Class of 1974

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1974 -- 40 year reunion WAS in 2014

When: May 17, 2014

Where: Sheraton Universal Hotel 

Contact:, or call us at (661) 259-5999





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[July 28, 2003]
Rick Marshall
147 St Sabre Dr
Swansea, IL 618
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Marilyn (Hughey) Marshall
Spouse CV Class of 1975
Children: Matthew Marshall (1991), Bethany Marshall (1994)
Occupation: Retired Air Force Officer, current Department of Defense Consultant at Scott Air Force Base (just outside of St Louis, Missouri)
Comments: God has blessed me incredibly to be able to share my life with a woman as awesome as Marilyn We have been married since 1977. God has been great to us and has blessed us with 2 wonderful children that love the Lord. I am very encouraged when I read the webpage and see how many Christians there are out there from our class. Praise the Lord!

[November 22, 2001]
Kathleen McCarty
Boise, ID
Marital Status: Single
Children: Samantha Miller 11/01/1980, Michael Miller 10/30/1981, Grandchildren Dylan Miller 3/1/1999, Harley Gulley 12/07/1998, Makayla Krieger 04/06/2005, and another girl due 09/2008
Occupation: Truck Driver
Comments: I'd love to hear from my still young at heart friends!!


with grandson Dylan

[July 19, 2006]
Dwight McClain
11009 E. 11th Lane
Spokane, WA 99206
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Linda
Children: no
Occupation: retired state employee
Comments: Paul Long, if you get this please email me.

[February 23, 2001]
Nicki (Meese) Gardiner
4009 Highland Castle Ct
Las Vegas, NV 89129
702 363 1992
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Bruce
Children: Jennifer Mar 3, 1984, Kyle June 6, 1988, Steven May 20, 1989, Kiersten Jan 29 1997, Kelsie Jan 29, 1997
Occupation: Registered Nurse at Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists
Reunion: Life is great here in Las Vegas. I'm looking forward to our next reunion. It was great to see so many old friends last time. [April 10, 2007]

[November 30, 2003]
Gerald Mena
2515 E. Winger Rd.
Mead, WA 99021
(509) 466-1361
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Margarita (Nevarez) Mena
Children: Dulce 8/81, Derek 7/89, Rick 2/91
Reunion: Great website! Was able to contact a few classmates. Haven't attended any reunions so far, but looking forward to 30th. [October 22, 2005]

[April 5, 2004]

Clay Millage

1711 Eldridge Ave
Bellingham, WA 98225
360 733-3078
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Andy
Children: Kira 12/03/82, Erika 04/29/86, Teal 06/14/88
Occupation: 8th grade science teacher at Lynden Middle School
Reunion: I've been married since 1980 and have 3 great daughters; ages 21, 18, 16. My oldest, Kira, is about to graduate from Boston University (boy that makes me feel old!). I couldn't ask for a better family. We have lived in Bellingham, Washington since moving from Houston in 1993. I have been teaching high school or middle school for 14 years and still get a real charge out of it. I was always interested in science so it should be no surprise that I ended up teaching science to 8th graders. They drive me nuts on a daily basis but I enjoy my job immensely. Four years ago I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, cancer of the bone marrow. Although it is somewhat treatable, it is incurable - news like that tends to grab your attention and keep it. I underwent a stem cell transplant July 2003 with mixed results. However, I'm still alive and kicking and intend to remain that way for as long as possible.

[June 15, 2006]

Clay Millage died Sunday, June 11, 2006 after courageously battling cancer for six years. Clay leaves behind his wife, Andra, three grown daughters, Kira, Erika and Teal, his sister Ann (Class of 1976) and parents, JoAnne and Elmer. He joins in death his older brother Brent (Class of 1972). Remembered by Kirk Gelsinger

[October 30, 2002]
Laurie Miller
1024 Marengo Drive
Glendale, CA 91206
(626) 796-9996
Marital Status: single
Spouse CV Class of 1974
Children: no
Occupation: Information Technology Director at Sony Pictures Entertainment

[March 13, 2008]
Mark B. Miller
2800 Orange Ave
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Marital Status: Single
Children: Molly Miller 10/92 Ben Miller 10/92
Comments:What a trip having my twins going to CV. My daughter is the freshmen cheer captain and my son is on the frosh/soph basketball team. I could not be prouder. All is well and living to serve. Call me anytime. Will update later. Peace

[June 10, 2002]
Clark Moffat
2404 Via Del Aguacate
Fallbrook, CA 92028
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Beth
Children: Jonathan 05/24/79, Michelle 06/02/80, Cameron 11/07/83, Austin 05/17/89, Tanner 07/21/95
Occupation: Retirement Planning at Fallbrook CA

[April 19, 2001]
Lori (Moore) Boxer
6 Marshall Lane
Westbury, NY 11590
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Bob Boxer
Children: 3 Children: Dustin Robert (5-23-86), Graham Shadow (4-24-92), Keegan Odele (10-21-97)
Occupation: Homemaker/ Landlord - My husband and I own rental property in Manhattan.
Comments: I'm sorry I missed the 20-year reunion. We had just sold our home in Glendale and moved to Long Island, New York the month before. Life is good here. After having two sons in California, we had a daughter just three years ago. Now our family is complete. I'd like to attend the 30-year reunion, hopefully it will be during the summer when it's easier to travel. Every year, July-August, I bring the kids to La Crescenta to visit their grandparents. I'm surprised I haven't run into anyone who still lives in the area.

[May 12, 2006]
Lisa (Morgan) McDiffett
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Steve McDiffett
Spouse CV Class of 1968
Children: Christopher McDiffett 5/79 Johnathan McDiffett 11/82

Steve Morr

passed from cancer about 8 years ago (1992)

as reported by Bryan Friend ('74)

[January 12, 2007]
Gina L. (Nail) Smith
1612 North 20th Street
St Joseph, MO 64505
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Callie A. Meinhardt (Smith) 10-10-1980
Occupation: USPS Postal Carrier for USPS of St Joseph MO

[December 26, 2000]
Mark Neff
719 594-0364
Marital Status: single
Spouse Name: Ellen Cioni (Hoover 71)
Children: yes
Occupation: Warehouse Manager at Fountain, CO

no senior picture in annual

[April 13, 2002]
Ray Nelson
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse Name: Debbie
Spouse CV Class of 1974
Children: Brian 26, Duane 25, Nicole 22, Michael 4, Ericka 2
Occupation: Machine Shop Manager / Machinist

[November 11, 2008]
John Newton
9745 SW Buckskin Terrace
Beaverton, OR 97008
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Kristi
Children: Sean Newton 1988, Katie Newton 1990
Occupation: Managing Partner DNA Branding Inc
Comments: Life is good here in the Northwest. Looking forward to the next big reunion. Enjoy the day.

[March 25, 2001]
Terry (Nicholson) Branas
85 Colony Lane
Hartselle, AL 35640
256 773-1673
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Jim
Children: Lauren 10/30/81, Trevor 4/18/84, Tessa 7/12/88
Occupation: teacher at Hartselle City Schools, F.E. Burleson Elementary

[June 21, 2004]
Laurie (Nielsen) Guay
5367 Alta Canyada Rd.
La Canada, CA 91011
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Dustin Lyons 10-14-80
[July 10, 2006]

[September 1, 2000]
Annie (Norwood) Robertson
28071 Vernal Way
Saugus, CA 91350
661 296-1224
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Johnny - 12/17/82, Billy - 7/29/85, Lindsey 10/12/87
Occupation: Office Manger at 1St Image Photography

[January 12, 2004]
George T. Novinger
(310) 386-3380
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Michiko (from Japan)
Children: Saya 1990
Occupation: Foreign Service Officer (Diplomat) for U.S. Department of State
Comments: I am still working as a diplomat after more than 20 years, but have moved back to work and live in Los Angeles in summer of 2010 as Regional Director of the U.S. Department of State's Office of Foreign Missions. I live near Santa Monica Blvd. and Bundy, and work on Wilshire Blvd in Westwood. In addition, I am still conducting a choir, as I have done in various countries during my diplomatic career. Prior to my return to the California, I lived and worked in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Osaka, Asuncion (Paraguay), Bandar Seri Begawan (Brunei), Okinawa, Washington D.C., Seoul, Damascus (Syria), and now L.A. My daughter is a junior at Occidental College, from where I graduated. It would be great to hear from you!

[April 23, 2001]
Clay Olmstead
Austin, TX
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Maggie
Children: 3 step-kids: Wendy 1970, Steve 1971, Wade 1974
Occupation: Semi-retired Engineer
Reunion: No need for a recent picture: I still look like my brother Jeff ('72))
[update 4/14/16]

[January 17, 2002]
Jeanette (Oneal) Quinn
Camarillo, CA
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse Name: Steven
Children: One son, Benjamin, from first marriage. Born 8-18-76 in Miami, FL. He was my 20th birthday present. One grandson, Noah, born 11/12/98.
Occupation:Special Education Teacher, currently working on a Master's degree with CSUN. I Work at PSVD
Reunion: I would love to see some good "old" friends.
Comments: I did not graduate from CVHS; I left in the middle of 11th grade to get married. Finished a GED in Miami and have been going to college forever it seems. Remembering back, I realize how fast life has gone by and truly have learned from it. As the saying goes, "If I only knew then, what I know now", but what fun would it have been? I am truly saddened by knowing those who have passed away much to early in their lives. Losing a loved one awakens us to cherish our families and friends, always. I met the love of my life in 1997 and I have never been happier. Hope all is well with everyone. I am currently substitute teaching special education classes and finishing up a Master's degree in education. I hope everyone is enjoying life.

[April 1, 2001]
Wes Page
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Marital Status: single
Children: no
Occupation: Home & Property Maintenance, Self Employed

[February 18, 2003]

[January 31, 2001]
Brian Parsley
Vancouver, WA 98665
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Eileen (Wiik)
Spouse CV Class of 1976
Children: yes

[June 28, 2006]
Russel "Bart" Penfold
124 Grenbriar
Moraga, CA 94556
MaritalStatus: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse Name: Julie Penfold
Children: Bryan 1979, Brad 1981 and Brooke 1995
Occupation: Partner at Rusher, Loscavio & LoPresto
Reunion: Sorry I missed the reunion.

Pauline (Piekarski) Howland
4736 Red Leaf Circle
Hoover, Alabama 35226
(205) 823-2559
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Bruce Howland
2 Children: Amanda 11/30/85, Leah 3/22/88
Occupation: Deputy Director/Chief Financial Officer at Alabama Public Television
Comment: I moved away after my junior year and would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

[January 14, 2005]
Glenn Pratt
1015 Puente Street,
San Dimas, CA 91773
(909) 971-9904
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Eloisa Pratt
Children? 2 - sons; Neil A. Pratt 05/02/1985, Corbin G. Pratt 09/28/1990
Occupation:Licensing Program Analyst at California/Dept. of Social Services - licensing of foster homes in Los Angeles County.
Comments: Stay well & healthly by exercising daily and visiting the doctor as much as needed. Choose a good one as this is the time of our life when it becomes more important to watch one's health. We will be close to 60 years old in 10 more years and retirement will be short lived if we don't all stay fit & healthly. Beware of the cell phone as it is trully not always our friend. Not enough is known of it to be so user friendly. They have been known to blow up when overheated, cause people to become distracted when they shouldn't be and someday may be found to cause brain tumors or brain cancers. Distracted people have and cause accidents. I use it only for emergencies; don't like to hold it too close to the head and prefer to pull over to use it. It is even more hazardous to small people. I don't see it as much different from smoking or driving under the influence. Someone soon will make a movie called "Cell Phone".

[February 22, 2008]
David Rakisits
9339 61st Street West
Mojave, CA 93501
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Kelly Jean
Children: Nicole Lee 12/84, Justin 9/86
Occupation: heavy equipment operator for state of California
Comments: still kickin!..6 years in the Marine Corps after school that took me to 9 different countries and thru some history making events,I was a utility lineman till I was downsized in 1993. Than I worked for NASA (Edwards AFB) as a contract project manager but my need to be outside in the elements was screaming so I gave up the office and took the offer with the state . My wife and I have two grown kids who are married and each have a boy; both were born in 2003, 6 mos.apart. They live close by and we see them frequently and spend a lot of time with the little guys. We rode & rodeo'd for years but the thrill has gone so we do more motorcycle things with our family.The boys love to come out to our place in this desert and ride their quads and motorcycles. We fish/hunt and travel alot traditionally spending a few holidays down in Ocotillo Wells camping and riding each year with our kids and a lot of good people. I have to admit that my best friend/wife has been a real trooper all these years and has kept me in line, supporting my hunger for action (rodeo and desert racing) "she's a good one". Missed the 20 and 30 yr. reunions due to our busy lives and as my wife says "Adventures". Rumor was that I was killed on the vietnam evacuation back in 1975 (they tried). Anyhow I'm alive and well here in the desert and have been since my discharge in 1979. Would love to talk with you at the next reunion.

My name is Susan Greer, and regretfully I have to inform you that Michael passed on August 23, 2013; after a brief fight with pancreatic cancer.  He was diagnosed the beginning of March, and after a short visit in the hospital (for sepsis) the end of July, he was sent home on hospice care.

Michael Rauch

4074 S. Pacific Hwy #7
Medford, Oregon 97501-9023
(541) 535-1657
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
children: 3 - Ryan, Wendy, and Christina
Occupation: Commercial film stripper at Commercial Documentation Services

[April 30, 2002]
Steven Rayment
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Marital Status: single
Children: no
Occupation: County of Orange- Access Program for the Disabled-Trainer/ Driver/ Road Supervisor/ Dispatcher at Above
Comments: Hey gang...Steve here! 30 years older, and barely a day wiser. OK...I'm kidding! I'm sorry I had to miss the 30 year reunion this summer, but I was in France celebrating another reunion of sorts...the 60th reunion of D-Day. From the looks of things, fun was had by all. I hope to make the 40th. I'd really like to reconnect with some of my CV friends. I still can't believe it's been so long! Is this a great website or what? [January 7, 2008]

[July 12, 2001]
Thomas Rayzor
15177 Muller Rd.
Plymouth, CA 95669
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Marilyn
Children: no
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff at Amador County

Peggy Lou (Reed) Bayne
10805 Art Street
Shadow Hills, CA 818
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Bruce
Children: Opal Lynn Conley (8/17/80), Abigail Rose Bayne (2/20/01)
Occupation: Office Manager/Law Firm at Flanagan, Unger, Danis & Grover, Glendale, California [03/03/03]

[December 11, 2000]
Michael Reever
1557 Maple Leaf Drive
Pleasanton, CA 94588
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Robin
Children: Paula, 1/8/88, Christine, 8/10/91
Occupation: Commercial Insurance Broker at Marsh, San Francisco [June 5, 2003]

Tom Reilley

In 2001 my good friend Tom Reilley passed away, leaving a wife Carol and two beautiful children, Danny and Mariah. When we saw each other we often recalled the "summer of our lives" spent in Hawaii in 1976 for 3 months. Many fun experiences in Hawaii which included working on a boat for Windjammer Cruises and partying in Waikiki. One day (of many), we were sitting on the beach taking in the "scenery" when '74 classmate Paul Roberts walked by and literally tripped on our feet. Paul, surprised to see us said "what are you guys doing here?". Tom replied, "we were waiting for you, ya' big dummy" and we all laughed. Tom and I also "ran into" '74 classmates Laurie Talbot and Debbie Walmsley, whom we partied with in Waikiki. In Tom's eulogy I recalled the "summer of 76" and fishing in the San Gabriels. In Santa Clarita, I've "run into" more classmates than I can list and we all fondly recall the 74 Falcons.

remembered by Paul Shubunka ('74)

[March 5, 2001]
Cyndy (Reimer) Tutt
1033 Ronda Circle
La Verne, CA 91750
(909) 592-3277
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Barry Tutt
Children: Michael 01/04/83, Stephanie 05/08/86
Occupation: Clinical Director of Emergency Dept./Critical Care/ Cardiovascular Services at Verdugo Hills Hospital

[April 27, 2006]
Rick Reinhard
3046 Prospect Ave
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Anne
Children: Brett,89; Marisa,92;Steven,92; Tonio,94;Rianna,2001
Occupation: Chief Engineer at Phoenix Motor Cars
Reunion: Missed the last two reunions looking forward to the next one
[July 4, 2009]

[September 25, 2001]
Debbie Ridino
585 12th Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Hermann Goodwin
Spouse CV Class of 1974
Children: Brent Goodwin 6-24-77
Occupation: Business owner -- Pacific Cellular/Sound On Wheels Car Stereo in Paso Robles. [April 23, 2006]

husband and son below

[June 7, 2006]

Cynthia Ritter

About 4 or 5 years ago, Cynthia Ritter (74) passed away in 2000 or 2001, sitting in a chair at home. The cause of death is unknown but I did attend the funeral. She was not married. No children. She had a younger brother, David Ritter (CV class of '76). She had numerous college degrees. The last was for being a lawyer. Her last address was in Glendale. She is buried at Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills.

Cynthia is remembered by Nancie D. Hunt, class of 1972, if you wish to share memories.

[December 9, 2000]
Penny (Roach) Yonan
2025 N Kenneth Rd
Burbank, CA 91504
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Tiana Nickole (1982)
Occupation: Territory Manager (Outside Sales) at Southern California Air Conditioning Dist.
Reunion: Would love to hear from any of my friends from high school! It was a great time with alot of great memories. If we are going to have a 30th reunion I would love to be involved.

[December 18, 2006]
Linda (Robinson) Davis
140 King Street
Clinton, TN 37716
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse Name: Randy
Children: Conrad 11/18/79 Miriah 08/23/82
Occupation: Supervisor Receiving Warehouse for Jewelry Television
Comments: I've moved around a lot in my years and have lost contact with all my old friends and I miss you all so much -- more as the years go by. Please contact me and let me know how you are.

[April 6, 2006]
D. Purna Rodman
Harmony, RI 02829
Marital Status: Partnered
Spouse Name: R.M. Stineman ("Stine")
Children: no
Occupation: President & CEO of Kennedy-Donovan Center
Comments: After CVHS, i got by B.A. at UCSB and a Master's at Harvard Divinity School, lived in Cohasset, MA; Santiniktan, India; Santa Monica, CA; New York City; Philadelphia, PA; and now Harmony, Rhode Island. Have worked in religious communities, hospitals and now, human services. I have been with my partner since 1999 and we legally married (in Massachusetts) on our 9th anniversary. Still visit California once a year. [February 3, 2009]

[May 4, 2002]
Randy Rohrer
Glendale, CA 91208
818 249-1800
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Marian (Conover) Rohrer
Spouse CV Class of 1977
Children: Four: Elizabeth 1985, Ronald 1987, Brittany 1989, Christopher 1993
Occupation: Industrial Real Estate at Pacific West
Reunion:Live in Whiting Woods in the Crescenta Valley. Enjoy traveling, skiing & boating.
[update 12/8/15]

Kathy Russell-Regan
16960 Grand Ave.
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
Marital Status: Married
Husband: John
4 Children: Trish, Tom, Amy, Sean
Occupation: Retired
Comments: John and I are still enjoying life. The party never stops. Kids are doing very well. Grandsons are an absolute delight. Only four more years till we meet again at the nex reunion . . . let's make it a big one . . . we aren't getting any younger! [January 7, 2010]

[August 28, 2004]
Deborah Russes

Chris Schilling
Christopher H. Schilling
879 Grey Road
Midland, Michigan 48640
989 631-2244
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Dana
2 Children
Occupation: Charles J. Strosacker Chair and Professor of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Saginaw Valley State University
Message: I would very much like to hear from any of my classmates. After

graduating from CV, I worked as a machinist and construction worker, eventually going back to school and getting engineering degrees from Cal Poly and U.C.L.A. I worked at J.P.L. for 2 years before moving to Seattle to get a Ph.D. in Materials Science at the University of Washington. I then taught engineering at Iowa State University for 9 years before moving to my current job as Engineering Chair at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan. I've been blessed to have worked on many interesting high-tech projects along the way. Now, I'm working on a variety of "green chemistry" projects to convert agricultural wastes, such as leaves, corncobs, food waste, and alcohol distillation leftovers, into cheap and clean heat and electricity for buildings. I'm married and have 2 great teen age kids. Michigan has lots of trees,beautiful great lakes, and is a great place to live. God bless you all. [February 3, 2004]

[July 3, 2009]
Michael Seaward
17707 121st ST SE
Snohomish, WA 98290
425 737 2157
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Ilene Crawford (Class of 1975)
Children: Michael Steven II 6-4-80 Anthony Christopher 10-31-81
Occupation: Manager at Trader Joe's

[January 13, 2004]
James Sedillos
Mukilteo, WA 98275
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Greg 10/9/87
[May 24, 2009]

[March 25, 2008]
Paul Shubunka
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Michelle
Children: Paul Jr. 10/4/84 Brandon 4/25/87
Occupation: Contract Administration at Crane Aerospace (retired)
Comments: In 2001 my good friend Tom Reilley passed away leaving a wife Carol and two beautiful children Danny and Mariah. When we saw each other we often recalled the "summer of our lives" spent in Hawaii in 1976 for 3 months. Many fun experiences in Hawaii which included working on a boat for Windjammer Cruises and partying in Waikiki. One day (of many)we were sitting on the beach taking in the "scenery" when 74 classmate Paul Roberts walked by and literally tripped on our feet. Paul, surprised to see us said "what are you guys doing here?". Tom replied, "we were waiting for you ya' big dummy" and we all laughed. Tom and I also "ran into" 74 classmates Laurie Talbot and Debbie Walmsley who we partied with in Waikiki. In Tom's eulogy I recalled the "summer of 76" and fishing in the San Gabriels's. In Santa Clarita I've "run into" more classmates than I can list and we all fondly recall the 74 Falcons.
[April 24, 2008]

no senior picture in annual

[November 15, 2008]
Tim Sikora
3450 Montrose Ave.
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Marital Status: Married
Children: Devin & Tyler

[June 19, 2004]
Robert Silcock
3236 Montrose Ave
La Crescenta, CA 91214
818 957-4974
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Jessica Bolstad 12/31/78
Occupation: Propmaker at Local 44

Grace Silver
Marital Status: single
Grace passed away in July of 2003. She was well loved
and will be greatly missed.
Grace was my best friend. She had 3 children and was working at Warner Brothers. I gave her this poem just before she passed.


 My Touchstone
always there for me
My Confidant
always willing to listen
My Co-Conspirator
almost always willing to go along
My Friend
you are the best

(submitted by Sandy (Doll) Graham class of 1975)

Thomas (Smith) Kidd
28212 Lobrook Drive
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
Marital Status: Single
No Children
Occupation: Journalist/Publicist at PresPak Public Relations/Farren Music America, LLC
Comment: As Tom Kidd, I've established quite a name for myself as a performer, artist and journalist. As I tell my journalism students, never underestimate the ability to re-create oneself. [September 26, 2011]

sophomore picture

[April 1, 2005]
Tracie (Smith) Rosendahl
Woof's Dog Bakery
Gold Beach, OR
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Buck
Children: Nicole and Cortney
Occupation: Owner of Woof's Dog Bakery
Comments: My husband and I moved to Gold Beach, on the beautiful southern Oregon coast in 2004. We opened up our first Woof's Dog Bakery store in Gold Beach and three months later opened up our second in Brookings Oregon. We love what we are doing and can't imagine doing anything else. We have 4 children between us and 5 grandchildren. I love being a grandma! Would love to hear from any of my old classmates. Looking forward to our next reunion in 2014! [January 3, 2009)

[August 3, 2002]
Dusty (Sorenson) Castro
4820 Wicopee St.
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Phil
Children: Curtis 7-29-80, Adopted brother and sister: Luis 11-26-87, Karla 3-26-89
Occupation: kindergarten teacher at Cresenta Valley Adventist School
Reunion: Looking forward to the reunion.

[March 10, 2002]
Brett Stelling
La Crescenta, CA 91214
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: no
Occupation: Self Employed
[August 5, 2012}

[June 26, 2004]
Laurie Talbott
P.O. Box 3351
Winter Park, CO 80482
970 726-8632
Marital Status: Single
Children: no
Occupation: Snow Ski Instructor/ Golf Professional at Winter Park Recreation Association/Pole Creek Golf Club
Comments: Don't have computer yet,using my brother's

[June 25, 2002]
Laurie (Taylor) Jones
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Gregory Jones
spouseclass: 1970
Children: two children
Occupation: Director [July 29, 2002]

[September 21, 2011]
John W. Terry
Webpage: (Johnboy's Musings)
Fall River Mills, California
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Stacey
Children: Jessica Michelle 1976, d 2009, Jon Justin 1978
Occupation: Outdoor Advertising - 35 Years Pastor / Non-Denom Minister for 17 Years (Self-Employed)
Comments: Stacey and I have, in our *blended* family, a total of four children and six grandchildren. Having endured our share of heartache and tragedy, we treasure each day that we share together with both our physical and spiritual families - along with a wonderful circle of friends. God has been good to us!

[June 24, 2004]
Patti Thomas
2054 Oak Valley Rd
Glendale, CA 91208
818 249-2662
MaritalStatus: Married
SpouseName: Phil Harmon
Children: Kyle is 16 and Dylan is 13
Occupation: Hairstylist at The Great Escape
Comments: Hi I can't believe it's been 30 years!! My kids are attending CVHS now. Dejavue. Hope everyone is well.

Jerry Lee Thomsen
Palmdale, California
(805) 548-1431
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Merrie
No children
Occupation: Fireman/Engineer at Los Angeles County, Newhall

[February 17, 2002]
Lynn (Trausch) Kotz
1645 Locust St.
Livermore, CA 94550
Marital Status:Separated
Children: Dalton 6/85 and Nicolette 5/87
Comments: Four of us Trauschs have walked thru the halls of CVHS. Jan in 72; Joe in 73; Lynn in 74: and Jim Jr. in 77. This web site has been great to browse thru. I'll keep coming back and spread the word to log in. Hope to see you all some day!

Alice (Valantine) Beckstrom
19015 Windsor Lakes Drive
Houston, Texas 77094
Marital Status: Married
Husband: Mark R. Beckstrom
4 Children: Ammon (1976), Austin (1982), Alex (1988) and Andrew (1993)
Occupation: Music/voice instructor (private studio)

Robert Van Dell
Bend, OR
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Self Employed Contractor

[February 19, 2008]

Jim Veenstra

Jim is the surviving SWAT team officer involved in the first-ever fatality of a SWAT team member in February in Los Angeles. You can get more details about the story here:,0,6406442.story?page=2&track=mostviewed-storylevel

Vince Villard

passed right before Christmas 1999 of stab wounds

as reported by Bryan Friend ('74)

[October 12, 2010]
Janice (Wade) Gilbert
Marital Status: Divorced/Remarried
Spouse Name: Barry Gilbert
Children: Melissa Lyne age 30, Alexis Lee age 29
Occupation: Training and Program Registar and Camp Registrar for Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council
Comments: Have never been to a reunion for CV. Was thinking about all the classmates and people who made up my high school years and was wondering what happened to them.

[November 5, 2001]
Randy Wager
Glendale, CA
Marital Status: Still madly in love with wife of 34 years (and high school sweetheart). She's still madly in love with him, too!
Spouse Name: Kathi
Children: Megan (Wager) Smith- CV class '00, Bryce Wager- CV class '02 & Peter Wager- CV class '02 ( yep, twins!). Grandchildren:   Lucy Belle Smith (6), Cora Lynn Smith (3)
Occupation: Architect at Jet Propulsion Laboratory /NASA, Pasadena, CA
Comments (from his wife, Kathi):  Anyone who knew my husband in 1974, knew he was a young man of few words, with a huge heart. He worked hard and played hard, enjoying life with his girlfriend ( now his wife of many years) and his friends. Randy never cared to study much in high school, because life held too many adventures to be had! He was ( and is) a brilliant man, but during those fleeting teen years, classes and homework just didn't seem as important as a ride on a motorcycle or a lazy day on the sand with his beach babe (ha ha!).
In 1979, Randy graduated from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo with a BA in Architecture, after working like a dog to fully support himself and his education. He was immediately hired by a prestigious architectural firm, did well and went on to work for and contribute his talents at some of the most important firms. That same year ('79), he married the love of his life and still counts her as such! 
Family has always been a top priority for Randy. He has been blessed with 3 amazing, brilliant children, one (daughter Megan) who has made him a "papa" to 2 equally adorable ( and adoring) granddaughters! 
Because of his selfless love for his family, at what could have been the pinnacle of his architectural career, Randy gave up big salaries, personal accolades and long days at the office. He traded these for precious time with his wife and children. In 2003, while balancing work & family, he earned his MBA by studying at night. He left the prestige and has had a satisfying career at JPL to this present day.
Randy is an awesome, incredible, fun, amazing husband, father, grandfather (papa) and friend!! Above all his many accomplishments, he is known best and most importantly as a man of honor. He is a strong believer in The Lord Jesus Christ.  Randy will tell you this is the bottom-line secret to his lasting, happy marriage and the essence of life. 
And yes, his heart has only grown bigger!
[update 5/11/14]

[August 25, 2010]
Debbie Walker
Kirkland, Washington
Marital Status: Divorced
Children: Jennifer '77, Ryan and Victor '81
Comments: As well as my 3 beautiful children I have 3 beautiful and amazing grandchildren: Brandon, Makayla and Haylie. I cannot believe it has been 36 years since we graduated; it seems like yesterday! I had a great time and made so many friends whom I'm hoping to connect with. Thanks, Gary del Giorgio, for telling me about this site and for your friendship. God bless you all!

[June 27, 2004]
Wendy Walker
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Travis and Tyler
Comments: It was great seeing you guys at the reunion in June, 2004!

[April 25, 2001]
Deborah Walmsley
1620 Lamego Drive
Glendale, CA 91207
Marital Status: married
Spouse Name: Greg Galletly
Children: yes

[March 17, 2003]
Mason "Jim" Walters
Lafayette, California
MaritalStatus: married
SpouseName: Ellen
Children: Elizabeth 1979, Ian 1989
Occupation: Principal Structural Engineer at Forell/Elsesser Engineers, San Francisco [June 16, 2006]

Tobi Watkins

Passed away in 1982

She is truly Missed

Submitted in loving memory by her sister Donna (Watkins) Le Blanc. [June 21, 2001]

[June 20, 2009]
Patricia (Watson) Vosika
P.O. Box 1917
Crestline CA 92325
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Sara 1976(deceased 1996), Rachael 1986, Keri 1989, Ashlei 1990
Occupation: Case Manager at Cedar House Rehabilitation Center
Comments: Left CVHS in 1973. It is wonderful to see so many familiar faces. My deepest sympathy for those who are no longer with us. I would love to come to the next reunion.

Zachary Waugh

passed away in 1994

from his sister,
Melanie (Waugh) Hart


[May 14, 2001]
Jeffrey Weaver
Corona, CA
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Diana
Children: 2 Stepdaughters, 4 Grandaughters, 2 Great Grandsons, 2 Great Granddaughters
Occupation: Field Technician for DecisionOne
[update 11/20/2014]

Richard West
Marital Status: Married
No children
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
(self employed)

Rich passed away October 26, 2004. He will be missed by his family and friends...posted by his brother Bob
[November 3, 2004]

[October 4, 2001]
Nanette (Williams) Eldridge
Newhall, CA 91321
Marital Status: Divorced/Single
Children: Julie Marie 1980
Occupation: Human Resource Manager [October 11, 2001]

[May 27, 2007]
Valerie Anne (Williams) Bishop
18617 Superior Street
Northridge, CA 91324
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: John
Children: no
Occupation: Third Grade Teacher at San Rafael Elementary School in the Pasadena Unified School District
Comments: Am curious if there is interest in a Lowell Elementary reunion or get together to share pictures and memories?

[May 15, 2004]
CG (Wilson) Murray
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Edward L Murray
Children: Chanto Greywolf Lange 3/5/78, Lakotah Greywolf Lange 3/5/78-deceased, April Dawn Greywolf Lange 112/78-D., Abby Marie Lange 6/5/80, Sara Grace (Lange)Ely 10/28/81, Manda Ru Lange 5/29/84, Megan Ann Murray 7/31/89, Cassandra Marie Murray 12/11/90
Occupation: Sales Associate- Supervisor at Mark's Hallmark

[January 28, 2006]
Suzanne (Witmer) Chen
21101 Shepherd Lane
HuntingtonBeach, CA 92646
714 536-3254
Marital Status: Married
Spouse Name: Dennis Chen
Children: Steven Chen 1984, Carrie Elizabeth Chen 1987
Occupation: teacher at Huntington Union High School District

[June 29, 2004]
Thomas Woodard
1880 Park Newport #208
Newport Beach, CA 92660
MaritalStatus: Single
Children: Joshua 1982, Ashley 1984, Brittany 1987, Megan 1990
Occupation: Eye Surgical Technologist at Advanced Medical Optics
Comments: The reunion on 6/26/04 was fantastic. I was elated to see so many of you, and proud of my HS heritage. Looking forward to the 40th.

[March 15, 2011]
Amy (Woodruff) Bernard
13850 Ramona Parkway
Baldwin Park, CA 91706
909 568-5966
Marital Status: Happily Married!
Spouse Name: Richard E. Bernard
Children: my 5 and his 4: Jennie '76 Brigham '78 Serge '81 Tammy '86 Suzie '88 Laura, Jared, Adam, Lisha
Occupation: Balloon Artist for 21 years- Owned and operated Amy's Balloons in Claremont,CA (Was at Claremont McKenna College but currently at The Claremont Club assisting the Tennis Pro)
Comments: I was married for 29 years (to Mike Mayer) and have 5 wonderful children from that experience. I happily divorced and enjoyed the single life shortly. My children encouraged me to go online….sooo reluctantly I did…..and had a blast dating again. Totally different experience in dating! Richard found me by searching locally and we hit it off immediately. We married in June of 2006, in the Newport LDS temple. We certainly have a busy life with our nine children and their fine families. We are currently expecting our 20th grandchild! Richard teaches the deaf at a High School in Manhattan Beach (he just got a grant to be the first teacher in his district to instruct students with all iPad 2's) and we both serve in the Deaf Branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints in Riverside, CA. I have enjoyed finding friends again through the internet and hope you are all doing well.

[July 6, 2003]
Ann Marie (Young) Perez
1920 Juniper
McKinleyville, CA 95519
Marital Status: widowed
Children:Nicole 9/14/84 and Sean 1/7/87
Occupation: Loan Servicing at Arcata Economic Development Corporation

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