Alumni Chorus NeedsSingers!




As you can see the CVHS Alumni Choraledesperately needs singers for all parts but especially sopranos,tenors and bass/baritones. Contact information at thebottom


To: John Aguinaldo

From: Shirley Nute

Subject: Good Day, All:

After hearing from our chorale members regarding their intentionsto return for the spring season, I find we are losing 6 singers.

Unfortunately we are taking a big "hit" in the soprano section andwill be down to 4 singers. This just won't work musically.

I suggest we take a hiatus from gathering during this comingspring season and plan to re-convene in September, 2010. We seem tohave a larger attendance in the winter season. I think perhaps I needto shorten the length of program and rehearsal time for the Springseason next year so that you commit yourself to a shorter span oftime

I do not make this suggestion lightly. I consider myself fortunateto have the opportunity to continue participating in my passion -choral conducting - with people I know and with whom I enjoy makingmusic. Not many of my retired colleagues have this opportunity. Iknow you take the time, and some of you travel a great distance, toparticipate in the chorale because you love to sing. So, I willcommunicate with you later in the spring to see where we standregarding coming together in September for the Christmas season.

I have spoken to Aki and will send her a check in the amount of$300.00 which is one month's salary. She hopes to be able to backwith us in September. The rest of the choir funds will remain in thebank for use next season.

So - keep your Wednesday nights open for next year. In themeantime, look around and see if you can find more CV choral alums tojoin us. A healthy organization needs new blood in order tosurvive.

If you feel the need to get together we can always party at myhouse!



From: John Aguinaldo, class of '63

To: Shirley Nute

Shirley -- I'm truly disappointed we won't be singing this Springand look forward to coming together again in September. I'm going toto contact Richard Adams and see if he can put an announcement on theCVHS Alumni Website soliciting new members. If he can do so, to whomshould I have interested alumni submit their names?



From: Shirley Nute

Subject: Re: Alumni Chorale

Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010


Yes - I too am disappointed but the situation with the sopranosreally having only 2 of the 4 really strong just wouldn't cut it.

Put in my phone # 818-845-2683 as a contact number. Tell Richhello.





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