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Recent Updates: Leslie Smith11/12/11, Roberts 2/27/13, Resendez 10/13/14


Rachel (Maldonado) Bennett
Email: rachellynn0317@msn.com
Saugus , CA
Spouse: John
Children: Jace 05/15/96; Cooper 09/05/99; Kaden 08/04/03
Update/Add: [08/05/2006]



Anthony Jay Marienfeldt
Email: amarienfeldt@aol.com
Palm Desert, CA
Marital Status: Significant Other
Occupation: Produce/Stock Clerk at Ralphs Grocery
Comments: E-mail me or call to say hi
Updated/Add: [12/03/2005]

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Michael Marshall
Email: michaelmarshall@mindspring.com
323 724-4583
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: 2 wonderful daughters, Jordan Nicole 4/17/91 and Kylee Rose 1/13/94
Occupation: President, AV Xpress Inc., specializing in equipment rentals to the production and staging industry.
Reunion: It was great to see so many old friends, and to hear how your lives have been. Hopefully it won't be another 10 before I see you again. Best of luck in all that you do.
Comments: I'm always pleased to hear from old friends, Email me sometime.
Updated/Add: [11/03/2000]


Sandra (Marshall) Reichman
Email: sreichman@saugus.k12.ca.us
Saugus, California 91350
Spouse: Gary Reichman, CV Class of 1987
Children: Devin  (1995) Jake (1998) Annie (2004)
Occupation: teacher NorthPark Elementary
Updated/Add: [01/28/2009]

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Cristie (Martin) Fairbanks
Email: fairbanks@sbcglobal.net
Jacksonville, OR
Spouse: David
Children: Andrew 5/02 Alexandra 12/03 Brooke 4/06
Occupation: Stay at Home Mom
Comments: Looking forward to the reunion!
Updated/Add: [11/04/2006]

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Michele (Martin) Vunder
Email: JCuddleBug@aol.com
Altadena, CA
Spouse: Jeff Vunder
Children: No
Updated/Add: [03/30/2001]


Melissa (Matthews) Peirce
Email: Mema1969@bellsouth.net)
Atlanta , GA
Spouse: Scott
Children: Jessica 10/09/92 & Andrew 06/08/94
Occupation: Veterinary Technician, Spoiled Wife and Mother
Comments: "The best way to make your dreams come true...is to wake up" --Paul Valery
Updated/Add: [05/28/2007]

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Derrek  Mc Ilwain
Email: d_m445@yahoo.com
Homepage: tazattack's cage
Glendale, CA 91208
MaritalStatus: Single
Children: Josph Mc Ilwain (march,1992)
Occupation: receiving clerk at La Crescenta  O.S.H.
Comments: Still think of some of you from time to time and hope your all doing better then I. miss the friendships and all the good times school brought me.
Updated/Add: [07/08/2004]


Jack McKee
Email: mckej@towers.com
217 14th Place, Apt. C
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 939-9844
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Consultant at Towers Perrin



Kris (McKinnon) O'Donohue
Email: mckinnon1@comcast.net
Poulsbo , WA
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse: Tom O'Donohue
Children: Taylor Ashley 11/93
Occupation: Currently living a life of leisure
Reunion: "life should not be measured by how many breaths you took, but by how many moments took your breath away!"
Comments: Got a divorce, then met the man of my dreams & was swept off my feet by a hot Harley ridin' Irish Fire Chief! FIREMEN ROCK! He's an amazingly wonderful man, awesome stepdad, loving husband, my best friend & partner in crime. LIFE IS GOOD!
Updated/Add: [09/23/2006]

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Randy Metz
Email: rdmetz68@yahoo.com
Lakewood , CA
Children: Marissa Anne 07/31/95 Destiny Renee 06/07/00
Occupation: 3rd Generation Railroader at: Union Pacific Railroad
Updated/Add: [05/20/2007]


Richard Meza
Email: rmeza68@hotmail.com
4456 Navalair Rd. #33
Oxnard, CA
Spouse: Marsha
Occupation: DOD Civil Service/Chief Petty Officer US Naval Reserve at Naval Base Pt. Mugu California
Reunion: 2007 is just around the corner and looking forward to seeing everyone again. The time is really flying by and can't believe we our coming up on our 20th reunion.
Updated/Add: [03/23/2003]


Aileen (Middleton) Hansen
Email: huskyhansens@sbcglobal.net
Canyon Country, CA
Spouse: Erick
Children: Jared 4-24-00 Luke 7-23-02 Blake 1-17-07
Occupation: at home mom
Updated/Add: [07/12/2007]

Brian Morelli
Email: bammorelli@earthlink.net
2719 Montrose Ave. #4
Montrose, ca 91020
(818) 248-5638
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Whitney Brean Morelli (6/23/91), Spencer Anthony Morelli (3/7/99), Trent Anthony Morelli (08/21/00)
Updated/Add: [11/12/2005]


Scott Morris
Email: mscottmorris@aol.com
Grand Island, New York
Marital Status: Partnered
Occupation: Executive Director for Strategic Planning at the University at Buffalo
Updated/Add: [04/28/2006]

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Mike Muhlethaler
Email: Gotwater@aol.com
10 Pimentel Ct.
Novato, CA 94949
(408) 999-0777
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Part owner of a bottled water company in Novato, San Jose
Reunion Message: Great Party! Hope you all had fun. Great seeing everyone again.
Comments: Call me if you're in the Bay Area and want some bottled water.



Kristina (Myers) Rightmyer
Email: myboysni@caharter.net
Canyon Country, CA
Spouse: Rusty Rightmyer
Children: Cody 9-25-96, Dylan 3-31-99, Logan 1-10-02, Zachary 7-21-04
Occupation: Teacher at Sulphur Springs School District
Up[dated/Add: [01/07/2005]


Bradley Charles Nickell

In memory of Brad Nickell
November 4, 1969 - November 1, 2004

Email of sister Brenda (Nickell) Cardinale: cardinale@cox.net


Stephanie (Novak) Kessler
Email: erickessler5@aol.com
Key Largo, FL
Spouse: Eric
Occupation: Fitness Expert at Key Largo Health and Tennis Club Comments: Can't wait to see everyone in August!
Updated/Add: [02/24/2007]



Michelle (O'Neill) Lock
Email: michellealock@hotmail.com
Columbia, MO
Spouse: Matthew Lock
Children: Tyree Lock 10-14-1991, Michayla Lock 11-4-99, Alexis Lock 9-16-2004
Occupation: Client Services Coordiator, Social Services at: Central Missouri Community Action
Reunion: I hope to attend the reunion this year and see all my old classmates.
Comments: Hi everyone, I left at the end of my junior year and moved to Palm Springs so I wasn't able to graduate from CV. I have kept in contact with a few of you and still called CV my home. I have 3 beautiful daughters and a great husband. I would love to hear from any of my old classmates. Has anyone heard where Melody or Dianna House are?
Updated/Add: [10/22/2006]


Angie (Onsted) D'Amico
Email: damicoangie@hotmail.com
Thousand Oaks , CA
Spouse: Derin D'Amico
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Updated/Add: [09/10/2007]

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Kelly (Orozco) Costinett
Email: kellyscraps@cozz.net
Bothell, WA
Spouse: Dan
Children: Amanda 3/98 & Dylan 5/01
Reunion: The 20th should be fun. Can you believe we are that old! Comments: How fun it was to hear what folks are up to and I love the pictures!
Updated/Add: [04/15/2006]


David M Page
Email: dmpage@earthlink.net
Homepage: http://www.surfboardrack.com
Burbank, CA
Spouse: Gina
Children: Jacob 5yrs - Ethan 2yrs
Occupation: Director of Operations at Triumph Management Co.
Updated/Add: [08/25/2002]



Glenda (Page) Sylsberry
Email: gpagedesign@juno.com
19550 Forest View Lane
Dallas, OR
Spouse: Jack Sylsberry
Occupation: Mail Carrier in Independence, Oregon
Updated/Add: [03/02/2002]


DeAnna (Paradis) McChristian
Palmdale , CA
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse: Brian
Children: Nicholas 07-18-90, Mitchell 09-12-1992, Kaitlyn 08-03-2002
Occupation: Lead ER Pt Svcs Coordinator at AV Hospital
Comments: Hope all is well with everyone. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2007!!!!
Updated/Add: [05/08/2005]


Lorilyn Parker
Email: murphylover1@comcast.net
284 Brandy Oak Court
Folsom, CA 95630
Marital Status: Single
Children: Emily Suzanne 04-10-1996
Occupation: Real Time Energy Scheduler at California ISO
Updated/Add: [02/02/2004]


Cindy Passmore
Email: cindypassmore@yahoo.com
Spouse: Scott
Occupation: Professor of Science Education at UC Davis
Updated/Add: [11/19/2006]


In Memory of Lisa Perez

Rest in peace Lisa

Heidy Perez, CV Class of 1995

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Greg Petersen
Email: gfnp01@earthlink.net
Matinez, CA
Spouse: Tracy (Warrington) Petersen, CV Class of '87
Occupation: Firefighter/Paramedic at City of Benicia
Updated/Add: [09/11/2005]

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Kirsten M. Petersen
Email: kirstee@juno.com
Montrose, CA 91214
Marital Status: Single
No Children
Occupation: Finance at: Aramark Uniform Services
Updated/Add: [04/15/2006]


Henry Phillips
Email: henryphillips@hotmail.com
Homepage: Henry Phillips.com
850 N. Kings Rd., Apt. 111
Hollywood, CA 90069
(323) 655-1935
Marital Status: single
Occupation: English Teacher, Ivy West



Robert Pitman
Email: rlrepitman@yahoo.com
Carson City, NV
Marital: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse: Laura
Children:Ryan 6/29/03 Emma 6/29/03
Occupation: Electrician at Intermountain Electric, Sparks, NV
Updated/Add: [07/09/2006]

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Teresa (Platzek) Sandstrom
Email: ssandstrom@earthlink.net
West Jordan, UT
Spouse: Scott Sandstrom
Children: Lela 01-01-92, Kaelis 06-12-94, Paisley 09-13-96
Occupation: Martial Arts Instructor, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
Updated/Add: [03/17/2002]


Pamela (Poole) Radecki
Email: PSRorKLR@hotmail.com
16227 Temple Avenue
City of Industry, CA 91744
(626) 913-0242
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Kevin Radecki
1 Child: Tyler Max (8/1/96)
Occupation: Stay at home mom


Jennifer (Potter) Short
Email: JBShort4@aol.com
La Crescenta, Ca.
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Jim Short, C.V. Class of 1985
1 Child: Nicole Justine (6/23/98)
Occupation: Physical Therapist / Mom
Comments: I would love to hear from former alumni. Please Email me.

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Marilee Potter
Email: gusgus_91214@yahoo.com
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Marital Status: single
no Children
Occupation: office representative, State Farm Insurance
Comments: I would just like to say a big Hello to anyone who knew me. Thanks, Marilee

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Craig Rakisits
Email: raki@adelphia.net
37730 landon ave.
Palmdale, CA 93550
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse: Lisa
Children: Blended family 6 kids - from 8yrs to 21yrs. only 3 boys at home Jeremy 10, Aaron 9, Elijah 8
Occupation: Mechanic Leader for Metro at L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Reunion: Looking forward to seeing everyone in August.
Comments: Wow, it's been 20 years. The worst part of my life is behind me, and the best part of my life is right now, and getting better every day, with my new bride and our blended family.
Updated/Add: [03/17/2007]

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Gary Reichman
Saugus, California 91350
Spouse: Sandra (Marshall) Reichman, CV Class of 1987
3 Children: Devin ( 1995) Jake (1998) Annie (2004)
Occupation: L A County Firefighter/Paramedic
Updated/Add: [01/28/2009]


Candelario "Larry" Resendez
Email: drlarryresendez@ymail.com
Valencia, CA
Spouse: Donna
Children: Logan (2001), Olivia (2009)
Occupation: Staff Psychologist at College of the Canyons; Director of the Disabled Student Program & Services at Los Angeles Mission College and Private Practice Clinical Psychologist in Valencia
Comments: Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 20th Reunion!
Updated/Add: [10/13/2014]

C. Scott Rhodes
Email: Thcbros@aol.com
6568 Marissa Circle
Lake Worth, FL 33467
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Self-Employed
Updated/Add: [10/01/2001]



Dale Richhart
Email: jrichhart@ci.glendale.ca.us
Tujunga, CA
Spouse: Jeannie (Mahan) Richhart, CV Class of '88
Occupation: Road Striper at Sterndahl Enterprises, Inc.
Updated/Add: [12/17/2004]


Stephanie (Rigdon) Bradley
Email: Bradleyfour@earthlink.net
348 N. Encinitas
Monrovia, CA 91016
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: David Bradley
2 Children: Taylor Andrew 4/4/95 and Sean Michael 12/12/98
Occupation: stay home mom
Updated/Add: [Oct. 26, 2000]


Carol (Ritchey) Richards
Email: carolpc4u@yahoo.com
Simi Valley , CA
(818) 625-6713
Spouse: Vince
Children: Jack (11/19/01), Connor (8/7/03)
Occupation: Relationship Manager at Citibank
Updated/Add: [04/07/2007]


Amoret "Amy" (Roberts) Kaufman
Email: amok@sbcglobal.net
La Crescenta, CA
Spouse: Jonathan Kaufman
Children: Henry (2004), Spencer (2008)
Occupation: Graduate Student, Counselling Psychology
Reunion: Enjoyed the last one... looking forward to 2007.
Comments: Just want to thank everyone who has emailed me since my brother Chris died in 2004. Your kind words and happy memories continue to lift our spirits and mean a lot to my family. Thank you! I hope you are all happy and healthy, and living a life you love.
Updated/Add: [02/27/2013]

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Keith Robertson
Email: keithnlis@aol.com
Newbury Park, CA
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Lisa
Children: Ryan 4-30-95, Luke 8-7-97, Trevor 5-13-01 and Eric 10-10-02
Occupation: Orthopedic Surgeon at Ventura, CA
Updated/Add: [05/20/2007]

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[January 19, 2014]
Sharin (Robinson) Kinsey
E-mail: mzrapunzel@yahoo.com or mzgnome@yahoo.com
3544 Buena Vista
Glendale, CA 91208
Phonoe 626 675-2190
Marital Status: divorced/single
Children: no
Company: L'Auberge Del Mar (Destination Hotels and Resorts)

Terry (Robortello) Budge
Email: basslakelovers@earthlink.net
Canyon Country, CA
Spouse: Coe Budge
Children: Wyatt Dakota (01/30/97)
Occupation: Stay at home mom.
Updated/Add: [08/10/2002]

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Christina "Tina" Rogers
Email: buckrogers31@hotmail.com
Hannibal , MO
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: CYM Industrial Corp
Updated/Add: [10/27/2008]


Joe Romo
Email: joeromo@att.net
Hamden, CT
Spouse: Trina Kurek
Children: Elliot (1999), Tianna Romo Kurek (2001)
Occupation: Associate Product Manager Qualification Documentation at PerkinElmer
[April 20, 2010]



Amy (Rucker) Valentin
Email: avaolean@yahoo.com
Palm Desert. CA
Spouse: Jay
Children: Ava Rae Valentin Date of Birth 7-18-07
Occupation: Administrative Assistant at C.W. Driver Construction
Updated/Add: [01/21/2009]

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John Schafer
Email: jpschafer@sbcglobal.net
Costa Mesa, CA
Spouse: Paula
Children: Jared (7/06/01); Iris Makena (10/24/06)
Occupation: Real Estate Attorney at Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker
Comments: Not sure I can make the 20th reunion, but best regards to all that attend.
Updated/Add: [11/04/2006]

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BethAnn (Schulke) Sherwood
Email: sherwoodmom@sbcglobal.net
Valencia, CA 91354
Spouse: Robert Sherwood
Children: Sarah ('99) Jessica ('03) and twins Matthew and Christopher ('05)
Occupation: Mom
Updated/Add: [07/28/2007]


Shelley Shepard
Email: sshepard@insyncmedia.com
El Segundo , CA
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Occupation: Advertising Production Manager at Insync Media
Updated/Add: [03/15/2005]


Tom Smalley
Email: tomsmalley@ca.rr.com
Valencia, CA 
Spouse: Bernadine
Kids:  Michael ('96), Matthew ('98)
Occupation: Mortgage Banking
Updated/Add: [04/13/2008]


Rebecca Smart
Email: asmrt1@yahoo.com
Phoenix , AZ
Marital Status: Significant Other
Occupation: Park Ranger Enforcement Officer at Phoenix, AZ
Comments: Would LOVE to hear from some old classmates...
Updated/Add: [07/28/2007]


Greg (Smith) Gillis-Smith
Email: gillis-smith@juno.com
12555 Cherry Grove
Moorpark, CA 93021
Spouse: Elizabeth (Gillis) Gillis-Smith
Children: Paul 1/97, Elyse 3/99
Occupation: Director, Installation Services-whatever that is at Capstone Turbine Corporation
Comments: It was fun to scroll through this site. I'd love to hear from
any of you. I do reply to email.
Updated/Add: [03/30/2003]



Kelly (Smith) Spair
Email: kellykjs1@yahoo.com
Oceanside, CA
Spouse: Joe Spair
Children: Madeline 7/17/00, Bradley 4/15/02
Occupation: Mom
Comments: Life is good. God is amazing! It would be great to say hi to some long last friends!
Updated/Add: [10/22/2006]

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Leslie (Smith) Schilling
Email: schillingleslie@att.net
Glendale, CA 91208
Marital Status: married
Spouse: Paul
Children: Tanner Nicholas-1998, Grady Evan -1999, Brynn Elizabeth - 2002
Occupation: Teacher at Fremont Elem
Updated/Add: [11/12/11]


Stacy (Smith) Constantin
Email: Kritortar@gmail.com
Marital Status: single
Occupation: Insurance Underwriter at Travelers Insurance
Updated/Add: [2/15/10]


Angela (Snow) Mozilo
Email: amozilo@cox.net
Phoenix, AZ
Spouse: Tom
Children: Amanda 13, Rebekah 8, Cecily 6
Occupation: Wilton Cake decorating instructor
Updated/Add: [01/16/2003]


Seth Stark
Email: sethsta@gmail.com
Seattle, WA
Marital Status: Single
Updated/Add: [11/04/2006][


Kirk J. Straight
Email: v1rot8v2@excite.com
391 Main St.
Westport, CT 06880
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Nicole Straight
No Children
Occupation: Pilot with Continental Airlines, Based out of Newark, NJ

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John Willis Stultz II
Email: jlstultz2@gmail.com
Powder Springs, GA
Spouse: Elizabeth
Children: Emiliy Marie (2002), Annabelle Mae (2003)
Occupation: Sales Engineer for Tom Barrow Company, Atlanta
Comments: Enjoying the seasons in the SEC county
Updated/Add: [12/3/2010]


Angela (Taras) Kohler
Email: angelak@transgs.com
Homepage: http://www.transgs.com
2635 Manhattan Ave.
Montrose, CA 91020
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Shawn Kohler
Children: Brayden Nicholas (12/24/99)
Occupation: Owner of a transportation staffing company. at TransGlobal Solutions, LLC
Comments: Would love to hear from everyone! Is anyone in contact with Shina Thavanthana?


Chris Tavizon
Email: Pechanga6@msn.com
Glendale, CA 91208
Spouse: Debora (Horton) Tavizon
Children: Dakota Tyler (Aug. 25, 1993), Corey Thomas (July 1, 1995), Kyle Michael (Feb. 24, 1997), and baby girl Kyra Joelle (Dec. 23, 2000)
Occupation: Foreman Electrician at Downey Electric (Currently working on renovations at CV)
Updated/Add: [09/24/2001]


Serina Tremayne
Email: stremayne@dreamworks.com
Los Angeles, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Executive Assistantv at Dreamworks
Updated/Add: [06/09/2002]


Phil Trogden
Email: ptrogden@yahoo.com
Sammamish, WA
Spouse: Cyndi
Children: Chris-20 Cory-16 Carly-8
Updated/Add: [12/17/2005]


No Senior Picture

Debbie Trudeau
Email: Debbietrudea@yahoo.com
Sunland, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Loan Processor
Updated/Add: [11/10/2008]

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Stephanie (Van Beekom) Lomas
Email: cslomas@sbcglobal.net
Spouse: Carl Lomas, CV Class of '87
Children: Taylor 7.1.89 - Brittney 1.4.92 - Ryan 10.7.99 - Emma 3.4.03
Occupation: Reliance Company, Los Angeles
Updated/Add: [09/02/2006]


Eric Vasquez
Email: evfireman@aol.com
32203 N. Big Oak Lane
Castaic, CA 91384
Spouse: Kelly Darrow, C.V. Class of 1988
Children: Rylee (1/3/99)
Occupation: Firefighter at LA City Fire Dept.
Updated/Add: [11/23/2001]


Pete Vilmur
Email: pete.vilmur@lucasfilm.com
Petaluma, CA
Spouse: Teri
Children: Chris 7/30/00, Lauren 10/28/02
Occupation: Online Journalist at Lucasfilm, Ltd.
Comments: Looking forward to catching up with everyone in '07!
Updated/Add: [07/12/2007]

Click for Current Picture

Click for Current Picture

Thomas Vilmur
Email: thomas.j.vilmur@accenture.com
4134 Pacific Coast Highway, House #112
Torrance, CA 90505
Spouse: Laurie
Children: Ethan James (April 5, 2004), Emily Ann 10/7/2006
Occupation: Software Engineer
Updated/Add: [11/04/2006]


Gabriella (Walsh) Klein
Email: scottgab@gateway.net
Valencia, CA
Spouse: Scott
Children: Alexandra Hope born 6/17/97
Occupation: medical social worker
Updated/Add: [02/17/2001]


Tracy (Warrington) Petersen
Email: tracypetersen08@yahoo.com
Martinez, CA
Spouse: Greg Petersen, CV Class of '87
Occupation: Exec. Asst. at IBM-San Francisco
Updated/Add: [06/01/2008]

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Jennifer Watts
Email: jennifer_russello@yahoo.com
430 E. San Jose Ave,, Apt. E
Burbank, CA
Spouse: Raymond Parra Jr.
Occupation: Travel Agent at Archer Travel
Updated/Add: [01/16/2006]


Barbie (Webber) Holt
Email: obholt@cox.net
Homepage: http://www.marykay.com/bholt
823 N. Harris Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85203
Spouse: Orson
Children: Nathan 6-5-92, Katie 11-8-94, Rachael 1-31-96, Anna 3-11-01, Megan Emma 5-10-05
Comments: I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next year!
Updated/Add: [05/06/2006]



Patrick Weisenberg
Email: patw92@yahoo.com
Marital Status: Single
Updated/Add: [02/02/2004]


Meloka (Whitlock) Hangartner
Email: melokah@aol.com
Frisco, TX
Spouse: John Hangartner
Children: jaemi 9-21-90 joshua, 2-10-95, jacob 5-20-97, amber 8-13-85
Occupation: stay at home mom
Updated/Add: [05/21/2006]


Lynette (Wilkins) Alves
Email: lynette.alves@us.nestle.com
Sunland, CA/USA 91040
Spouse: Bryan Alves
Children: Alyssa Jean (4/8/98) & Trent Reis (6/25/02)
Occupation: Technical Packaging Coordinator - Confections & Snacks Division, Nestlé USA
Reunion: It's hard to believe our 20 year reunion is coming up.  Time flies when you're having fun!   Please attend the reunion - it'll be wonderful to see all of you! 
Comments: It's a hoot to see the world through the eyes of my children.  I've been blessed...
Updated/Add: [09/23/2006]

Click for Current Picture

Click for Current Picture

Jill (Williams) Grace
Spouse: David
Children: Justin & Daniel ('96), Sam ('00) and Abby ('02)
Occupation: homemaker
Updated/Add: [05/24/2009]

Click for Current Picture

Cynthia (Wirtz) Thresher
Email: CThresher004@ca.rr.com
Sunland, CA
Spouse: Gary Thresher, CV Class of '83
Children: Brian Matthew 3-28-01 Cody Lee Charles 6-7-06
Occupation: stay at home mom
Updated/Add: [07/20/2009]


David Wolf
Email: dwolf@advance.ua.edu)
Homepage: http://www.ua.edu
Spouse: Ashli
Children: Joseph Timothy 9/1/00 Ava Shaye 1/23/05
Occupation: Assistant VP for Development & Assistant Professor of Sport Management at: The University of Alabama
Comments: Looking forward to the reunion - Roll Tide.
Updated/Add: [10/07/2006]


Alex Wolfram
Email: awventures@qwest.net
Scottsdale, AZ 85262
( 602) 750-XXXX
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Owner multiple Business: New Breed Construction LLC, Steinboch Investments Inc, Take II Media Co, JAD Pharmacueticals, etc. Myspace: myspace.com/6_degrees_of_separation
Updated/Add: [07/09/2006]


Jeff Wolfram
Email: jeffwolfram@mac.com
Burbank, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Owner of a Nightclub called Spaceland in Silverlake
Updated/Add: [02/24/2008]


Jeff Worrall
Email: jsworrall@bellsouth.com
Atlanta, GA
Spouse: Shelley
Children: Jacob (4), Matthew(2)
Occupation: C-5 Modernization Aerospace Systems Test Director at USAF/Lockheed Marietta
Updated/Add: [10/16/2004]


Nicole (Wright) Kaufman
Email: kaufmans2b@aol.com
Austin, TX
Spouse: Steve
Children: Sydney Eden 1/21/03
Occupation: public relations
Updated/Add: [05/04/2003]


Anton Zafereo
Email: zafereo@yahoo.com)
Seattle, WA 98103
Marital Status: Partnered
Occupation: Submersible Pilot-in training / Electronics Engineer - Alvin Group at: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution / National Deep Submergence Facility
Comments: I'm usually at sea onboard the Research Vessel "Atlantis", where I work as an electronics engineer and am training to pilot the deep-sea submersible known as "Alvin". Oh, and I LOVE it! The moment I saw the announcement for the position, I set my sights on it. I left a great career in the security and surveillance systems industry for the chance to spend most of my time at sea, for a small fraction of what I used to earn. Maybe not the most prudent decision, but I get to pilot the sub to the seafloor and fly around placing and collecting experiments and samples for the scientists who charter the sub. It's as close as I care to come to space travel, though we're close with the crew of NASA's "Atlantis", and trade tours and souveniers when we meet up. My home is in Seattle, and I even get to go there from time to time. Outside of that, I go where the sub goes. For 2006/2007, that means lots of diving in the Pacific, from the coast of washington, down to roughly near the equator. Seth Stark is still my best friend, and we see each other when I get back to Seattle. If I can arrange it, Seth and I will try to make the 20-year reunion. Feel free to leave a brief phone message, which I can check when we're in-port in the U.S., or send an email to zafereo@yahoo.com to reach me more quickly.
Updated/Add: [10/07/2006]

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Jennifer (Zakarian) Carlson
Email: jennzak@microsoft.com
London, England
Spouse: Steve
Children: Zachary - 2004
Occupation: Quality and Business Excellence at Microsoft
Updated/Add: [02/24/2008]

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Bonnie (Zettelmier) Taylor
Email: katiebugjones@juno.com
Palmyra, IL
Spouse: Steve
Children: Kate 7/30/1999
Occupation: Homemaker
Updated/Add: [02/12/2006]

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Andrea (Zogg) Levering
Email: leveringa@yahoo.com
Spouse: Sam Levering, CV Class of '87
Children: Sarah 6/04, Ryan 3/07
Occupation: IT Consultant at Remote Systems Solutions
Updated/Add: [06/12/2008]

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