30-year reunion, June 28, 2014

Details: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crescenta-Valley-High-School-Class-of-1984/129372510491436
Email address: cvhsclassof84@gmail.com

ShirleyNute wants singers (note fromJan. 2010)


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Latest updates: Brackett10/23/12, Bell5/27/13, Asad 4/13/14, Beaty 4/13/14

Ghen Akiyama
Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 81-3-5421-9521
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Marketing at Levi Strauss
Updated/Add: [06/06/2004]


Steven Alender
Email: steven.alender@wellsfargo.com
1775 Corte Jubilo
Camarillo, CA 93012
Spouse: Beth
Children: Austin Charles 5/24/95, Rachel Kay 5/14/98
Occupation: Regional Manager at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
Updated/Add: [03/21/2002]


Kristin (Alfson) Eaton
Email: brandon-kristin@verizon.net
Quartz Hill, CA
Spouse: Brandon Eaton
Children: Brianne (stepdaughter) 1/87, Jamison 2/96, and Michael 4/00
Occupation: Realtor at Coldwell Banker A Hartwig Company
Updated/Add: [03/02/2004]


Lise Anderson
Email: lisefaire@yahoo.com
1310 E. Orange Grove Blvd.
Pasadena, CA
Occupation: Attorney - Director of Contract Administration at Writers Guild of America, west
Updated/Add: [02/02/2004]


Dan Andrus
Email: dan.aalandscape@gmail.com
607 Custer Street
Spearfish, SD 57783
(818) 468-0646
Spouse: Grace (Brown), CV Class of '84
Children: Danny (1993), Amanda (1995), Candace (1998), Maggy (2000)
Occupation: OWNER:All American Pool and Landscape Company
Updated/Add: [6/13/10]


Marianna (Arady) Moser
Email: marimoser@comcast.net
Marysville, WA
Spouse: Jeff
Children: Cassandra 04/29/94 and Casey 02/09/06
Occupation: Dispatch Support at Western Ports Transportation Inc.
Comments: Life is good here in the state of Washington. If you remember me and want to catch up, contact me. Sue, call me!!
Updated/Add: [11/12/2006]



Mark Assad
Email: ExecutiveProtection2000@Yahoo.com
800 Misty Isle
Glendale, CA
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Dana Beaty ('84)
Children: two step daughters, Annie and Paige
Occupation: Police Officer/Diplomatic Protection at The Beautiful" City of Inglewood, California"
Reunion: I look forward in seeing you all at our upcoming 30th reunion.
Updated/Add: [4/13/14]


Laurie (Atkins) Sargent
Email: Sargentfam@msn.com
San Elijo Hills, CA
Spouse: Rod Sargent
Children: Grant 8/19/96, Brooke 9/22/98
Occupation: Public Relations
Updated/Add: [09/12/2003]


Linda (Atkinson) Tafoya
Email: tafo4@sbcglobal.net
27961 W. Langley Place
Castaic, CA 91384
(661) 257-1433
Spouse: Joe Tafoya
Children: Erin 2/20/97, Kyle 1/25/2000
Occupation: Office Manager/HR Coordinator at KB Home
Reunion: Looking forward to the 20th! I can't believe it has been that long. I would love to hear from anyone out there! Please feel free to contact me.
Updated/Add: [08/05/2007]

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Catherine Aure
Email: CAAure@aol.com
Spouse: Scott
Children: Kaitlyn 11 girl, Joshua 8 boy, and Macallan 4 boy
Occupation: High School Teacher
Updated/Add: [07/27/2003]


Shelley (Austin) Bowers
Email: bowersplumbing@aol.com
Montrose, CA 91020
Spouse: Bret, CV Class of '83
Children: Brandt 12/15/90, Bailey 4/16/95
Occupation: stay at home mom
Updated/Add: [03/06/2001]


Antoinette Avignone
Email: actionstat2001@yahoo.com
Montrose, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Nurse Educator at LAC-USC Medical Center
Comments: Have you seen CVHS lately? If not go check it out-hard to believe the changes!!!!
I love this site, thanks for keeping it up and running!!
Updated/Add: [1/17/10]


Jeri (Ball) Reck
26057 Bella Santa Drive
Valencia, CA 91355
Spouse: David Reck, CV Class of '82
Children: Ryan 10/5/92, Megan 3/28/97
Occupation: 3rd Grade School Teacher at La Canada
Updated/Add: [02/16/2002]


Dana Beaty
Email: dforbes902@gmail.com
Valencia, CA 91355
Marital Status: Engaged to be married
Spouse: Mark Assad (CVHS 1984)
Children: Paige - 1994; Annie - 1996
Occupation: Court reporter at Los Angeles County
Comments: Who is planning the next reunion? Let me know.
Updated/Add: [4/13/14]


Martha D. Bell
Email: sasattp@yahoo.com
Tarzana , CA
Marital Status: Single
Updated/Add: [11/26/2006]

This came from Grace Andrus (dga1611@gmail.com)

"Martha Bell's husband, Bill Williamson, said: 'She passed away 7 April 2012 at 11:46am at Holy Cross Hospital due to complications from Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy.'" B


Kristen (Bennett) Chisholm
Email: chisholm3@cox.net
2879 Hatch
Tustin Ranch, CA 92782
Spouse: Tony
Children: Kelsie 4/18/98
Occupation: Mom at Home
Updated/Add: [02/02/2003]


Jack Benson
Email: jackbenson54@netscape.net
Los Angeles, CA
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Davey 3/27/97, Sidney 10/28/98
Occupation: Recording Engineer/Producer/Songwriter, Self-employed
Reunion: It's been too long since the last reunion!
Updated/Add: [08/02/2001]


Karen (Benson) Bynum II
Email: karen.bynum@hwcm.com
Sunland, CA
Spouse: Jim Bynum
Children: Matthew John (7/96) and Jacob Michael (8/99)
Occupation: Director of Client and Marketing Support at Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management
Updated/Add: [05/16/2004]


Leslie (Benton) Johnson
Email: Lesliejohnson99@hotmail.com
Thousand Oaks, CA
Marital Status: married
Spouse: Rollin
Children: yes
Occupation: Stay-at-home mom
Updated/Add: [1/19/10]


Juliee Beyt
Email: jdaz@sbcglobal.net
Austin, TX
Spouse: David Lynch
Children: no
Occupation: Architect
at: Graeber Simmons & Cowan, Austin, Tx.
Reunion: Hello to all--it's fascinating to see where everyone's ended up.
Updated/Add: [08/05/2005]

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Michelle (Blackmun) Chapa
Email: mahpiya4@earthlink.net
769 Calabasas Rd.
Watsonville, CA
Spouse: Pete Chapa
Children: Olivia (9/3/97), Mary (7/28/99), baby #3 (due 9/2001)
Occupation: teacher/stay-at-home mom
Updated/Add: [08/11/2001]


Brett Boettcher
Email: Brett.J.Boettcher@jpl.nasa.gov
Castaic, CA
Spouse: Annie
Children: Kyle 10/11/90, Kelli 11/17/96
Occupation: Acquisition Supervisor, Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Char (Bomar) Chambliss
Email: rcimk@wildblue.net
2817 W. Burroughs Rd.
Deer Park, Washington 99006
Spouse: Rich Chambliss
Children: Ian-1988, Michael-1989, Kati 1990, Sara-1996, Tyler-2000
Occupation: Owner/VP at Champ Construction, Inc.
Comments: It is great to see so many people on this site! 24 years sure went by quick! Life is good, of course never imagined it would be as it is, Living in a quiet little town of 3000, with 5 kids and a wonderful husband. A far cry from La Crescenta, CA! Love to All!
Updated/Add: [05/04/2008]

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no picture in annual

[December 28, 2011]
Douglas Brackett
E-mail: douglasjbrackett@yahoo.com
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Lori
Children: Douglas James Jr.1995; James Anderson 1999; we lost Duncan Kenzie 2002
Occupation: Stay-at-home parent currently.
Comments: Well, the most unpopular guy in the Class of '84 has resurfaced. Heard about one reunion that was basically drinks & dinner at the Hard Rock somewhere in Orange Co.- that seemed a waste since it did not involve families, was nowhere close to where we went to school and I would have to travel a ~1000 miles to attend.
Skip McNevin said something about the guys needing to get in the gym; I would love to if it would make a difference. Ended up by late 1991 contracting the first of several medical problems that have slowly over the decades of turning me into a "blimp"; no diabetes yet - yet.
As far as my life, well, it is very interesting with one teenage son and another almost teen son; we had three, but lost Duncan very young. Lori, my wife, is an art framer, who manages the art framing department for a local company and a struggling artist on the side. We have our church in our life. The boys and I are miniature wargamers; any of that sort of folk in the Class of '84?
Here I am, Steve & Mike; take your inevitable shots. Jim Ryan, I still have the photo to give you that you had me take at Baccalaureate; do you want it? For most folk, I still have a lot of photos that were taken of Pep Squad, candids around school and the sort; ask if you know I took a picture you want a scan of it.  Any reunion committees could have a field day with some of them. 
  Our 30th Year Reunion is coming up. Is there a story?  Reunions with my wife's graduating class happen in July/August and are three days long with a variety of activities (some for the grad and their families; some for just the grad and significant other) and at various places around the area (favorite pizza parlour, local park, at the high school itself for only 3 examples) so people can pick and choose what they want to attend, especially if they are travelling large distances. Might we have a BBQ in the Hindenburg section of the Park?  Could we even have something on CVHS's grounds?  Some activities close back to where we all used to live, school and play?  Is there a particular group of someones I should be contacting about this? [last update, 10/23/12]

Bob Brauneisen
Email: bbrauneisen@gusd.net
Spouse: Patty Brauneisen (Connolly), C.V. Class of 1985
Children: Bryce(2/11/98); (twins) Blake & Braydon (8/10/01)
Occupation: Director, Educational Technology and Information Services at Glendale Unified School District
Updated/Add: [02/23/2003]

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Grace (Brown) Andrus
Email: dga1611@gmail.com
607 Custer Street
Spearfish, SD 57783
(818) 632-8972
Spouse: Dan Andrus, C.V. Class of '84
Children: Danny (1993), Amanda (1995), Candace (1998), Maggy (2000)
Occupation: Doctor of Naturopthy
Updated/Add: [6/13/10]

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Cyndi (Burns) Lindner
Email: Cynlin33@AOL.com
Santa Clarita, CA 91350
Spouse: Tim Lindner, CV Class of '83
Children: Corey 8/1993, Noah 10/1998
Occupation: Community Service Officer at Glendale Police
Updated/Add: [08/25/2002]


Kathleen (Callister) Pearson
Email: kathleenpearson@hotmail.com
Glendale , AZ
Spouse: Ron Pearson, CV Class of '83
Children: Breauna (1995), Mason (1997), Trenten (2003)
Occupation: Homemaker/Teacher at Heritage Elementary
Updated/Add: [11/26/2006]


Dave Cameron
Email: davesarah@attbi.com
10303 Whitegate Ave
Sunland, CA 91040
Spouse: Sarah Cameron
Children: Julia (June 22, 1998), Christian (February 23, 2002)
Occupation: Owner at Color Inx Printing Incorporated
Reunion: The 10th Reunion was a blast. I'm ready for the 20th.
Updated/Add: [09/25/2002]


Mechelle (Campbell) Parks
Email: gaparx@aol.com
Montrose, CA
(818) 957-0061
Spouse: George
Children: Anthony (9/4/90), Macy (9/4/02)
Occupation: Legal Assistant at Glendale, CA
Updated/Add: [03/02/2004]


Anna Cano
Email: avcano@hotmail.com
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Marital Status: Single
No Children
Reunion: I can't believe that it's been 10 years since we last saw each other. I hope all is well with everyone and hope to see you at the 20th!! If you remember me from high school, please write back so we can catch up.


Steve Cantrell
Email: steven.cantrell@lausd.net
Glendale, CA 91208
Spouse: Rowin
Children: Jackson Thomas (5/13/96), Clay Augustine (10/26/98)
Occupation: Chief Research Scientist at Los Angeles Unified School District
Updated/Add: [06/01/2003]


Leonard Edward Carmona
Email: carmona@gol.com (not aol), lecarmona@hotmail.com
Kitazawa 4-13-15 Royal Coop 2-A, Setagaya-ku
Tokyo, Japan 155- 0031
( 813) 3485-7505
Marital Status: single
Occupation: English and Law teacher at Universities (Also inactive member of the California Bar), Aoyama Gakuin, Chuo University, Keio University
Reunion: Long time no see. I've been living outside the U.S. for years (In Argentina, Brazil, and Japan). It's been great, but now I'm thinking about coming back to good old California.


Dr. Trevor Carson
Email: tcarson@orincon.com
10665 Wexford St. #6
San Diego, CA 92131
(858) 578-3450
Spouse: Megan Carson
Children: McKenna Elise Carson 1-15-99
Occupation: Software Engineer, Orincon Corp.


Penny (Chambers) Wishard
Email: mpwishard4@aol.com
Westminster, CO
Marital Status: Separated
Children: Aaron John 09/15/90, Austyn Scott 10/11/97
Occupation: General Manager of 2 young boys
Updated/Add: [03/07/2004]

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Michael Chaplar
Email: mchaplar@unitchemical.com
2924 Henrietta Ave.
LaCrescenta, California 91214
(818) 248-5226
Spouse: Laura
No Children
Occupation: Vice President Marketing at Unit Chemical Corp.


Miguel D. Chavez
Email: miguelnjulia@lvcm.com
Las Vegas, Nevada
Spouse: Julia (Platzek) Chavez, C.V. Class of 1985
Children: Savannah Kate (11.8.93) and Madeleine Hope (12.13.96)
Occupation: Teacher at Clark County School District
Updated/Add: [10/18/2003]


Alan Chu
Email: alanhchu@hotmail.com
Shui On Plaza 333 Huai Hai
Zhong Road (12th Floor)
Shanghai, China 200021
011-86-21-6386-3388 x3139
Marital Status: single
Children: no
Occupation: Partner at Pricewaterhouse
Updated/Add: [06/03/2001]


no senior picture in annual 

Brian Clarkson
Marital Status: single
Brian passed away on February 8, 2010. The services were on February 13, 2010 at The Lutheran Church of the Foothills in La Canada. A celebration of his life was held two hours later at The Steel Pit in Tujunga, one of Brian's favorite places with friends and family
[update 8/9/11]


Denise (Claybaugh) Fargo
Email: tattoomom777@comcast.net
Kent, WA
Spouse: Ron Fargo
Children: Alicia 12-23-90, Victoria 7-1-94
Occupation: Stay at home mom!
Updated/Add: [06/10/2007]

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Cindy (Clymer) Warner
Email: Cwarner2@netzero.net
12723 Kaitz Street
Poway, CA 92064
Spouse: Bob Warner, CV Class of 1983
Children: Alexander (Alex) Ryan (6/28/95)
Occupation: Stay at Home Mom


Christie (Conklin) Badaracco
Email: r4bads@earthlink.net
Santa Clarita, CA
Spouse: Mark
Children: Madelyn (Jan'94), Edward (June'99)
Occupation: LA County Deputy Sheriff at Altadena
Updated/Add: [08/22/2004]


Eric Conrad
Email: steelerfanec@yahoo.com
Saugus, CA
Spouse: KeAna
Children: Josh (stepson) 3.9.87, Cody 9.28.94, Courtney 8.11.97
Occupation: Foreman Electrician
Comments: Looking forward to a good time at the reunion
Updated/Add: [07/24/2004]


Frances (Cook) Mencia
Email: cfmencia@sbcglobal.net
3442 Montrose Avenue
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Charles Mencia
Children: Claire (1995), Rebecca (1998), Henry (2000)
Updated/Add: [10/03/2003]


Gilbert Cotinola
Email: Cotinola2003@aol.com
Antelope Valley, CA
Spouse: Lora Garcia, CV Class of '85
Children: Chris 4-21-91, Nick 11-18-92
Updated/Add: [10/03/2003]


Ronald Crago
Email: RonGrasshopper@aol.com
P.O. BOX 399
Pearblossom, CA 93553
Spouse: Christine Crago ( Budz), CV Class of '86
Children: Katie Crago 10-12-88 Darcie Jean Crago 3-25-92
Updated/Add: [02/25/2001]


Glen Edward Cummings
Email: GTCummings@charter.net
Reno, NV
Spouse: Trina
Children: yes
Updated/Add: [07/12/2007]


Brian Curry
Email: bcurbox@aol.com
Corona, CA
Spouse: Anne
Children: Seth 28SEP85, Zachary 10SEP89, Hannah and Peyton 29JAN98 We did the Brady Bunch thing.
Occupation: Hovercraft Pilot at Oceanside, CA
Comments: Still in the Navy flying hovercraft in Oceanside. Can't believe they pay me to do this! I do stop by the La Crescenta area sometimes but it sure has changed.
Updated/Add: [06/24/2007]


Raymond Davies
Email: RayDavies@musician.org
Homepage: http://www.bdanielson.com/em/
3127 S.W. Quartz Pl.
Redmond, OR 97756
(541) 923-6910
Spouse: Emily Davies (Danielson)
Children: Ian Davies (age 6), Isaiah Davies (age 4)
Occupation: Songwriter / Musician
Updated/Add: [08/30/2002]

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Heather (Dellacort) Bolger
Email: Heatherette66@aol.com
Windsor, CA 95492
Spouse: Leo
Children: Sullivan 11/2/90, Corinne 4/19/93
Occupation: Realtor/Homemaker
Updated/Add: [08/07/2004]


Renee (De Lorier) Cason
Email: rcason@wcpss.net
309 Flatrock Ln
Holly Springs, NC
Spouse: Scott Cason
Children: Jacqueline 6/6/91; Andrew 10/1/92; Brendan 4/24/97; Meghan 11/12/98
Occupation: Mother!!! Special Education Teacher at Olive Chapel Elementary School
Reunion: It's been a long time since I have seen any of you. We moved across the U.S. in '90 and really have not been back since. Hopefully, we will make it in '04. Enjoy your California weather - it's cold and snowy here this week!!
Updated/Add: [01/25/2003]


Dawn (Diamond) Ward
Email: Dawn_MGM@msn.com
Las Vegas, NV
Spouse: Bill Ward
Children: Billy 12-15-84, Nicole 6-10-86 and Bryan 4-13-89
Occupation: MGM/MIRAGE Resorts
Updated/Add: [08/02/2001]


Ellen (Donlin) Mandeville
Email: svmandolin @hotmail.com
Homepage: http://www.aljian.com/mandolin
Spouse: Todd Mandeville
Occupation: World Travelers at The Seven Seas
Comments: Todd and I have been roaming the Pacific on our sailboat, Mandolin, for about three years. We have recently arrived in New Zealand, where we plan to live and work for a while. If you're interested in our travels, you can check out our website.
Updated/Add: [04/27/2001]

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Cathleen (Douglass) Quaternik
Email: scthtr@sbcglobal.net
Riverside , CA
Spouse: Sean Quaternik
Children: 2 daughters Scout born 99 and Hunter born 00
Occupation: Stay at home mom
Reunion: The reunion was fun but I missed alot of you. Can't wait for the 25th!
Comments: Hope to hear from some of you out there!
Updated/Add: [02/02/2008]


Hilko Peiter Dreeuws
Email: holly-s-happy@sbcglobal.net
Spouse: Holly (Bonnot) Dreeuws, C.V. Class of '87
Children: Taine Christopher (8 Years Old), Paige Marie (6 Years Old)
Occupation: Owner of Waterline Pools & Spas (San Diego, Ca.)
Comments: I married a wonderful woman, she is amazing & makes me so happy. I could not ask for anything more!
p.s. All Alumni Comments were filled out by Holly Dreeuws "the wonderful woman & amazing wife."
Updated/Add: [06/26/2005]

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Scott Duhs
Email: scottduhs@aol.com
San Diego, CA
855 259-7163
Spouse: Marci
Occupation:  Commercial Real Estate
Updated/Add: [03/18/2004]


Dave Dull
Email: davedull@sbcglobal.net
Reno, NV
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Vice President / Owner at Code 3 Transport
Reunion: Can't believe 20yrs have past. Would like to hear from Amber, Dave Frey, Gary Stall,and anybody else. Talk to you later or see you at the reunion
Updated/Add: [03/02/2004]


Mary R. Erchul
Email: merchul@huitt-zollars.com
53 Bainbridge Avenue
Ladera Ranch , CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Civil Engineer at Huitt-Zollars, Inc.
Updated/Add: [02/02/2004]


Todd Erickson
Email: tddlance@yahoo.com
4400 Briggs Ave.
Montrose, CA 91021
Spouse: Amy (Reich) Erickson
Children: Matthew Conrad Erickson 2-4-97, Brian Andrew Erickson 6-30-99
Occupation: Sales Manager at Select Office Solutions
Updated/Add: [04/19/2002]


Seppo Eronen
Email: eira@niemikoti.fi
Sunankalliontie 14,
Espoo, Finland
(358) 9-8557982
Spouse: Jacqueline (Chavez Turro) Eronen
no Children
Occupation: Unit Manager, Niemikoti Foundation


Dean Falce
Email: ybsdino@earthlink.net
Palmdale, CA
Marital Status: single
Children: Danielle Elisse Falce
Occupation: Teacher at Palmdale School District
Reunion: I've been teaching for four years now and I really enjoy it. Guess this is life's way of getting even :)
Updated/Add: [04/09/2001]


Michael Eric Fee
Email: jeneric.fee@verizon.net
St. Petersburg, FL
Marital Status: Engaged to Jen
Children: Kimberly 02-23-94, Taylor 06-06-2000, and Libby 04-04-2002
Occupation: Electronic Security Sales at Southern Lock and Supply
Comments: Hey People!! Being on the other side of the country made it difficult to get there for the reunion, but God I really miss everyone! I hope all is well and if anyone wants to send me an Email that would be so killer! (I do still talk like that, by the way!) Seriously, great life and love to everyone. I miss the old days but the new days are pretty cool, too!
Updated/Add: [07/10/2003]

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Darrell Fernandez
Email: fern7@sbcglobal.net
3041 Santa Carlotta St.
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Spouse: Michele (Hetherington) Fernandez, CV Class of '84
Children: Carleigh 11-16-94, Allie 8-15-98
Occupation: Construction Engineer/Manager at Ralph M. Parsons in Pasadena
Updated/Add: [09/10/2004]


Reece Fesler (Deceased)

Born February 19,1966
Died February 10, 2004


In Lieu of flowers, a donation to the National Marfan Foundation. Please
write in memo section, "In memory of Curtis Reece Fesler".

National Marfan Foundation
22 Manhasset Avenue
Port Washington, New Your 11050


Terry Finch
Email: diveroni@pacbell.net
La Crescenta, CA
Spouse: Beverly
Children: Zoe Elizabeth 9/14/95, Hannah Scout 12/12/99
Occupation: Propmaker
Updated/Add: [03/18/2004]


Robert Damon Francis
Email: robertdamon66@yahoo.com
Hacienda Heights, CA
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: self-employed
Comments: I hope that life has been good to you.
Updated/Add: [08/18/2000]


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