Class of 1966

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Reunion planners: Embassy Suites in Glendale has put together aCVHS Reunion package of discounts for your consideration
in planning:
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583 Classmates

Rose Mihall Gamble is trying to form a committee to work on the class of 1966's


If you you would like to be part of that committee or know someone who would be PERFECT for it, contact Rose at

These events don't just HAPPEN. You are probably retired now and looking for something WORTHWHILE to do. You have the time, and it will be great to see how all your friends turned out. 50-year reunions are FUN ones, since nobody's trying to impress you any more. But they need concerned, capable people to make them happen.

Multi-Year Reunion Sunday August 23, 2015!

Classes of 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968

Annual Reunion Picnic for all classes from '63 - 69 from CVHS. Bring your own lunch and drinks. Don't forget your memories to share and just have fun. See you there.

Sorry for this late delay. I just got notice of this on Sunday August 16th! This appears to be an annual event.

RSVP here ---

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