20th?
Comments: winner winner chicken dinner
Updated/Add: [08/11/2001]

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John Bromberek Jr.
3621 Virginia St.
LaCrescenta, CA 91214
(818) 248-1447
Spouse: Jeni (Engelke), C.V. Class of '89
Children: Kenny (12/27/96)
Occupation: Four Time Emmy Winning Camera Operator and Race Car Driver
Updated/Add: [01/14/2001]

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Nate Brown
La Crescenta, 91214
Spouse: Tracy (Multerer)
Children: two boys - Joey and David
Occupation: Communication Professor, Santa Monica College
Comments: I golf just about every Tuesday night at Verdugo with Pete Hilke and Dan McFeathers.
Updated/Add: [05/28/2004]

Click for Current Picture  

Anthony Burgess
Spouse: Michele (Sullivan) Burgess, CV Class of 1989
Children: Samantha Rose Burgess (10/9/96), Jayna Burgess (1/3/99)
Reunion Message: Hi everyone! Give me a call.

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Christine (Burkholder)-Richter
19131 Wellhaven St.
Santa Clarita, CA, 91351
661 250-2162
Spouse: Wayne Richter
Children: Tyler Branson (6/28/94), John Richter (Step son, 9/28/93) and Dakota Leann Richter (5/02/98)
Occupation: Cashier at Ralphs in Valencia
Updated/Add: [03/06/2001]


Danielle (Burkholder) Neal
Aurora, CO
Spouse: Philip Neal
Children: Russell Neal 9-22-1992
Occupation: House Wife and Home-schooling Mom
Comments: I can't believe that it is 2008 already. Does anyone know when the reunion is? I am hoping to make this one. I am excited to see everyone after 20 years. I was pretty shy in school but I have gotten over that and I am enjoying life and family.
Updated/Add: [02/24/2008]


Tim Byers
Boise, ID
Spouse: Julie
Children: Carter 3-21-88, Danielle 9-14-94, Justin 9-17-98
Occupation: Sales Manager at Lithia
Updated/Add: [01/08/2006]


Barbara (Campbell) Lineaweaver
10739 Oro Vista Ave.
Sunland, CA 91040
(800) 722-8623
Spouse: Robert C. Lineaweaver, C.V. Class of 1982
Children: Kassie (8), Bobby (6), Mandy (3)
Occupation: Home Schooling Mom

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Jon Campbell
21828 Glenwild Dr.
Northville, Michigan 48167
(248) 476-5436
Spouse: Nicole
Children: Megan (3-24-96) and Charlotte (8-2-99)
Occupation: Technology and Integrations Manager at TrizecHahn Office Properties


Angela Carbonetta-Madell
Tarzana , CA
Spouse: Dave Madell
Children: no childnameage: Audrey 10/2007 Occupation: Resource Specialist Teacher at LAUSD
Updated/Add: [12/09/2007]

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Danny Carpenter
Portland , PA
Marital Status: Partnered
Partner: Josh Hanke "Spanke"
Children: Looking into adoption
Occupation: Cat Farmer
Reunion: Top Secret mission, finding a cure for cancer, missed my flight from Paris all caused me to miss the ten year.Will not let that happen for the twenty.So are we having one? Please let me know. Hope to see you then.
Comments: The closet doors are the easiest to kick open and I am happier than ever.My life partner Josh and I are doing well. Many of you remember him as "Spanke" as he was with us for Freshman and Sophmore years then going on to C.T.. Glad to see that so many in our class are doing well,so sad to see our friends that have passed away. There are a bunch of us who started together at Mountain Avenue and finished at C.V..Strange times and I am glad we have made it so far.That sounds like something you would write in a year book. Oh well.
Updated/Add: [12/10/2006]


Caitlin Casady
Salt Lake City, UT
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Simon 7/02
Occupation: Flight Attendant at Delta Air Line
Updated/Add: [09/11/2005]


Vicky (Catarroja) Sheynin
La Crescenta, CA
Children: Lexi (2005) + 1 name TBD (2008)
Occupation: Realtor
Comments: This former new-waver is all settled down now and after years of wandering is back in La Crescenta.  What a flashback to see our senior photos (mine takes the cake, Thrifty's Sun-in was totally awesome, huh?), but what I really love is seeing everyone's updated pictures.  Sorry I didn't attend the 10 year, but Kim Voelker is making sure I'm attending our 20 year.  If you want to say "Hi" or need a Realtor, I'd love to hear from you. 
Updated/Add: [05/29/2007]

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Click for Current Picture

Roxana Chavarria-Cappella
Castaic, CA
Spouse: Chris Adlesh
Occupation: Sr. V.P. of Sales at DVS/ Intelestream
Comments: I finally did it and got married on July 4th, 2003! He owns a top catering company- and I work in Post-production for films and TV - (go figure!). If you're looking for a caterer take a look at the attached website. I hope all my fellow classmates are having as much fun with life as I am. I just swam with sharks last year! Woo hoo!
Updated/Add: [09/12/2003]

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Joanna (Chon) Lee
13500 Reva Place
Cerritos, CA 90703
Spouse: Robert
Children: Matthew Lee (3/31/98)
Occupation: Homemaker


Krisztina (Cline) Mercer
West Hills, CA 91307
Spouse: Shawn Mercer
Children: Alison, Shannan, Mitch, and Anna
Occupation: Mom
Updated/Add: [11/10/2008]


Suzanne Cloutier
Montrose, CA 91020
(818) 248-2466
Marital Status: Significant Other
Children: Katherine Anne Cloutier 11/30/1988, Katie graduates high school in 2006!
Occupation: Manager - I.S. Acquisitions at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM Studios)
Reunion: Keep in Touch! Also, looking to find Barry Remman if anyone knows how to reach him, let me know!  Thanks!
Updated/Add: [10/01/2004]


Heather (Colburn) Berkness
Fair Oaks , CA
Spouse: Chris Berkness
Children: Tyler 1994 Aaron 1998 Emily 2001
Occupation: School Counselor at San Juan Unified School District
Updated/Add: [02/02/2008]


Joe R. Collins
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Spouse: Jennifer (Hietter) Collins, C.V. Class of '89
Children: David Born 1999, Faith born 2002
Occupation: Pinnacle Disposal--Owner
Updated/Add: [02/05/2006]

Click for Current Picture


Jennifer Cook
Marital Status: Single
Updated/Add: [01/26/2018]


Christy (Crail) Ballard
Mission Viejo, California 92691
Spouse: Guy Ballard, C.V. Class of 1987
Children: Landon 4-19-97, Ryland 1-17-02
Occupation: Mom the best job in the world
Updated/Add: [12/15/2002]


Michelle Crowder
Montrose, CA
Marital Status: single
children: no
Occupation: Client Service Specialist at Aon Risk Services
Updated/Add: [12/22/2000]


Ani Darakdjian
Marital status: Single
Occupation: US director of an international non-profit organization
Comments: I'm back in the LA area after years away...  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 20-year reunion!
Updated/Add: [07/01/2006]

Click for Current Picture

Kimberly (Darnell) Mangers
Newhall, CA
Spouse: Perry
Children: Andrew 2/16/95 and Lucas 11/11/99
Updated/Add: [05/04/2003]


Holly (Darwick) Williamson
Macedon , NY
Spouse: Rob
Children: Rachel (3/8/1995) and Timothy (9/30/2000)
Occupation: Radiation Therapist at Wilmot Cancer Center
Updated/Add: [01/27/2007]



April (da Salla) Robles
3347 Bellaire Drive
Altadena, CA 91001
Spouse: Enrique Robles
Children: Dillon 01/10/92, Devin 05/08/97, Delaney 07/20/99
Occupation: Staff Assistant at City of Pasadena
Updated/Add: [02/23/2002]


Heather (Davis) Kimbell
9658 Varna Avenue
Arleta, CA 91331
(818) 890-4688
Spouse: Rick Kimbell, CV Class of 1988
Children: Chance (1/22/94) and Jacob (8/5/96)
Occupation: Escrow Assistant at Escrows For You


David De Angelis
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Karyn (Berry) , CV Class of 1987
Children: Dylan John (11-20-2000)
Occupation: Residential Designer & Planner
Updated/Add: [01/07/2005]

Click for Current Picture

Michelle DeSoto
5738 Astran Court
Quartz Hill, California 93536
Marital Status: Single
No Children
Occupation: LVN at AV Hospital


Mireille (Dennis) Evans
Woodland Park , CO
Spouse: Tommy
Children: Alex, 10/2003
Occupation: Self-employed. Antique Firearms at Winchester Way
Updated/Add: [09/19/2007]

Click for Current Picture

Click for Current Picture

Andrew DiMino
10772 1/2 Mountair Ave.
Tujunga, CA 91042
Spouse: Yvette Bravo
Children: Melissa - step child(1-26-89), Clara Michele (9-12-97), Abbey Rose (2-5-99)
Occupation: Post Production Coordinator at Weller/Grossman Production
Updated/Add: [03/23/2001]


Andrew Divall
Occupation: Currently employed at Playboy Entertainment
Updated/Add: [05/10/2009]


Keith Dowling
Valley Center, California
(818) 623-7209
Spouse: Smokie Dowling
Children: Orion Winter Dowling (12/21/96)
Occupation: Farmer & Computer Geek at Dowling Ranch & Jorgensen Inc.
Reunion Message: Missed the reunion, but will be at the next one. Finally bought my own farm in Valley Center where I grow flowers and fruit. (among several dogs, animals and my son) I work in La Canada three days a week at Jorgensen.


Genevieve Doyle
Spouse: Christopher
Children: Three girls ages 17, 5 and 1.
Reunion: I am unable to attend the reunion, but hope you all have a fantastic evening catching up after all this time.
Updated/Add: [05/18/2008]


Sean Doyle
3755 W. 5th Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
(817) 377-0371
Spouse: Claudine
Children: Delanie Leigh (11-8-94), Micaela Anne (7-13-96) and Keeley Catherine (5-13-98)
Occupation: Medical Student at University of North Texas Health Science Center
Reunion Message: Sorry I missed the reunion. Would be interested in getting Email from anyone. Will be starting residency program in family medicine in June 1999 at Ft. Benning, GA as a captain in the U.S. Army Medical Corps.
Comment: Please contact my parents in the future for address changes, etc. I didn't receive any information about the reunion at all. I would like to be included in further mailings, etc. My parents address is: 3149 Stevens St., La Crescenta, CA 91214


Tara (Driscoll) Barjam
5738 Astran Court
Quartz Hill, CA 93536
(805) 722-8021
Spouse: Robert Barjam
Children: Jenna (1/12/88) -- step-daughter
Occupation: Interior Decorator at Go Wow With Tara


Richard (Rick) Duncan

Rick died Feb 5, 1990 He will be missed by many.


Thomas Eaton
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Musician / University Representative at University of Maryland - Europe
Updated/Add: [06/12/2004]


Staci Fasano
Montrose, CA
Marital Status: Single
Children: Aidan (aka "A.J.")
Occupation: Finance
Comments: Hope everyone is happy and healthy! Would love to hear from anyone....See you at the next reunion.
Updated/Add: [12/03/2005]

Click for Current Picture


Linda (Ferree) Peterson
1556 Beech St
Rifle, CO 81650
Spouse: Rick Peterson
Children: Brandi 12/14/88; Ashlee 10/2/91; Ricky James 10/12/95
Occupation: US Postal Carrier at US Post Office, Glenwood Springs, CO
Reunion: I left CV in my sophmore year, but my heart is still with all of
you that I went to Fremont Elem, Rosemont Jr. High, and the 2 years at
CV...Best Wishes
Updated/Add: [11/10/2001]


Diane (Ferrera) D'Agostin
4002 Mayfield Street
Newbury Park, CA 91320
Spouse: John
Children: Devin Marie 4/3/98, Paige Lauren 2/15/01
Occupation: Scientist at Amgen
Updated/Add: [01/13/2002]


Kyra (Fick) Goncalves
Dallas , TX 75238
(214) 940-6544
Spouse: Gustavo Goncalves
Children: Dominique (12/95) and Francesca (11/97)
Occupation: Manager Pottery Barn Kids
Reunion: It will be great to see you all at the reunion.
Updated/Add: [08/05/2006]


Misty (Filger) Lyons
Montague, MA
Spouse: Brendan
Children: Nicholas (9-12-2002), Jake (12-19-2003)
Occupation: Sales Manager at Countrywide Home Loans
Comments: I can't believe it has been almost 20 years!! I don't feel that old! Didn't make the 10 year reunion, but would love to come back home for the 20 year reunion. Hope everyone is doing good!
Updated/Add: [05/06/2006]


Robin (Fleischer) Quayle
Glendora, CA 91740
Spouse: Tom Quayle
Children: Allison (11/16/05) and Heather (11/16/05)
Occupation: Director of Performance Management at Lakeside HealthCare
Updated/Add: [02/26/2006]


Michael Flynn
Marital Status: Single
No children
Updated/Add: [06/11/2003]


Deanne (Foley) Hunt
Carson City, Nevada 89706
Spouse: Robert "Bear" Hunt
Children: Tanner, age 5 Tay, age 3
Occupation: RN, operating room/surgical services manager
Updated/Add: [09/14/2008]

Click for Current Picture

Dale C. Foster
1481 Cantwell Lane, Apt 6
Swansea, IL  62226
Occupation: USAF Officer
Updated/Add: [05/26/2008]

Click for Current Picture

Nicole (Fria) Wendell
Rancho Bernardo,  CA
Spouse: Wade Wendell
Children: Lauren 5/18/96, Calista 5/26/98, Mattea 11/2/01
occupation:  mommy/ Dental hygienist
Updated/Add: [07/07/2004]



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