Class of 1985's Thirty-Year Reunion was July 11, 2015

July 11, 2015, at the Westin in Pasadena. Alumni can buy tickets and update their profile at

Cami Miller

ShirleyNute wants singers (note fromJan. 2010)

Recent alumni updates: Williams5/3/10, Richardson 3/24/11


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Vince Madsen
2810 N. Stone Pines Court
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
Spouse: Dana (Williams) Madsen, CV Class of '89
Children: Victoria Lynn (11/26/96-11/29/98), Sydney Josette (11/14/98), Vincent "James" Jr. (8/26/00), Kyle Reese (5/19/03), Samantha Mae (4/4/05)
Updated/Add: [04/02/2006]

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Danise M. Marler
Homepage: Cyberlink Brainfingers Hand-Free Interface System
Tujunga, CA
Spouse: David
Children: Justin 10/16/96
Occupation: Special Educator and Cyberlink Brainfingers Associate ( Researcher, Evaluator, Speaker, Trainer, & Innovator) at Los Angeles County Office of Education and Private Business
Reunion: I am hoping to make it to the reunion to see old friends. If I cannot make it, I want to wish everyone the best in their life and future endeavors.
Comments: Yeap, it's me - Dani; Gimppy; Curly Cue. I cannot believe that we have been out of high school for twenty years. Receiving my reunion invitation was a true reality check on how 'old' we are - Ugh! I guess for myself who has continued to go to school for nineteen years after graduation, school never ended until 2004 when I completed my Master of Arts degree. Now, I'm thinking of going back to get my doctorate. So, who knows. Maybe by the 25th reunion, everyone will be calling me Dr. Dani.
Updated/Add: [07/04/2005]


Brian Martin
Westchester, CA 90045
Spouse: Sandra
Children: Twins -- Emily & Marisa (11/2/99)
Occupation: News Editor at Los Angeles Daily News
Comments: I regret not hitting the 10th & 15th. Look forward to seeing everyone at the 20th.
Updated/Add: [05/22/2005]


Matthew Martin
Sant Barbara, CA 93101
MaritalStatus: Significant Other
Occupation: General Manager at Casa Grande
Updated/Add: [09/07/2009]

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Corey Mayhew
Peoria , AZ
Spouse: Candy (Dahlstrom) Mayhew
Children: Camryn Kelli Mayhew 04/04/00,Courtney Rose Mayhew 02/03/98
Occupation: Sales at Dreyers Grand Ice Cream
Comments: Wow! Made it to the ten but missed the twenty. Wish I was there. This web-site is great. I've been married for 12 years now and have 2 wonderful girls and a great wife. Ice cream sales are great out here in the desert, especially when its 115 out (dry heat ya know). I miss the small town of La Crescenta but do visit often as my parents and brothers still live there. Hope to hear from an old friend at any time. Best wishes, The Mayhews
Updated/Add: [01/27/2007]


Lisa (McCamy) Millman
1000 Roxbury Dr.,
Pasadena, CA 91104
Spouse: Scott Millman
Children: Two great kids, (most of the time) Ashley 7/12/91, Zachary 10/28/96
Occupation: Office manager at USA Alarm Systems Inc. Monrovia, CA
Comments: Hi it was great to see everyone at the last reunion... very much looking forward to the 20th...feel free to drop me an e mail...I love hearing from old friends
Updated/Add: [11/14/2004]

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Adrian McCarthy
Hayward, CA
Spouse: Kim
Occupation: Technical Yahoo! at: Yahoo!
Reunion: Looking forward to the Reunion.
Updated/Add: [01/29/2005]


Greg Mc Cormick
18425 Jakes Way Apt-204
Canyon Country, CA 91387
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Locksmith at Los Angeles Unified School District.
Reunion: I hope everyone is doing well. seeya at the 20th
Updated/Add: [05/04/2002]


Daren McCrary
Santa Clarita, CA
Spouse: Susan Ascher, C.V. Class of '85
Children: Ruth 4-23-95 and Rachael 6-20-96
Occupation: Teacher at Verdugo Hills High School
Comments: Sue and I have been Married since 1987. We have worked hard at put each other through school. We now enjoy being parents to Ruth and Rachael. We look forward to hearing from our classmates!
Updated/Add: [08/05/2007]

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Randy McGowan
445 E Magnolia
Burbank, CA 91501
Marital Status: single
Children: no
Occupation: Software development for the television and film industry at Creative Planet
Reunion:See you all on the 16th, should be a blast!
Comments: I'll forward a recent picture soon, don't think you'll have one from 85. Thanks for doin this!
Updated/Add: [09/07/2000]


Joe McKee
Spouse: Tereasa
Children: Three step sons, and a beautiful baby girl!
Occupation: Self-employed
Updated/Add: [09/27/2001]

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Renee (McMillen) Claggett
Wrangell, AK
Spouse: Brett
Children: Delton (1/9/93) and Ryan (2/11/95)
Reunion: Can't wait to see everyone again. This will be interesting and exciting to get together once again.
Comments: This summer we just didn't go back to California and decided to spend the Winter in Alaska again. Strange I know, but we are having a blast. The boys are old enough now to do more things on the boat with us, hunt, kayak, snowmobile and 4 wheeling on the weekends. Will be there for the 20th!
Updated/Add: [05/22/2005]

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Denene McNamara
Lake Havasu City , AZ
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse: David La Point
Children: Jennifer 10/23/86, Derek/5/13/89, Ben6/15/89, Catie 3/3/93, Becca 8/3/95
Occupation: Self employed- Soil engineering at: D&D Testing
Comments: Hope all is well with everyone. Sure miss everyone.
Updated/Add: [12/20/2006]


Carl Messemaeckers (van de Graaff)
Vossegatselaan 9
Utrecht, the Netherlands 3583-RN
Spouse: Charlotte
No Children
Occupation: KPMG Amsterdam as a manager of their Business Advisory Services Department
Updated/Add: [10/27/2002]


Rita H. Metz
Marital Status: Significant Other
Spouse: Ken Bratton
Updated/Add: [10/18/2003]


Lisa Moore

Updated/Add: [08/26/2008]

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Sheila (Mordorski) Panegasser
St.Charles , IL
Spouse: Matt
Comments: I was amazed to see all the postings. Would love to here from fellow classmates
Updated/Add: [01/14/2007}


Mike Mulligan
PO Box 0503
Verdugo City, CA 91046
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Purchasing Coordinator, Burbank, CA
Reunion: It was fun seeing everyone at the 10th, but way more fun at the 15th. When are we having the next one?
Comments: Anyone still smoke pot? I know a few of you still do.
Updated/Add: [02/02/2002]


Lori Naphen
La Crescenta, CA
(818) 542-0426
Marital Status: Engaged to Donald Bouchard
Children: Kaellen Olivia Naphen (12-12-1999), step-daughter-to-be Amanda Marie Bouchard (04-25-1991), both so much my joys and my challenges, keeping me on my toes - is it my imagination, or are they getting older faster these days? Must be those all those Happy Meals... (Ever been told to 'just chill, Mom - just chill...' by a not-yet-three year old??)
Occupation: Clerical, Los Angeles Superior Court, A.D.R. (aka-Civil Slave) at Los Angeles
Reunion: Missed the 15th, but hope to make it to the 20th (am even gonna plan the next kid around it!!) I'm sorry for all those I've been totally self-absorbed and haven't talked to, but enough with any explanation/excuse - Life just has a way of keeping me on my toes (when Kaelli isn't, which is rare!) If you write me (email's always good... I don't have to find paper/envelopes/or deal with postal rate increases!!
Comments: Guess I changed my mind from 'happily not married' to 'happily to be getting married', with a target date of October 2003... Oh, the toads I
had to kiss till I found this one... ;)
Updated/Add: [11/11/2002]


Christoper Nelson
2438 Harmony Place
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Sandy Vogel, CV Class of '85
Children: Step-daughter Amanda Marie Bouchard 04/25/91, Son Connor J Nelson 06/04/00
Occupation: Real Estate Agent at Century 21 Paul & Associates
Updated/Add: [04/12/2003]


Phil Nelson
Seattle, WA
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Marci
Children: Nikolaus 2008, Anders 2009
Occupation: Bond Trader at Washington Mutual
Updated/Add: [2/15/10]


No Pic Available

Krystena (Newell) Vargo
215 Rush Rd
Wildersville, TN 38388
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Steffanie Robin 12-08-92, Amanda Krystena 5-25-94, Brianyn Marilyn 8-6-95,Savannah Ray 3-6-98
Occupation: Student, going for degree in Criminal Justice at Home!!
Comments: I love being able to stay in touch since I live so far away, Elizabeth I'll be out for x-mas this year so look for me!!
Updated/Add: [02/02/2001]


Kristine (Nickell) Poole
Marital Status: Separated
Children: Marisa(9-9-90), Katelyn(10-18-91)
Occupation: Commercial Title assistant at Fidelity National Title
Updated/Add: [10/18/2003]


Michelle Nickle
6717 Darby Avenue, #19
Reseda, California 91335
(818) 609-8815
Marital Status: Single
No children
Occupation: Sales Representative at Accurate Dial & Nameplate, Inc.
Comments: I really enjoyed the 15 year informal reunion, it was great seeing everyone that could make it. I want to thank Steve for planning and putting it together. It was a blast! Hope to see more people at the 20 year reunion. Would love to hear from anyone.
Updated/Add: [01/28/2001]

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Mark Nolte
3645 El Caminito Street
La Crescenta, CA 91214
(818) 248-0528
Spouse: Jaymie
Children:Samuel (12/29/1997), Sophia (1/24/2001)
Occupation: Bank Consultant at FDIC
Updated/Add: [07/10/2003]

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Sheree (North) Parsons
San Clemente, CA
Spouse: Steven
Children: Myles Brady 10/30/90
Occupation: Property Management
Comments: I am recently remarried and living the dream life in San Clemente, CA. My husband and I met on 7 years ago. We have four children collectively (see recent photo) my son Myles Brady just graduated CVHS class of 2008 and he will be entering UC Irvine in the fall. He is the tall one next to me in the recent photo. We all love to surf and we live just a few blocks from the world famous surf spot “T-Street”. My husband operates an engineering business from our home and I work in property management. We are investors in the local real estate and spend a lot of time in the water. All of our collective children live here in town and we are one big happy family!! Jennifer Parker and I are still best friends!!! Can’t wait for the next reunion!! Drop me a line and say “hi”
Updated/Add: [08/03/2008]

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Tracy (Novak) Wheeler
Reno, NV
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Bailey 2/12/2000
Occupation: Grants Administrator at City of Sparks, NV
Reunion: I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since we graduated. Hey Ingrid, if you need help with the reunion I'm sure Alisa would love to help!
Updated/Add: [07/18/2004]

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Madelyn (Nye) Iannacone
7 Highview Court
Montville, NJ
Spouse: Thomas
Children: Alexa Nicole Iannacone
Comments: Look forward to seeing everybody at the 20th reunion!
Updated/Add: [10/23/2005]


Dean Olsen
Tulsa , OK
Spouse: Tracey
Occupation: Real Estate Broker/ Mortgage Banker at: Tulsa & Seattle Comments: I've been meaning to do this for a while... I do miss CV. Not the place but the time. I don't miss much about SoCal though but the beach. Then again I suppose can get mugged here too. A lot of MY friends from the Curve and Tobacco Rd. didn't graduate (imagine that) so their not here. I still keep in touch with most of them and their doing fine just so you know. Nice to see that most of the OS groupies are doing well. Nice to see Rich, Matt & Rod showed up. Hey to Janet, Kris, Trish, Heather, Lisa & Ms.Z too. They're the times I'm talken about. Good people-Good times. Liv Large...
Updated/Add: [04/28/2006]


Lynda (Ott) Albright
Pasadena, CA
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse: David Albright - Arcadia HS '84
Children: Rachel - 8/95, Jillian - 1/00, Sheridan - 3/02
Occupation: Director of Development & Alumni Relations at Maranatha High School
Comments: I recently returned to my old high school (yes, the one that I left CVHS for!) as Director of Development. I am interested in any reunion plans for the 20th, as I would love to see friends from it really possible that it's been almost 20 year?!
FYI - I keep in touch with Heidi Wilson on a regular basis, as she too is an alum of Clark and Maranatha. Currently she is in TX with her husband and daughter. Hi to all!
Updated/Add: [05/28/2005]

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Eddy Owensby
Phoenix, AZ
Spouse: Lisa Owensby
Children: Bobbi Dawn 6\8\98, Cade Don 10\21\00
Occupation: Occupation: Division Sales Manager at Interstate Brands Corporation
Updated/Add: [07/29/2005]


Jennifer Parker
Las Vegas, NV
Marital Status: single
Children: no
Occupation: Mortgage Lending
Updated/Add: [09/12/2003]


Kim (Parker) Basore
3321 Ridgemoor Dr.
Garland, Texas 75044
(972) 495-2329
Spouse: Mark Basore , C.V. Class of '82
Children: Matthew 11/17/89, Naomi 3/3/98
Occupation: dental assistant at D. Brock Lynn
Updated/Add: [04/01/2002]


Kathy Passmore
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Sport Psychology Consultant


Harish Patel
Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Spouse: Hina Patel
Children: Three beautiful kids, Dhillon (7Yrs), Megha (5yrs), and
Chandni (3Yrs)
Occupation: Engineering Manager at Broadcom
Comments: It is so cool to see all the people from the class of 85 is doing well.  I would love to hear from David Hickam.
Updated/Add: [02/02/2004]

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Brett Pauly
Mountain View, CA 94040
Spouse: Married a very sweet, kind (and strong-willed) woman, Trinh, in 1996
Children: Jack (8/30/01) and Christa (2/19/03) make being a dad the best part of my life.
Occupation: I have worked for Cisco Systems for the last 9 years, so I have had a front row seat for both the dot-com boom and bust.
Comments: Twenty years. How the heck did that happen so fast? Most of us were 18 when we, at this point, that's less than half of our lives. I look forward to hearing how the "second half" has turned out for all of you.
Updated/Add: [05/28/2005]


Kirk Petersen
Saugus, CA
Spouse: Amy (Althoff)
Children: Connor, born 09-98, and Zachary, born 11-03
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff at Los Angeles County
Reunion: Life is Great! I got married,had a Child, and moved into a new house all in 2 years. I dont waist any time!
Updated/Add: [12/07/2003]

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Michelle (Pettit) Piotrowski
North Fork, CA 93643
Spouse: John
Children: Christopher 8-24-94 & Crystal 5-27-97
Occupation: Independent study / home school teacher for the Chawanakee Unified School District
Comments: We are located in the mountains North East of Fresno on the way to Yosemite National Park
Updated/Add: [05/02/2004]

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Amy (Pfeiffer) Butier
Orange County, CA
Spouse: Mike
Children: Claire (10/31/98) and Sean (4/26/01)
Occupation: Full-time Mom
Updated/Add: [04/17/2005]

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Bill Phillips
Meas, AZ
Spouse: Samantha
Children: Brody
Occupation: Executive in enrollment at: Apollo Group or University of Phoenix
Updated/Add: [12/09/2007]


Mia Picerno
Los Angeles, CA
Spouse: Frank Venegas
Children: Lucia Rose 02/02, Liliana Claire 05/05
Occupation: Subtitle Editor
Updated/Add: [06/11/2005]

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Julia (Platzek) Chavez
Las Vegas, Nevada 89129
Spouse: Miguel Chavez, C.V. Class of 1984
Children: Savannah Kate (11/08/93) and Madeleine Hope (12/13/96)
Occupation: Principal at Clark County School District
Updated/Add: [10/18/2003]


Cami (Pogue) Miller
5721 Republic of Texas Blvd.
Austin, TX 78735
Spouse: Christian
Occupation: Account Manager for Ignite! Learning, a multi-media educational software company
Updated/Add: [10/01/2004]

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Kryssey Lysa Ponce
Santa Rosa, CA
Marital Status: single
Occupation: Nurse and Director of Staff Development for a local hospital
Updated/Add: [08/22/2004]

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Jeff Posner
Calabasas, CA
Spouse: Pamela
No children
Occupation: Vice President at Work Smarter Consulting
Updated/Add: [06/10/2009]

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Kathleen (Powell) Smith
38558 Malby Ave.
Palmdale, CA
Spousee: James Smith
Children: Bradley Leeland 08/02/01
Occupation: MOM
Updated/Add: [08/25/2002]


Luis E Ramirez
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Spouse: Lori Stinnent, CV Class of '84
Children: Katelynn 10/10/2001
Occupation: Television Production, Self employed SOUNDMIXER for TV
Updated/Add: [11/15/2003]

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Ramsey Rayyis
Occupation: Red Cross (see home page for details)


Rich Read
12001 Woodside Ave 137
Lakeside, Ca 92040
619 390-1819
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse: Dorothy
Children: Richie 3Rd 2 11 94
Occupation: Machine Shop Foreman at Micron Machine San Diego
Updated/Add: [09/26/2000]


Darrin Richards
Roseville, CA
Spouse: Kim (Agonia), C.V. Class of 1985
Children: Jessica - Oct 1997, Jennifer - Sept 1999, Robbie - July 2002
Occupation: Project-Support Management at Hewlett-Packard
Reunion: Thanks to Ingrid, Karen, Patty and the rest of the team to put together the 20 year. The event was nicely presented and it was great to see all who were there.
Comments: Kim and I have are celebrating 15 years of marriage. We have three beautiful children and are blessed each day.
Updated/Add: [06/10/2006]

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Sharie (Richardson) Robbins
4610 Ocean View
La Canada, CA 91011
Spouse: Quinn Robbins
Children: Anthony and Ashley (Twins) 2-13-88, Justine 5-25-90
Occupation: Executive Assistant to the Pastoral Staff at Montrose Church where I have worked for over 16 years.
Comments: I have an amazing husband and three great kids. We are planning our first wedding for one of our twins, Ashley, in September. Our son Anthony is currently in the Verdugo Fire Academy and our youngest is gifted stylist in a hair salon in La Canada. We are truly blessed to have such a great family and looking forward to our "empty nest" years while being young enough to enjoy it.
Updated/Add: [3/24/11].


Lisa Riley
79541 Port Royal Avenue
Indio, CA 92201
Spouse: Bill Blankenship
Children: yes
Occupation: Domestic Engineer at Bermuda Dunes
Updated/Add: [09/14/2000]


Christopher Robertson
19843 Citronia Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311
CHILDREN: Brandon (10/21/1986)
Updated/Add: [12/09/2007]

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Lisa (Renn) Wilson
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Evan
Children: Erin - 1992, Elliot - 1995, Rutger Mack - 1998, Ruby - 2004
Occupation: Homemaker
Updated/Add: [05/22/2005]


April (Russell) Cauthron
Email: asquard
Moorpark, CA
Spouse: Alan
Children: Alixandria 06/30/93 and Autumn 07/25/98
Occupation: Principal at a private school in Moorpark.
Comments: I still love softball and give lessons when I can. I hope everyone is well.
Updated/Add: [08/02/2000]


Eric Russell
Santa Rosa , CA
Spouse: Gretchen
Children: Elizabeth: 4/14/02
Occupation: VP of Finance at RealNetworks
Updated/Add: [03/15/2005]


Mark Rygh
Union City, CA
Spouse: Paula Menzigian
Children: Erik 3-29-2003
Occupation: VP Engineering at Cirrus Logic
Reunion: Stop by and visit if you are in the bay area.
Updated/Add: [08/02/2003]


Dan Schandel
Highlands Ranch, CO
Spouse: Kelli
Children: Daniel 7/18/02. William 9/8/04
Occupation: Bean Counter at The Salt Mines of Centennial
Comments: Feel free to come visit and go skiing!
Updated/Add: [05/28/2005]


Kimberly Schulke Delaney
Tujunga, California
SpouseName: Mark Delaney, CV Class of '81
Occupation: Vice President, Relocation Services at CENTURY 21 Paul & Associates Real Estate
Comments: Hello class of 85. It's been great seeing old friends here and there throughout the last 20 years. Julie - thanks for being such a special part of our wedding. Maureen & Darren - Thanks for coming all that way to be there for us. Kim - Love you girl!! To my dear friend Vicky Arriola - God Bless you! May you rest in peace! Looking forward to catching up with you all in November.
Updated/add: [06/04/2005]

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Greg Shutt
1315 S. Pierce Rd
Spokane, WA 99206
509 892-5733
Spouse: Sherri Shuttleworth, CV Class of '88
Children: Victoria (Tori) 1-28-88, Alexandria (alli) 3-9-94, Amanda (mandi) 11-30-89, Samuel (Sam)5-18-97
Occupation: Carpenter-superintendent
Comments: Would love to hear from any one of you. Write me or email mail me.
Updated/Add: [02/25/2001]


Jerri Ann (Shelby) Sirko
PO BOX 3903
Crestline, CA 92325
Spouse: Albert Raymond Sirko, C.V. Class of '85
Children: John (12-13-1994), Annie (5-19-2000), Jack (5-7-2001)
Occupation: Independent Business Owner at at home in the San Bernardino Mountains
Updated/Add: [01/21/2006]


Janet (Shepard) Felix
Arcadia, California
Spouse: Steve Felix
Children: Zackary Dean 4/26/99 and Amanda Nicole 9/30/00
Occupation: Chief Financial Officer at Insync Media
Updated/Add: [03/15/2005]


Jim Short
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Jennifer (Potter), C.V. Class of 1987
Children: Nicole Justine Short(6/23/98), Alexandra Bliss Short(03/23/00)
Occupation: Metalworking Sales Engineer at Kennametal Inc.
Comments: I am always looking for old or new friends that are interested in playing golf.
Updated/Add: [12/10/2001]

Click for Current Picture

Robbie Shuttleworth
27422 La Cabra
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Spouse: Samantha Shuttleworth
Children: Christopher Robert Shuttleworth (4/16/95) Matthew Robert Shuttleworth (10/21/99)
Occupation: Brain Surgeon...Just kidding! Insurance Analyst for Business Insurance at California Casualty Mgt. Co.
Reunion: I was in Boston for the first and second reunion, but would like to the one in August? Would love to see the vast majority of you!
Updated/Add: [08/24/2000]


Karen (Simon) Johanson
Spouse: Ken
Children: Erik 4/16/2003, expecting 8/2005
Occupation:  Mom
Comments:  I finally made it on this site.  We moved to Colorado last Nov.  Its beautiful here!  How is everybody?
Updated/Add: [01/29/2005]


Angela (Simpronio) Bonetto
Simi Valley, CA
Spouse: Andy Bonetto
Children: Antonia (Toni) Katerina 11-12-99 and Alexis Maria 4-29-01
Occupation: Full Time Mom
Updated/Add: [09/26/2004]


Kathy (Sipple) Pearson
Santa Clarita, CA
Spouse: Michael Pearson, CV Class of '84
Children: Brittany 9/89 Sydney 2/96
Occupation: Child Development
Updated/Add: [12/20/2006]


Jim Smiley
La Crescenta
Spouse: Mashitah
Children: Jimmy (4/97) and Will (6/99)
Occupation: History teacher and head basketball coach at CVHS
Comments: If you'd like a tour of CV now that it's renovated, call me at school 818-249-5871. You won't recognize the campus, but there are 20+ teachers you knew who are still there. Hope to hear from some classmates.
Updated/Add: [09/01/2003]


Robin Smith
Tujunga, CA
Marital Status: Single
Children: Summer Smith
Occupation: Supervisor at Verdugo Mental Health Center
Updated/Add: [03/17/2007]

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Larry Snider
Simi Valley, CA 93063
Marital Status: divorced/remarried
Spouse: Jacquelene (Jackie)
Children: No
Occupation: Countrywide Insurance Services, Inc., Vice President  - district sales for Los Angeles County
Updated/Add: [10/20/2007]



Eric Snyder

Passed Away on April 28th, 2007.

A Good Friend
We will miss him


Mindy (Spencer) Langdale
los osos, CA 93402
Spouse: Jerry Langdale
Children: carli 10-12-2000, madison (madi) 4-2-2002
Occupation: owner of safeguard your child
Updated/Add: [02/02/2003]


Jeffrey D. Stevens
Santa Clarita, Ca 91351
Spouse: Gina
Children: Makayla,1988 Brookynn,1995 Chance,1996 Delaney,2000
Occupation: Medic for the Motion Picture Industry, Hollywood
Updated/Add: [10/18/2003]


Michele (Stevens) Smith
Sunland, CA
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Brittany Smith - 10/5/90 Zachary Smith - 10/10/93 Daphne Smith - 2/13/98
Occupation: Therapist at UCLA/Private Practice
Updated/Add: [07/12/2007]

Axel Stohn
Lakeland, TN 38002
Spouse: Cynthia
Children: Alexa (04/05/95), Adriana (12/21/96), Amanda (01/27/99)
Occupation: Senior Technical Analyst at FedEx
Comments: Whenever in Memphis, give me a call and I can show you Graceland (or at least I can give you directions).
Updated/Add: [05/21/2006]

Click for Current Picture

Michael Strauss
Pasadena, CA 91106
(626) 795-5069
Marital Status: Getting Married: 8/2005
Job: Network Engineer, Castellan, Inc, Encino Ca.
Message: Looking forward to the 20th anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I miss everyone. Trying to contact: Madelyn Nye & Eileen Gonzoles & Eric Snyder _ email me guys & soon or call if you have my #
Updated/Add: [07/29/2005]

Click for Current Picture

Jeffrey Strawn
232 Diamond Oaks Rd.
Roseville, CA 95678
Spouse: Jennifer
Children: Clayton (9/16/94) and Katherine (5/24/98)
Occupation: 6th grade teacher at Rocklin Unified School District
Updated/Add: [06/20/2004]


Jon Street
22 Pico Road
Clifton Park, NY 12065
Spouse: Tammy
Children: Daniel-12, Joshua-7, Jon-Michael-4, Matthew-3
Occupation: Senior Systems Administrator at Open Systems Technologies
Comments: It's nice to see what people are up to and I love hearing from old friends.  Feel free to contact me.  Can you believe I am still married. 15 years and counting. She is a strong woman to put up with me.  Man I miss my Firebird.
Updated/Add: [12/27/2004]


Dr. Steve Swenson
Arcadia, CA 91007
(626) 445-3916
Spouse: Cindy (Secor), C.V. Class of 1988
No Children
Occupation: Medical Research at USC School of Medicine, Norris Comp. Cancer Center


Donna (Jo'elle Tavizon) Crosbie

Born December 21, 1966 - Died March 26, 2000 Always a Loving and Caring Daughter, Sister and Aunt.
We Love You Jo'elle. All Our Love, Your Family


Lori Thacker
North Hollywood, CA
Marital Status: Engaged, Ed Patterson
Updated/Add: [02/27/2005]


Linda (Thompson) Prenger
4540 Marloma Dr.
Rolling Hills Estates, CA
310 944-9924
Spouse: Michael
Children: Michael Anthony Jr. born 4-10-03
Occupation: Psychologist at Private practice in Redondo Beach
Comments: I would love to hear about how you are doing.
Updated/Add: [07/27/2003]


Alisa Trapp
Marital Status: Engaged to be married to Andrew Beeli on March 10, 2007
Occupation: Advertising sales for TIME Magazine.
Updated/Add: [12/30/2006]

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Chris Tremayne
1120 Scofield Dr
Glendale, CA 91205
(818) 243-3818
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Computer Crap
Updated/Add: [11/28/2001]


Randy Trudeau
The Lovely San Fernando Valley, CA
Spouse: Nicole Keller (PHS Class of '89)
Children: Jack Edward 5/5/04
Occupation: IT Development (computer geek) at Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Reunion: High school was fun - real life is even better. Hope everyone is doing well.
Updated/Add: [08/26/2008]

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Donna (Tuk) Harris
Palmdale, CA
Spouse: Guy Harris
Occupation: Police Officer, Los Angeles Police Department
Updated/Add: [09/27/2009]

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Ed Turley
Sacramento, CA 95818
Marital Status: Engaged
Occupation: Geograpic Information Systems Analyst
Updated/Add: [05/22/2005]


Denise (Van der Geugten ) Strauser
Thousand Oaks, CA
Spouse: Bill
Children: Alexa Nicole 3/29/94 & Bailey Marie 10/26/97
Occupation: Corporate Validation Specialist
Comments: It was great seeing everyone at the 20th reunion, and to talk to those who have contacted and kept in touch thereafter. Life is good!!! Bill & I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this summer (19 years together!! whew!) The girls are active & growing up faaaast. Keeping me on my toes & re-living some teen moments. Hope everyone is healthy & well because that's all that matters.
Updated/Add: [05/06/2007]


Michael Vannatta
135s. 331st place#506
Federal Way, WA
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Ashley D. Vannatta (10-18-90)
Occupation: Rocket Scientist/ Sorta Like Who Put This Web-Site together!?! at Boeing Comm.Airplane Co.
Reunion: Hello, is any one out there !?!?
Updated/Add: [06/04/2002]


No senior picture in annual

Peter Verduzco
1733 Julian Ave.
San Diego, CA 92113
Spouse: Maria
Children: Jimmy 8/21/90, Jennifer 6/29/92
Occupation: Work for an Engineering consulting firm in San Diego
Comments: You won't find me in the year book; somehow I missed out having my picture taken. The last years were just a blur. But I found out that I somehow appeared in the junior section. If someone could scan the page were my picture is and Email it to me I would appreciate it. "What's the deal with kids now a days". I thought I would be able to understand the Younger Generation as I grew older.


Sandy (Vogel) Nelson
2438 Harmon Place
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Chris Nelson, CV Class of '85
Children: Daughter Amanda Marie Bouchard 04/25/91, Son Connor J Nelson 06/04/00
Occupation: Controller at Aries Prepared Beef Co., Burbank, CA
Updated/Add: [04/12/2003]



Jennifer (Wade) Goudeau-Prescott
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: MIke 6-28-83, Nicole 12-31-85, Stephanie 07-13-94, Christian(nephew) 02-12-90, Noah (nephew) 06-23-94
Occupation: Chronic Care Coordinator at Quality Home Infusion, Burbank, CA
Updated/Add: [09/14/2008]


Sheila (Walton) Barnes
Eagan, MN
Spouse: Steve
Children: Nikomi 6/20/92, Nikoya 12/4/97, Kiana 4/4/00, Kuruk 4/4/00
Updated/Add: [11/14/2004]


Brandy (Wickbom) Bystroff
Antelope, CA 95843
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse: Greg
children: 4 - Jordan 3/14/88, D.J. 4/5/90, Allondra 8/12/92, Daxton 6/23/99
Occupation: Escrow Officer (Commercial Property), First American Title Co.


Sean Williams
Spouse: Sarah (9/30/2001)
[May 3, 2010]


Kirsten Winter
La Crescenta, CA
Marital Status: Single/Widow
Childred: Christel 2/95 & Dillon 4/93
Occupation: I am finishing my last year in my Masters Program and currently working as a Marriage Family Therapist-Trainee specializing in Children.
Comment: My moto is "Everything in life happens for a reason!", I believe that we were brought together 20 years ago for a purpose and many of you I am sure could tell stories that confirm this. Hope to see you all soon!
Updated/Add: [10/01/2005]


Edward J. Wirtz
Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Spouse: Della Rae
Children: Taylor Mary 09-95, Lofton Charles 01-99
Occupation: Insurance and Investment Planning at Strategic Financial Group/ Strategic Benefits Group, LLC
Updated/Add: [09/25/2002]


Russell Womack
2219 Northglen Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 574-2868
Spouse: Marie (D'Amato) Womack
Children: Maximus Daniel Womack (08/01)
Occupation: Section Manager at Honeywell
Reunion: Anyone in the Seattle, Washington area, please contact me. I'm looking to find employment out there.
Updated/Add: [05/04/2002]

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Crystal (Woods) Nordenstam
Trabuco Canyon, CA
Spouse: John Nordenstam
Occupation: Legal Secretary at Fonda & Fraser
Updated/Add: [08/28/2004]


Mary (Woods) Martinez
La Crescenta, California
Marital Status: Married
2 Children
Occupation: Self employed, La Canada


Jill (Works) Werner
Santa Rosa, CA
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Children: Alison (step daughter)7/21/90
Occupation: Animal Trainer/Kennel Manager at Anderson Acres Canine Guest Ranch
Reunion: I look forward to seeing everyone at our 20th. Wow time flys.
Comments: I find it hard to believe but I actually miss some parts of High School. I have been truly blessed in my life and gotten to do some really cool things. Besides changing my name three times yet still maintaining the same initials. LOL. I have gotten to do what I always wanted, work with many different animals. (over 100 species) I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Updated/Add: [01/17/2004]


Bob Yakel
Spouse: Glenda Yakel
Children: Louie Roybal 04-01-79, Bobby Roybal 04-04-81, Nikki Yakel 02-28-92
Occupation: Head Groundskeeper at Sierra Vista Jr Hi School
Updated/Add: [04/19/2002]


no senior picture in annual

Jeff Yeager
Spouse: Peggy
Children: Mikey 1/5/96
Occupation: National Sales Manager, Hobby Distributor
Updated/Add: [07/15/2002]


Eric Young
La Crescenta, CA
Marital Status: single
Children: : Christian Taylor Young 11/17/1995
Occupation: Self Employed
Comments: Feel free to email me!
Updated/Add: [08/26/2008]


Angela Zafereo
Reno, NV
Marital Status: single
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Updated/Add: [06/04/2005]


Sharon (Zollinger) Smith
4048 Belleshire Way
Palmdale, CA 93552
Spouse: Raymond Smith, CV Class of '82
Children: Kristal Cheyanne Smith 1/16/98
Occupation: Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker A Hartwig Company
Updated/Add: [05/04/2003]


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