The Original CVHS FightSong



We are trying to revive the original CV fightsong!  The music is the Air Force song (originally the "AirForce Song" ended with "nothing can stop the Army Air Corp!"). Mr. Schick, the band director, is willing to have the band playit, but he wants the words that went to it.  I

Here is the complete Fight song, thanks toSheryl Hudson's finding it on page 23 of her 1962 Talon yearbook.Sheryl is from the class of '64

Valley High, Loyal to you forever,
Here we go, fighting for you.
Flying High, Falcons will weaken never
Back your team; follow the Blue (rah! rah! rah!)


Here we are, cheering our team in battle
Falcons fly, spirits are high
We'll fight to win (YES)  We won't give in (NO)
Nothing will stop the Falcons now (Fight on!)


We know that Shirley Nute did NOT write the words to the fightson, neither did Ms. Pape, nor her husband, Ted. Shirley Nute thinksit may have been some of the students in Student Council? We wouldlike to give credit to who wrote them. Just a thought. As of now, wewill credit "Anon."As Ms. Nute says, "Anon sure wrote a lot ofpoetry!" Or maybe it was "trad." like you saw in the old songs. Hewrote many also.

John Hicks