Vicky Lemon

I received this note from Dianne Grimaldi about trying tore-establish contact with Vicky Lemon. I cannot find a picture ofVicky Lemon in the senior pages. If you know the whereabouts ofVicky, I would suggest you give her the information below and let HERdecide if she wants to contact Dianne. - Richard Adams, alumniwebmaster

My name is Dianne Grimaldi and I was a penpal to Vicky Lemon inthe class of 1970. We were matched up back in the 1960's when mygrade school teacher moved from NJ to CA. Vicky and I lost toucharound 1968 and I would love to find her. I hope you can help me.Please, if you can pass on my address to her. I now live in NY. 700Shore Rd., Apt 2DD, Long Beach, NY 11561. Phone 516-432-4115. E-mailat work is dianne.grimaldi@ptaxx.comand at home husband's). I would greatly appreciate it if you would let meknow if you are able to relay my message to Vicky. Thank you verymuch. Sincerely, Dianne Grimaldi