Class of 1985's Thirty-Year Reunion was July 11, 2015

July 11, 2015, at the Westin in Pasadena. Alumni can buy tickets and update their profile at

Cami Miller

ShirleyNute wants singers (note fromJan. 2010)



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Samir Abou-Rass
SpouseName: Zulma Abou-Rass
Children: Sarah Abou-Rass Born on 09-11-01
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Comments: WOW!!!! It's amazing to see how we all grew up and what became of us after all these years.  I would love to hear from you. Good luck to all and God bless. Hope to see you at our next reunion.
Updated/Add: [01/29/2005]


Kim (Agonia) Richards
Roseville, CA
Spouse: Darrin Richards, C.V. Class of '85
Children: Jessica - Oct 1999, Jennifer - Sept 1999, Robbie - July 2002
Occupation: Home-School / Mom
Reunion: It was great to see everyone! Thanks to the reunion team for putting this together for us all!
Updated/Add: [06/10/2006]

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Steve Allen
Comments: Steve has been found but has not yet given his information.


Vicky Arriola

Passed away 09/10/2002.

She is missed by family and friends


Sara (Ascher) Hallowell
Chicago, IL
Spouse: Curtis, CV Class of '82
Children: Timothy 1/30/92, Amanda 11/19/96
Occupation: Registered Dental Hygienist at Dental Office
Updated/Add: [10/01/2001]

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Susan (Ascher) McCrary
Santa Clarita, CA
Spouse: Daren McCrary, CV Class of '85
Children: Ruth 1995 Rachael 1996
Occupation: Teacher Santa Clarita Valley at Sulphur Springs School District
Updated/Add: [08/05/2007]

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No Pic Available

Eric Austin
Seattle, WA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Owner custom furniture/cabinet co.
Updated/Add: [06/22/2001]


Darren Azarian
3926 Vista Court
La Crescenta, CA 91214
(818) 244-8766
Marital Status: Single
No Children
Occupation: Civil Engineer at Integral Engineering Services Inc.
Reunion: I look foward to seeing everyone at the reunion.Comments: I just started an Engineering/Consulting firm here in Glendale. I may be working for you someday.
Comments: I just want to say hi to everyone and if you want to contact me, please do.
Updated/Add: [09/01/2000]


Kevin M. Baisley
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Spouse: Laura
No Children
Occupation: Consultant , Strategic Outsourcing at IBM
Updated/Add: [08/25/2002]


Renee (Barone) Cano
South Pasadena, CA
Marital Status: Married
Children: Francesca 02-16-94, Rebecca12-16-96
Occupation:  Senior Services
Updated/Add: [03/14/2009]


Michael Bartholomew
541 Peppertree Drive
Windsor, CA 95492
(707) 837-2831
Marital Status: Single
No Children
Occupation: Systems Engineer (Network Engineering) at North American Mortgage Company


Bobby Bartl
Saugus, CA 91390
Spouse: Crystal
Children: Breana 02-24-00
Occupation: Law Enforcement
Updated/Add: [04/29/2007]


Kelly (Baugh) Westlake
Saugus, CA
Spouse: Matt
Children: Raquel 1991 and Vanessa 1993
Occupation: Teacher
[October 31, 2010]


Suzie (Beavers) Babakhanian
Laguna Hills, CA
Spouse: Greg Babakhanian
Children: Alexis 3-15-97, Kyle 3-8-99
Updated/Add: [03/15/2005]


Stephanie (Behm) Aitken
San Diego , CA
Spouse: Bill
Children: Jake 4/03, Cassidy 5/07
Occupation: Compliance Officer at LM Capital Group, LLC
Updated/Add: [02/03/2007]


[April 11, 2011]
Steven Berg
6029 145th Drive NE
Lake Stevens, WA 98258
(425) 327-1973
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Marnie Finch (CV1987)
Children: Kaleen 2/92, Michael 8/93, Makenna 3/97
Occupation: Firefighter for SE Thurston Fire Authority
Reunion: made the 10yr, missed the 20yr, hope to make the 30.
Comments: Hello everyone! Lifes sure goes fast. Marnie and I left La Crescenta in August of 1988 and moved to Seattle, Washington. We came back to get married in La Cañada in June of 1990. Started having kids in 1992. Today (4/2011) we have a daughter in college, son who graduates high school this June, and another daughter in 8th grade. It's hard to believe. Hope you all are doing good and in good health. Take care, and maybe see you at the 30 year.

Dawn (Billington) Marsala
Reno, NV
Spouse: Paul Marsala
Children: 5 boys
Occupation: Real Estate/"Taxsmart" assistant, stay at home mom at Home based business
Updated/Add: [05/22/2005]


Trisha (Bonnot) Somerville
San Marcos, CA 92078
Spouse: Paul Somerville, C.V. Class of '86
Children: Nicole Ryan 10/10/98
Occupation: Co-Owner of Rancho Encinitas Pools & Spas
Comments: Hi everyone! It was great seeing everyone at the 20th. It was so fun catching up & finding out what everyone had been up to. I have so many wonderful memories of growing up in La Crescenta & I was so lucky to have made many lifetime friends there. Like most of you, I turned 40 last year(2007)! YIKES ~ I can't believe it!
Updated/Add: [02/24/2008]

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Chris Boivin
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Musician
Updated/Add: [05/06/2007]


Matt Bowes
468 Atchison St.
Pasadena, CA
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Occupation: Head Bottle Washer, Plaintiff's firm (a parasomethingorother) at A HUGE plaintiff's firm in Santa Monica. No, really! Huge!
Comments: Hey all! Imagine my suprise to blunder in here and see that most of y'all are doing very well. Hope to see some of you at the next reunion.
Updated/Add: [10/18/2003]


Lori (Brice) Colaco

Excelsior Springs, MO 64024
Marital Status: Divorced/ReMarried
Spouse: Jeff Colaco
Children: Jennifer (10/86)
Reunion: Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years already!  Watching my daughter prepare to graduate from high school this year, though, reminds me that no matter how often I tell myself, “It seems like just yesterday,” 20 years really IS a long time. 
Comments:  Bellene Angeloni, WHERE ARE YOU?!  You were one of my closest friends during our Senior year and I regret not keeping in touch after we graduated.  I'll always remember hanging out at your house, driving to Arcadia, dancing at Marilyn's Backstreet in Pasadena, and listening to Barbra Streisand.  (You had a knack for immitating her!)  If you read this, PLEASE send me an e-mail!  I miss you. 

Samir Abou-Ross, I was so happy to see your entry on the alumni site!  Looking at your Senior photo reminds me of someone who was always the best dressed student on campus.  (Come to think of it, you gave most of the teachers a run for their money, too!)  I remember you always looking so dapper and never speaking an unkind word about anyone. 

Lisa Riley, you had the voice of an angel. I remember when you sang “House at Pooh Corner” at the talent show.  I’d never heard it before, but it had such a profound effect on me, it became a song I’d later play for my own little girl. To this day, it still touches me. On another note, you were one of those monumental customers at Disneyland on Grad Night – was it the 100th or 1,000th customer of the day? I believe I still have the photo of the two of us after we entered the gates. (If you’d like a copy, please send me an e-mail!) 

To our heavenly angels:  Vicky Arriola, when several classmates in Ms. Morris’ Creative Writing class harshly critiqued a paper I’d written, you were the one who made me feel better by adding words of encouragement and impartially critiquing the story rather than the author.  I will never forget that…. Jo’elle Tavizon, you had such a talent for Cosmetology!  You could have a tough exterior at times, but I was fortunate to see your softer side.  Thank you for sharing it with me. 
Updated/Add: [04/17/2005]

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Christine (Brown) Garrick
Reno, NV  89511
Spouse: Marc Garrick
Children: Jena (6-5-90), Holley (6-29-92),Tawny (3-30-96)
Occupation: Dental Hygienist P/T-----Mom-full time!!!
Comments: This is so fun to read about everyone!! I heard of this site from my fellow Reno-ite, Tracy (Novak) Wheeler. Life is great at the base of the Sierra's....a ride around Tahoe on the Harley, boating at the various lakes, or skiing in the's all in our backyard!!! Life is never dull at our home....Teenageism, Preteenism, and a wise woman in an almost 8yr. old body-all GIRLS! That is why my hubby needs his Harley to escape all the estrogen sometimes!(ha ha) Can't wait for the 20 yr. reunion-didn't even hear of the 15 yr.   Happy reading.....
Updated/Add: [02/14/2004]

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Karen (Brown) Snyder
Hidden Hills , CA
Spouse: Howard
Children: Faith 3/04, Rachel (Stepdaughter) 5/96, Justin (Stepson) 12/93
Occupation: Mom
Comments: Looking forward to the 20 year!
Updated/Add: [05/01/2005]


Marc Brown
Pasadena, CA 91104
Spouse: Diane
Children: Matthew (4/25/95) and Olivia (9/21/96)
Occupation: Mortgage Banker at Pasadena

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Nancy Brown
La Habra , CA
Marital Status: Single
Children: Scott 06-29-03
Occupation: Senior Property Manager, H.O.A.s
Reunion: I was so happy to see everyone at the 10th reunion and will definitely try to make the 20th. Things are so crazy between my heavy work schedule and being a mom, but we'll see how it goes.
Comments: I am so glad to hear how great things are going for everyone!! What a great site this is. I would love to hear from you all!
Updated/Add: [07/29/2005]



Allen Bryan
Yorba Linda, CA
Spouse: Laura
Occupation: Social Worker at Orange County Social Service Agency
Comments: I don't know if many or anyone even remember me because I tried to fly under the radar. I only went to CV for my last two years of high school. Before that I was up Foothill Blvd at Verdugo Hills.  
But to those of you who I did get to become friends with, and the ones I didn't get to know, I hope all is well with you. Most might remember me as a nuisance, I was kind of a "spaze," if I even can use that word anymore. For those I bothered or irritated, I apologize. As a young person, we all lacked a lot of social skills. I know I did.  I did enjoy my time at CV, though now I wish I would have attempted to be more involved.  Life has been an interesting journey over the last 19 going on 20 years. I now live in Orange County, but when I get up the 210 going north, I always look at CV and remember the old school.
I would like to say for those who do remember me and wish to say hello, give me a line. I wish everyone the very best in their lives.
Updated/Add: [09/26/2004]


Lena C. (Buono) Green
Santa Clara, CA
Spouse: Daniel Green
Children: Daniel P. 8/5/97, Robert M.L. 7/22/99
Occupation: Domestic Engineer and Senior Counsultant of the Green Family
Comments: Comments: I enjoy staying at home with my kids (when they are not driving me crazy!) My husband works for the Salinas Fire Department (of course my husband is like a third child...what do you expect...he's a fire captain you've seen 'Rescue Me")ooops! ..I got to go now my brownies are burning in the oven and I am late for the PTA meeting...
Updated/Add: [09/11/2005]


Suree' (Burkholder) Kaliczynski
Spouse: Christopher Kaliczynski
Children: Adrianna 9-27-90, Rachael 3-08-93, One on the way due 4/2002
Occupation: House wife/ Part time school bus driver
Updated/Add: [12/15/2001]


Jennifer Butterworth
Sunland, CA 91040
Marital Status: single
Children: Garrett 10/99, Kori 6/2002
Occupation: Center Director at Sony Pictures Child Development Center
Updated/Add: [10/09/2005]


Lisa Campbell
95-1032C Ainamakua Drive
Mililani, HI 96789
Marital Status: Married
Children: Malia Lani (3/13/94) & Kawika Paulo (5/27/99)
Occupation: Office Manager for a Preschool at Kama'aina Kids
Comments: I've been living on Oahu for about 11 years.  I love being here on this beautiful island with the spirit of Aloha.  It's so nice to be away from the hustle and bustle of the mainland pace. It's the perfect place to raise kids. However, I do miss my family on the mainland.  Including my sister Irene Cohen (class of '85)! Aloha to everyone and drop me a line sometime!
Updated/Add: [02/02/2004]


Troy Cancelosi
Sun Valley, CA
Spouse: Cynthia (Staniec) Cancelosi, CV Class of '88
Children: Cody Nicholas 05/21/2001
Occupation: Tile Contractor at Crescenta-Canada Tile
Updated/Add: [06/03/2001]


No Senior Pic

Adam (Erwin) Carrasco
Calabasas, CA
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Samantha Audrey Michelle Carrasco 3-20-93
Luke Ademir Carrasco 9-6-96
Occupation: IT Consultant at ACE Computer Consultants
Reunion: Hey Rod Hughes, if you're there, email me. And whoever remembers me, do the same.
Updated/Add: [10/12/2001]

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Dayle (Cavelli) Monson
Palmdale, CA 93552
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Children: Emily 6-16-88, Casey 3-17-91, Jesse 2-26-98
Occupation: At home mom


Heather (Chase) McElroy
Aurora, CO 80015
Marital Status: divorced/single
Children: Cameron-10/18/91
Occupation: Senior Inside Sales Rep at Baker & Taylor Entertainment Services
Comments: The 20th reunion was great! The night went way too fast and just wasn't enough time to catch up with everybody~How about a 25th? It was great to see everybody and how well you are all doing in the real world. See you soon :)
Updated/Add: [04/15/2006]


Jing Wen Chao
Marital Status: Married
Children: Yasmine 1997, Lailie 2000
Occupation: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/ RN in NICU at Torrance Memorial
Updated/Add: [12/30/2006]


Gary Chau
21 Philbeach Gardens
London SW5 9DY
+44 0207 373 4449
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Global Manager at Bacardi, Ltd.
Updated/Add: [01/17/2004]

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Patty (Connolly) Brauneisen
Burbank, CA
Spouse: Bob Brauneisen, C.V. Class of '84
Children: Bryce(2/11/98); (twins) Blake & Braydon (8/10/01)
Occupation: Entertainment at NBC Television
Updated/Add: [02/02/2003]

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[September 6, 2010]
Jessie (Cormack) Sheehan
Chandler, Arizona
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Mike Sheehan
Children: Ryan 1995, Keri 1998, Cole 2002, Twins Brooke and Jami 2007
Occupation: Retired Physical Ed teacher, currently stay at home Mom for "The Sheehan 5"
Comments: Definitely going to try to make the next reunion. I would love to see everyone!

Sally (Cornell) Veres
Spouse: Rob
Children: Ryan 5/9/95, Samantha 7/8/99
Comment: This is a great way for all of us to keep in touch. I don't miss high school at all, but I do love to hear from the people I went to school with.
Updated/Add: [06/23/2003]


Jeff Cory
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Marital Status: Engaged
Occupation: Accountant at PCL Construction
Reunion: Hard to believe that high school was over 15 years ago. I regret not maintaining contact with old friends. Hopefully I can catch up with some of you soon.
Updated/Add: [08/11/2001]


Rod Cotinola

In Memory of Rod Cotinola
(1967 - 2000)

We love you and miss you, Rod


Cindy Crane
Granda Hills, CA 91344
818 363 0353
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Computer Programmer at HealthNet, Woodland Hills CA
Updated/Add: [08/07/2004]


Cindi (Cruikshank) Peterson
Pacific Palisades, CA
Spouse: Bruce
Children: Ryan (6/6/01) and Julia (11/12/03)
Occupation: mommy and freelance art director/designer in "spare" time
Comments: Looking forward to catching up at the 20th!
Updated/Add: [07/22/2005]

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Cathy (Cuccia) Verburg
Mt. Vernon, WA
Spouse: Jim
Children: Olivia Mae 5/7/06
Occupation: Stay at home mom
Comments: Yes, we have finally been blessed with a child! Can't believe some of you will have kids graduating in the next few years and mine won't even have started school!
Updated/Add: [01/21/2007]


Danny Curtis
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Sup/Writer/Up in the air at county of LA
Reunion: I move every year and enjoy it. I have been engaged three times and I am regretfully happy about all of them
Updated/Add: [10/01/2001]


Victoria Marie (da Salla) Malone
LA, CA 90026
(626) 583-8680
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Spouse: Divorced from Mike Malone, CV Class of '84
Children: Blake Tyler Malone 06/18/92, Chace Taylor Malone 11/18/93
Occupation: Real Estate Investment
Updated/Add: [11/26/2006]

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Celeste (Dicochea) Perez
Thousand Oaks Drive
Tujunga, CA 91042
Spouse: George
Children: Megan Melissa (6/1/90) and Joseph George (7/15/96)
Occupation: Executive Secretary at City of Glendale - Library


Lorna (DiConti) Evenson
3981 Mount Albertine Ave
San Diego, CA 92111
Spouse: Tony
Children: Elena Ruth (8/15/00), Madeline Karene (7/29/02), and Anna Sinclair (8/27/04)
Occupation: Mom
Updated/Add: [06/26/2005]

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Michelle (Di Virgilio) Capifoni
16381 Golden Gate Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Spouse: Scott Capifoni
Children: Jack Thomas Capifoni 3 years, Samuel Scott Capifoni 4 months
Occupation: Elementary teacher and at-home-mom
Updated/Add: [05/24/2002]


Robert Donaldson
2733 Montrose Ave #1
Montrose, Ca 91020
(818) 236-2743
Spouse: Karen
Children: Joshua Robert 09/06/95, Ashley Opal 02/27/9
Occupation: Shop Manager, Donaldson's Trojan Service
Reunion: Missed the ten year.Spouse was 40 wks. pregnant. Hope to catch the next one.A family picnic sounds great.
Comments: Hope all past & present friends are doing well.
Updated/Add: [02/17/2001]



Dave Duce
Franklin Hills, CA
Spouse: Patti Duce
Occupation: Independent Film Producer at Nu Image/ Millennium Films
Reunion: Hello Fellow Falcons, Hope you are all happy and well.
Updated/Add: [12/22/2001]

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Kim (Einwechter) De Grandis
Studio City, CA
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Danielle 6-1-96
Occupation: Notary/Consultant, self-employed
Updated/Add: [10/24/2013]


Laura (Farrow) Cole
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Daniel Cole
Children: Austin and Tyler (01-11-97) Twins
Occupation: Stay at home MOM
Updated/Add: [09/25/2002]

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Michael Fife
Santa Barbara, CA
Spouse: Lisa
Occupation: Attorney
Updated/Add: [11/10/2001]


Maureen (Flynn) Coss
Tujunga, CA 91042
Spouse: Robert Coss, CV Class of '82
Children: Lindsay (9/30/96); Emily (1/29/01)
Occupation: Staff Assistant at Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Updated/Add: [05/28/2005]


Steve Foley
Spouse: Brenda (Mathison)
Children: Brandon Neal Foley (8/4/94)
Occupation: Registered Nurse at Carson-Tahoe Hospital and owner of Sunset Signs & Graphics
Reunion Message: Sorry I missed the '95 reunion, but we'll see 'ya at the next one!!!
Comments: This is really great!!!


Nick Foschetti
57801 san Tropeze Dr.
Yucca Valley, CA 92284
Marital Status: single
Occupation: Computer Store Owner. Hi-Tech Computer Systems. I'm also working to put together an indepedent film company, and I'm living the dream
Reunion: 25th...anyone?...well?.
Comments: 20 years has gone by in the blink of an eye, and I'm working on my next 20.
Updated/Add: [02/13/2008]

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no senior picture in annual

Mason Francis
Sunland, CA
Spouse: Kathy
Children: Hunter born 11-14-2001
Occupation: Safety Manager/ Assitant Plant Manager at O'Neil Data Systems
Comments: Had a great time at the 20 year reunion, great to see everyone, everyone looked good and seemed happy that's always a good thing, I'm looking forward to the 25 year if it happens?
Updated/Add: [11/26/2005]

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Debbie (Franscell) Mattson
25712 NE 230th St
Battle Ground, WA 98604
Spouse: Mike Mattson
Occupation: Mortgage Underwriter at ComUnity Lending
Comments: Living in the Cascade foothills, close to Portland, OR, with
husband of 10 years. Been up here for 10 years so it is like home. If ever in town, drop me an Email.
Updated/Add: [09/13/2002]


Amie (Freeman) Gillcrist
560 University Avenue
Los Gatos, California 95032
(408) 314-5523
Spouse: Peter
Children: matthew 6/1/99, molly 8/14/00, tommy 2/1/02, maggie 4/16/03
Occupation: Pilot at Southwest Airlines
Updated/Add: [01/07/2005]

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Kurt Fuller
14635 Mercado Ave.
La Mirada, CA 90638
Spouse: Robin
Children: Jessica Fuller 3-2-1993, Jonathan Fuller 5-18-1994
Occupation: Pastor/Youth Missions Coordinator
at: Foursquare Missions Internatinal
Reunion: Missed past reunions plan to be at 20 year. Would love to hear from any old friends.


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